CONSCRIPT  "Celestial Mechanics" EP

1. Celestial Mechanics 04:40 
2. I'll See You Burn 03:42 
3. Atlantean 05:18 

Running Time: 13:40  


Reviewed by: Jared Harrison


Label: Independent
Release Date: 2016
Genre: Thrash Death Metal  
Country: UK

Hailing from Northampton is one man melodic death metal machine Conscript and bubbling up from the underground with him is “Celestial Mechanics” a three track EP of melodic death goodness. Not only is the death metal alone memorable but with the addition of keyboards you get an atmospheric element to the music as well that propels that to a new height. Each of the three songs on “Celestial Mechanics” is just as silky smooth and memorable as the last, and even though there are only three songs to listen to on this release you still get a fair amount of content. 
Each song is fairly long which gives Conscript enough time to suck you in to the music and keep your attention all throughout. There really isn’t a moment within this release where you feel that you want to skip over any song and there is never a feeling of boredom while listening either. The entire EP is intoxicating and memorable and you are given just enough to tide you over until a full length is to appear.
“Celestial Mechanics” is riddled with sharp riffs, solid drumming, understandable and gritty vocals as well as atmospheric keyboards that add another great element to the music. At times you will find yourself getting lost within this release as it has a knack for grabbing your attention and holding it for the entirety of the listen. “Celestial Mechanics” is a solid listen that provides you with multiple layers and plenty to listen to and for.
Overall, this release is a great listen, and as mentioned before it packs enough content to tide you over until a full length comes out. Conscript knows what they are up to and this is a great stepping stone towards that full length. 

Added: March 10, 2017


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