THE ORDER "Rock´N´Rumble" CD

1. Play It Loud 04:59 
2. Rock 'n' Rumble (1984) 04:32 
3. No One Can Take You Away from Me 04:48 
4. Fight 06:05 
5. Gimme a Yeah 04:31 
6. Womanizer 05:06 
7. Turn the Pages 05:34 
8. Wild One 04:42 
9. Reason to Stay 04:32 
10. Karma 03:53 


Reviewed by: Daniel Müller 


Label: Massacre Records
Release Date: 2016
Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal 
Country: Switzerland

The Order is a melodic heavy metal band from Switzerland. I never heard of them before although they already released five albums since their foundation in 2004. Their music is somewhere between Krokus, Gotthard, Saxon, Whitesnake, Pretty Maids, Dokken and a little bit of Mötley Crüe maybe, but without copying them; a cool mix between rock and metal, with a fresh old school spirit, but luckily, without being just one of all those boring retro bands that are spread in the scene nowadays. The music is straight, but well-played, and the melodies capture your ears for sure! The production is good too, so that you have a really nice rocking metal (or metallic rock?) album.

Running Time: 48:42


Added: July 15, 2017


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