SPEEDWHORE  "The Future Is Now" CD 2015

1. Requiem Mass 01:44 instrumental
2. The Call 02:24 Show lyrics
3. Grand War 04:54 Show lyrics
4. The Machine 02:50 Show lyrics
5. Secret Science 03:09 Show lyrics
6. Too Late to Pray 03:57 Show lyrics
7. Camp 44 03:19 Show lyrics
8. Destiny 02:44 Show lyrics
9. War Bastards 03:18 Show lyrics
10. Genetic Invasion 03:38 Show lyrics
11. The Future Is Now 04:17 Show lyrics
12. Wither on the Vine 01:38 instrumental


Reviewed by: Daniel Müller 


Label: Witches Brew
Release Date: 2015
Genre: Black Thrash Metal  
Country: Germany

Hailing from Munich or perhaps the underworld is Speedwhore, and with a name such as that you have to guess that their style of metal is kicked up to eleven and played at a head spinning pace, and if that’s what you guessed then you are right. “The Future Is Now” is their very first full length album that is filled with twelve blistering, head spinning, and face melting tracks for you to bang your head to. Once you begin listening Speedwhore blasts off at incredible speed never to look back or slow down even for a millisecond.

                Each song on this release is played with the utmost intensity and grit that they possibly could muster. Nowhere in this release will you find them slowing down for an extended period of time as each and every song seems to be on a mission to tear you god damned head off every chance that they get. Speedwhore roll out song after song without a pause in between never giving your poor broken neck a rest as Speedwhore does a great job of getting you involved and getting you headbanging immediately.

               “The Future Is Now” is pure, gritty and filthy thrash in the purest form. There aren’t any fillers and there is no fluff in this record what so ever as what you get is twelve chaotic and fiery songs for you to twist your neck to. “The Future Is Now” is a scorching maelstrom of thrashing terror that traps you in its psychotic cyclone and spits you out when your listen has concluded leaving you looking like a walking cadaver.

               Overall, “The Future Is Now” is a solid debut full length that provides you with plenty of music and plenty of slimy thrash for you to get your fix. This is an overall fun record to listen to and one that you can listen to on end for quite some time without tiring too quickly of it. “The Future Is Now” has a raw and unkempt sound to it that tends to play well for Speedwhore as it fits in with their bombastic style of play which ultimately makes for one heck of a listen.

Added: July 15, 2017


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