DEMONWOMB  "7" EP" 2015

1. Intro 00:30
2. Demonwomb 01:55
3. Enter the Void 03:30
4. Edge of Sanity 03:20
5. Touch of Death 04:15 


Reviewed by: Jared Harrison


Label: Powertrip Records
Release Date: 2015
Genre: Hardcore Metal  
Country: Austria

Hailing from Austria, Demonwomb play a mixture of hardcore with some straight up traditional heavy metal elements to create an overall stomping, heavy and memorable sound. Their self titled release is filled with five tracks-including a thirty second intro-of nothing but bombastic brain bashing tunes. Demonwomb mixes both heavy metal and hardcore together pretty seamlessly to create a cohesive and whole sound that stomps you straight in to the ground without any hesitation. Each track that is on this release is nothing short of violent as well as an all out flesh searing metallic assault.

               This self titled release begins with the aforementioned thirty second intro that really is a precursor to your life threatening beating. Once the intro fades away into darkness the title track begins in fiery and assaulting fashion providing you with nothing but neck snapping and skull caving sounds for you to revel in. Pretty much right after the intro concludes Demonwomb kick everything into high gear to gift you with a bashing and heavy handed sound that gets your head nodding right from the get go.

               Throughout this release Demonwomb never let up not even for a mere moment. They lay the heavy on thick and keep pouring crushing riff after crushing riff down upon you until you have been completely beaten into submission. The guitar work on this release is top notch and to couple the guitars are the sledgehammer drums that beat your chest in. On top of all of that, the bass lines are thick and powerful and the vocals are as pissed off and hungry for violence as you would like them to be. Each element on this release, from the riffs to the bass lines to the vocals and drumming are performed very well, and together they create a heavy and brain bashing sound.

               From what I gather, Demonwomb is no longer active, and even so this release seems to be one that hardcore fans will listen to years after they have been inactive. This is a solid release and a solid listen and if you are a hardcore fan you really canít go wrong.

Added: July 15, 2017


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