THE CRAWLING  "Anatomy Of Loss" CD 2017

1. An Immaculate Deception 05:59 
2. Poison Orange 07:31 
3. Acid on My Skin 05:12 
4. All Our Failings 04:27 
5. The Right to Crawl 06:17 
6. Violence Vanity and Neglect 07:10 
7. Catatonic 08:34 


Reviewed by: Jared Harrison


Label: Grindscene Records
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Death Doom Metal  
Country: UK

The Crawling doesn’t waste any time getting you acquainted with utter darkness and despair as they start their newest release “Anatomy of Loss” off with a rumbling and dismal start. “An Immaculate Deception” starts this record off at a galloping and punishing pace setting the harsh tone for the rest of the record. Each of the seven tracks on this release are woven together by both death metal and doom metal, creating a sound that is bone crumbling, terrifying and utterly heavy. The Crawling doesn’t skip the heavy on this record as they lay it on thick and as the record moves along you feel yourself buckling under the massive weight.

               “Anatomy of Loss” is a monstrous record that keeps putting forth destructive track after destructive track. Each of the seven songs present on this record are weighty and do a great job of dragging you behind them as they crawl along. The Crawling does a great job of balancing both death metal and doom within this release leaning more towards doom for the majority of the record, but kicking the death metal up when needed providing you with a skull sanding blast of death. No matter whether you are getting death metal at the moment or doom, you will thoroughly be punished and buried six feet under regardless.

               The overall sound of “Anatomy of Loss” has many faces that change throughout the course of the record as well as each song. The Crawling jumps from melancholic dirges of doom to venomous death metal in a split second and back again. You get remorse, isolation, anger and more all mixed in this record. So, not only does The Crawling put you through the wringer by pummeling you in to the earth, but they put you through the wringer emotionally as well.

               “Anatomy of Loss” is a wonderfully dark, abyssal and dismal record. No matter where you turn, the dark fog of death is waiting for you around every corner in “Anatomy of Loss”. This record is massive, weighty and incredibly heavy, and you certainly will find yourself coming back numerous times for more punishment.  

Added: July 15, 2017


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