TORMENTOR "Morbid Realization" CD

1. Hope 02:02 
2. Kill with No Excuse 04:16 
3. Morbid Realization 06:56 
4. Comprehension Failed 02:16 
5. Burning Empire 03:53 
6. Endless Emptiness 03:55 
7. Forgotten 05:10 
8. Lurks in the Dark 03:42 
9. Walk Past Myself 05:00 
10. Path to the Dark Side 05:17 


Reviewed by: Daniel Müller 


Label: Iron Shield Records
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Thrash Metal 
Country: Germany

Five years ago, many people were surprised when they heard that 14-years old metal kids were about to copy the mighty Kreator on their debut album “Violent World”. Now, five years later, there´s finally their second album. And it´s a step further. It still sounds like Kreator, more or less, but there are also some surprising blastbeats here and also the lead guitar work is much better than before. There are wild solos and much doublebass. It´s old school thrash metal, but played in a way it´s played today, a nice mix of old school spirit and the new era of thrash. But one thing is certainly disturbing me: The clinical, triggered drum sound which gives the record more modern touch then probably intended. Nevertheless, this is good work here from those (still young) guys!

Running Time: 42:27


Added: July 15, 2017


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