AU-DESSUS  "End Of Chapter" 2017

1. VI 06:13 
2. VII 04:43 
3. VIII 05:28 
4. IX 07:28 
5. X 09:37 
6. XI 06:30 
7. XII : End of Chapter 06:36 


Reviewed by: Jared Harrison


Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Post-Black Metal  
Country: Lithuania

Hailing from Lithuania and playing a style of post black metal is Au-Dessus and dragging up from the dark depths with them is their newest release “End of Chapter”. This release is a seven track effort that provides you with nothing but heavy, twisting and atmospheric black metal. From beginning to end you are greeted with traditional black metal with additions of progressiveness sprinkled in to provide you with a unique and diverse listen.  Au-Dessus does a great job of bouncing back and forth between the more traditional stylings of black metal and the more progressive stylings creating a whole and cohesive listen.

               When Au-Dessus hits you with the more straight forward elements of black metal you become bombarded by simplistic yet sharp and punishing riffs as well as howling hellish vocals and tumultuous drumming creating a vortex of utter darkness. These assaults when they do happen are punishing and soul ripping gifting you dirges of hellish fury before they launch themselves back into the more progressive side of their overall sound. Au-Dessus bounces back and forth between the two completely different styles frequently within each song and they do so with seamless ease never lurching from one to the other. The two different styles mix well together creating a unique, atmospheric and memorable sound.

               By mixing both the progressive elements as well as the more traditional elements it allows Au-Dessus’ music to breathe and come to life. With the more progressive elements you get atmospheres that swirl and fall down upon you like a thick blanket of pure darkness. Without synths, keyboards or anything of that nature, Au-Dessus creates a diverse and ever shifting atmosphere that sucks you in to their music just as much as the punishing flesh melting straight forward black metal does.

               With great musicianship and production and everything else in between, Au-Dessus have created a great listen with “End of Chapter”. Each of the seven songs on this release are filled with content, heavy and memorable, and whether you categorize this as post black metal or what have you, the fact remains that this record is a great listen.

Added: July 15, 2017


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