ARKOS  "Black Moon Ritual" 2016

1. Baron noir 04:45 
2. Black Moon Ritual 05:16 
3. La Marche des dépravés 05:57 
4. Luftwaffe Raid - The Seed of Terror 05:13 
5. Tribunal infernal 06:23 
6. Normandy Shore 05:42 
7. Le Sang des rois 03:45 
8. Curse of Frost 04:45 


Reviewed by: Jared Harrison


Label: Independent
Release Date: 2016
Genre: Black Death Metal  
Country: Canada

In an infernal combination of black and death metal, Arkos brings forth from the dismal fog their brand new full length titled “Black Moon Ritual”. This new release is jam packed with eight blasphemous and soul melting songs for you to enjoy and bruise your brain to. In this unholy combination of black and death metal, Arkos fill each song with some melodious moments as well so that you aren’t being completely bombarded by a chaotic storm of blackened fury. Arkos sews chaos and melody together very well to create a whole, punishing, ripping and yet a palatable sound that you can listen to over and over again without tiring of it.

               Arkos doesn’t waste any time what so ever sacrificing you to the ruler of the Netherworld as they jump right in to the thick of things with their opener “Le Baron Noir”. This track sets the tone for the rest of the album and from this track you get the sense that each track after it is going to be played with a sense of urgency and slaughtering intent, and that is exactly what you get. The shredding doesn’t stop with “Le Baron Noir” as Arkos rolls out seven more damning and neck twisting tracks one right after the other. There isn’t anywhere for you to hide from this malicious all out blackened assault once you press play as Arkos doesn’t give you room to move or breathe. “Black Moon Ritual” is a suffocating maelstrom of blackened fury that leaves you with your fair share of whiplash and bruises once your listen is over with.

               The only “breaks” that you possibly get are when Arkos do in fact break in to a more melodic sound, but even then those don’t last all that long before you are thrust right back into the life draining assault that is “Black Moon Ritual”. Each song is chaotic, heavy, raw and purely sinister and never once does Arkos let up on the heavy or the evil for that  matter. Arkos rains razor sharp riff after razor sharp riff down upon you only to crack your skull with tumultuous drumming as the dissonant banshee shrieks of the vocalist rise up above the dissonant blackened noise. Each song on this record is sewn together well and the raw production as well as the musicianship is on point to provide you with a complete and whole listen.

               “Black Moon Ritual” is a damning and ripping listen and is sure to please the gnarled ears of black metal enthusiasts and death metal heads alike as it has a great combination of the two genres. There is a lot of content packed into this release and even so you find yourself coming back for more grave and grim punishment.

Added: July 15, 2017


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