TIME LURKER  "Time Lurker" CD 2017

1. Rupture 11:27 
2. Judgment 08:15 
3. Ethereal Hands 08:31 
4. Reborn 03:53 
5. No Way Out from Mankind 05:49 
6. Passage 02:26 
7. Whispering from Space 08:36 


Reviewed by: Jared Harrison


Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal  
Country: France

When thinking of atmospheric black metal you probably think of black metal with atmosphere that washes over you, but with one man band Time Lurker the atmosphere that is provided is pointed and jabs at you every chance that it gets. The atmospheric elements combine well with the black metal elements to create a wholly damning, head caving and soul skinning listen. This release is comprised of two Eps being put together, but even so each song flows well together providing you with an abyssal and flesh tearing listen.

               Each song is a frenzy of blood thirsty black metal that keeps barreling forth until they have bled you dry. This entire release is an unrelenting storm of blackened hell fire, dread, scorn and fury gifting you with seven complete tracks that are as sinister and twisted as it gets. This one man band holds nothing back what so ever for each song providing you with seven solid blackened tunes that drag you asunder in to the ever darkening passage ways of the Netherworld. This release is completely devoid of any light and hope as it shovels nothing but misery, dread and death upon you until you are completely covered.

               Within seven tracks you are bombarded with psychotic blasting drumming, diseased riffs and vocals that are incredibly hellish and blood curdling. Among all of the blackened chaos is the atmosphere that doesn’t lurk behind the veil of gnarled black metal but instead acts as a weapon of destruction and misery along side the accosting black metal elements. Once you press play and begin listening to this record, you become trapped in a vortex of disgust and malevolence never to escape. Time Lurker has you on the edge for every second that you are listening, boiling your blood and twisting your neck whenever he can get a chance.

               This record is one of a kind and is perhaps one of the finest atmospheric black metal releases so far. Simply put, you cannot go wrong with Time Lurker.

Added: July 15, 2017


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