LONEWOLF "The Heathen Dawn" CD

1. A Call to Wolves 01:18 
2. Wolfsblut 04:39 
3. Demon's Fire 04:30 
4. Keeper of the Underworld 04:44 
5. When the Angels Fall 05:22 
6. Until the End 04:18 
7. Rise to Victory 04:43 
8. Heathen Dawn 04:55 
9. Into the Blizzard 05:02 
10. The Birth of a Nation 05:23 
11. Song for the Fallen 06:34


Reviewed by: Daniel Müller 


Label: Massacre Records
Release Date: 2016
Genre: Heavy Speed Metal 
Country: France

Lonewolf from France were already founded in 1993 and have released eight albums to date. It seems they come more and more out of the underground and get bigger and bigger. But they deserve it! Although theiy´re from France, they sound really Germany because they still have the perfect combination of Running Wild (music) and Grave Digger (vocals). The music is fast and powerful with lots of doublebass and great guitar leads, endless solos etc. The songwriting is really good, the vocals are great and although the music is brutal in some way, Lonewolf creat great metal hymns here without showing any weakness. The production is perfect for this kind of music too. A true metal masterpiece of the new era!

Running Time: 51:28


Added: July 15, 2017


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