THORNBRIDGE "What Will Prevail" CD

1. Intro 01:21 
2. Blow Up the Gates of Hell 04:54 
3. The Dragon's Reborn 04:33 
4. What Will Prevail 05:31 
5. Coachman's Curse 05:27 
6. Symphony of the Battlefield 02:27 
7. Eternal Life 05:03 
8. Neverwinter Nights 05:27 
9. Under the Ice 05:55 
10. Tower of Lies 04:42 
11. Galley of Horror 05:00  


Reviewed by: Daniel Müller 


Label: Massacre Records
Release Date: 2016
Genre: Power Metal 
Country: Germany

I´m always surprised how many bands there are around without recognizing them. Thornbridge are a German power metal band founded in 2008, but nearly nothing happened since then. Only one demo in 2012 and this album here were released so far. This is typical German power metal with uptempo riffs, much doublebass and great melodic vocals, best compared to Gamma Ray, Iron Saviour, Stormwarrior, Freedom Call, Gloryful etc. There´s a clean production here, and the music is well-played. This is really good power metal, a little unique, not too many clichés, no cheesy melodies and no cheap copies of bigger bands. The songs seem to be simple and straight, so that you keep them in mind after first listening to them. This is a happy metal album which brings a lot of fun for sure!

Running Time: 50:20


Added: July 15, 2017


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