THRASH BOMBZ "Master Of The Dead" CD

1. Condemned to Kill Again 05:20 
2. Ritual Violence 05:17 
3. Evil Witches 05:19 
4. Curse of the Priest 04:32 
5. Black Steel 05:30 
6. Taken by Force 04:45 
7. Master of the Dead 07:47 
8. Evoking the Ghost 05:46 
9. The Avenger 03:48 
10. Call of Death 05:03 


Reviewed by: Daniel Müller 


Label: Iron Shield Records
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Thrash Metal 
Country: Italy

Thrash Bombz from Italy were founded in 2007 and have released a demo, two EP´s, a 3-way-split-CD and two full-length albums. What does a band with the name Thrash Bombz sound like, haha? Yes, this is brutal, shredding thrash metal the old school way, with fast drums and aggressive vocals. They combine German and American thrash metal in a perfect way. You can hear influences from Slayer, Exodus, Toxic Holocaust, Fueled By Fire and Destruction. Although it all sounds old school, Thrash Bombz do not just copy their legends and don´t bore us with a cheap retro sound. The music is wild, but well-played and full of aggression. The production is good and sets the shredding guitars free in a perfect way. The vocals are aggressive, but there are also some high-pitched vocals in the vein of Destruction´s Schmier to be heard. It´s no revolution, but a lot of fun to listen to!

Running Time: 53:07


Added: July 15, 2017


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