1. Holy Blasphemy 02:45 
2. I'm the Devil 03:29 
3. Azrael's Hand 03:40 
4. The Girls of Manson Family 03:56 
5. Satanik Possession 03:56 
6. Zodiac Overkill 03:40 
7. The Black Flame 01:51 
8. Black Death 03:16 
9. Under Sign of the Reaper 04:24 
10. The Last Days of Paul John Knowles 04:07 


Reviewed by: Daniel Mller 


Label: Iron Shield Records
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Black/Thrash Metal 
Country: Brazil/Germany

This Brazilian-/German alliance was founded in 2011, but there have only been a demo and this debut album here so far. There are two guys of Sodomizer, Leatherface on bass and vocals and Max The Nekromancer on guitar from Brazil and surprisingly Marc Reign (Morgoth, ex-Destruction) on drums! They play typical retro black-/thrash metal the old school way. This is fast and raw, reminding on early Bathory, Desaster, Toxic Holocaust, Trench Hell, Vulcano and stuff like that. The production is kept total underground and keeps the evil spirit of the early days of black-/thrash alive. Its more typical retro black-/thrash, more or less, but having a guy of big bands in their rows, this makes it a little more interesting.

Running Time: 35:04



Added: July 15, 2017


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