1. Fuck This Shit 
2. Code Orange 
3. Malicious Clouds 
4. Time 
4. Word Vomit 


Reviewed by: Jared Harrison


Label: Independent
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Death Metal  
Country: UK

In a violent mash up of death metal, technical death metal, progressive metal, some grind elements and even more comes Crejuvent. “Time” is the name of their debut EP and it comes complete with five tracks of twisted and malicious metal. The mash up of so many different genres may seem to be jarring at first, but the more that you listen the more cohesive and whole this EP sounds. Crejuvent begins this new EP of theirs with a blistering sub two minute track that is as frantic and chaotic as it gets. “Fuck This Shit” is the name of the opener and it provides you with a little snippet of what Crejuvent has to offer. “Fuck This Shit” does a great job of setting the tone for the rest of the EP gifting you with a tumultuous yet memorable beginning to an ultimately twisted and sharpened listen. 

From the opener on, Crejuvent gets a little more melodic through the four tracks that follow “Fuck This Shit”. The remaining tracks on this EP are just as chaotic and schizophrenic, but the way in which Crejuvent weaves everything together makes for a cohesive and unique sound. As mentioned before, upon first listening it may just sound like the sounds of a mad man captured on a CD, but the more that you listen the more that each track makes sense. Crejuvent mixes each genre from death metal to technical death to progressive metal and more very well to create a unique and whiplash inducing sound that you just can’t seem to shake. 

All throughout this EP you are greeted with blistering riffs and head spinning drumming that is only to be coupled by vocals that transition between gritty growls and the occasional clean vocal. Mixed in with all of the blazing chaos are some symphonic elements that provide you with some what of an atmospheric feel as well through each track. However Crejuvent soldered everything together to create a well rounded and yet still chaotic sound is something that I may not know, but with that being said, it certainly was done well.

Overall, “Time” is one interesting listen. Through five tracks you are presented with just about everything you could hope to get out of death metal, technical death, progressive metal, grind and more. If you are looking for something that strays from the norm as well as just an overall solid listen, “Time” is an EP that you should check out. 

Added: June 28, 2017


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