1. Follow the Blind 03:55 
2. Metal Brigade 04:31 
3. Burning Out 03:54 
4. The Crucifix 04:09 
5. Pray for Hell 04:19 
6. 10.000 Miles Away 03:41 
7. Good Day to Die 04:07 
8. The Devil Is Back 03:52 
9. War Panzer 04:08 
10. Fight for One Nation 04:04 
11. War of Lies 03:53 
12. Sex Bomb (Tom Jones cover) 03:49 


Reviewed by: Daniel Müller 


Label: Massacre Records
Release Date: 2016
Genre: Power Speed Metal 
Country: Germany

Mystic Prophecy are one of the most active power metal bands in Germany. Founded in 2000, they already have released nine albums since then. And this album is really the best since their great debut “Vengeance” from 2001! Theit music is harmonic, but powerful. There are shredding riffs, wild solos, much doublebass and hymnic vocals, sometimes even reminding on Bruce Dickinson here and there. But they also have some brutality, like in “Burning Out”. This is true power metal: no cheesy melodies, no keyboards! The production is great too because it kicks ass without being too modern or sterile. For fans of Iced Earth, Brainstorm, Symphorce etc. Great!

Running Time: 48:22


Added: July 15, 2017


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