ANGEL MARTYR  "Black Book: Chapter One" CD

1. Obsequies 02:32 
2. They ...Among Us 06:54 
3. Victims 05:59 
4. Eric the Conqueror 08:36 
5. Midnight Traveller 05:58 
6. Turn On the Fire 06:20 
7. Pirate Song 07:37 
8. On the Divine Battlefield 08:12 
9. Angel Martyr 05:55 


Reviewed by: Daniel Müller 


Label: Iron Shield Records
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Heavy/Speed Metal  
Country: Italy

Church bells, a spoken Intro and acoustic guitars open this album by this Italian horde who were founded under the name Wraith´Sing in 2006 and changed their name into Angel Martyr in 2010. The first tunes remind on old Iron Maiden with their twinleads and cool bass guitar. Then the vocals appear which sound like a higher tune of Saxon´s Biff Byford maybe. The music also combines influences of their landmates of (early) Strana Officina with the dry rawness of Manilla Road and Omen. The production is a little thin maybe, but very transparent which shows all the details of the guitars and the bass. It sounds like a raw demo, but it fits to the attitude of their musical direction. If you like all bands above mentioned, and you don´t feel disturbed by an underground production, you should get this one!

Running Time: 58:03


Added: July 15, 2017


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