CLEAR SKY NAILSTORM  "The Inner Abyss" 2016

1. I Hate (You More than I Hate Myself) 05:05 
2. In Flames 05:08 
3. The Inner Abyss 06:39 
4. Behind the Light 06:30 
5. God Is a Sadist 05:09 
6. I See a Storm 05:12 
7. Good Night to Fight 04:10 


Reviewed by: Jared Harrison


Label: Bret Hard Records
Release Date: 2016
Genre: Melodic Thrash Metal  
Country: Germany

Hailing from Bremen, Germany comes Clear Sky Nailstorm. These heathens play in the vein of traditional thrash metal, and with their new release titled “The Inner Abyss”, they provide you with seven thrashing tracks to head bang to. Clear Sky Nailstorm is straight up thrash metal never to deviate from that genre too much or at all really. Their message is quite clear, and that is to create thrashing metal for anyone who is listening to head bang until they just cannot head bang anymore, and this record certainly is worthy of that.

               While there isn’t anything that is ground breaking or completely outstanding about “The Inner Abyss”, it still provides you with seven solid tracks for you to revel in and enjoy. Each of the seven tracks on this release is filled with tight riffs and drumming that is only to be backed up by thick bass lines and gravel filled vocals that suite thrash metal oh so well. The musicianship on this record is on point and tight and Clear Sky Nailstorm hammer you with riff after riff and pummeling drumming right from the get go. These guys do a great job of getting you involved in the record early on as they get your head nodding almost from the drop of the first note on.

               “The Inner Abyss” certainly is a solid thrash metal release that holds true to the thrash metal genre. This is pure thrash and nothing else and for fans of thrash metal, this release would suite you quite well. “The Inner Abyss” is a fast paced head banging release that has its memorable moments. This record is heavy as well and Clear Sky Nailstorm doesn’t pull any punches on this record either making it an entertaining listen.

               In conclusion, “The Inner Abyss” is a solid record, but one that lacks something that makes it stand out. As mentioned before, if you are a fan of pure and genuine thrash metal, “The Inner Abyss” would be a record for you to jam out to.

Added: July 15, 2017


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