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December 30, 2015

Loud Rage Music proudly announces it has reached a deal with one of the best Dutch newcomer Extreme Metal acts, TRAGACANTH

Tragacanth is a black/death metal band with broad symphonic influences. Hailing from the heart of the Netherlands, their songs however tell of ancient Babylonian tales and times. 

Composer and lead guitarist Erik Brouwer set everything in motion in 2014 and soon Jasper van Minnen (theNAME) joined on drums. Adrian “OQ” Neagoe (Negura Bunget) joined on guitar and with Terry Stooker to perform the vocals Tragacanth completed their recording line-up for their debut album, called "Anthology of the East". 

Tragacanth and Loud Rage Music have agreed on the CD version release of the band's debut album, "Anthology of the East", release scheduled for the 4th of March 2016.

An official lyrics video for the track Edimmu is now available for streaming here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRdDnyntTvo

More updates will follow soon.


Loud Rage Music

PILE OF PRIESTS "Void To Enlightenment"
December 30, 2015

1. Void to Enlightenment
2. Deranged Youth Succession
3. Torture Chamber
4. Templars of Sodomy
5. Maleficent
6. Akeru
7. The Tribulation
8. Incantations of Old

Running Time: 47 minutes


Void to Enlightenment
Label: Self-released
Release Date: 12 December 2015
Genre: Progressive Death Metal | Country: USA

Pile of Priests is a traditional death metal from Denver, Colorado.  Formed in 2009, they quickly rose to local prominence with their demo release “Burn”.  Soon after, Pile of Priests was playing out of state, performing all over the west coast.  Two years following the release of their demo, the EP Unholy Death was released and now, in 2015, they are ready to release their first full length album, “Void to Enlightenment”.  Pile of Priests has had the distinct pleasure of opening up for bands such as Immolation, Abigail Williams, Artillery, and Vader.  Stylistically, Pile of Priests employs a vintage death metal style reminiscent of the early 1990s Florida bands but also incorporates technical and progressive passages that lend length to their songs.  This power trio brings their brutality in full force, proving they have fully earned a place in metal to stay.

Evan Salvador - Rhythm/Lead Guitars and Vocals
Patrick Leyn - Bass guitar and back up vocals
Evan Knight - Drums, backing vocals

December 30, 2015

1. Heervader - Berserkgangr
2. Heervader - Bloedbroeder van de Aarde
3. Heervader - Voorwaarts!
4. Ancestors Blood - Deceiver for Power and Glory
5. Ancestors Blood - Ritual of the Sacred Dance
6. Ancestors Blood - Revelation (Beyond Death)
7. Ancestors Blood - Rise of the Spirit of Ancient Heroes

Running Time: 46 minutes


Ancestors Blood & Heerva
Label: Heidens Hart Records
Release Date: December 2015
Genre: Black Metal | Country: Finland and Netherlands

Finally out in December 2015: the long awaited split with Ancestors Blood and Heervader. A highly anticipated, high profile cooperation between Finland and The Netherlands. Ancestors Blood is one of the leading atmospheric black/pagan metal bands during the last decade, while Heervader is a rather unknown project from two known individuals who also active in other bands.

Both bands should be known, and on this split each give their own spin to traditional atmospheric black metal in the way they are known for. Expect epic and vast black metal with adventurous

HELLPRODS - Available releases
December 29, 2015

Greetings from the Seasons in the Abyss,
Just before the end of the year we want to share once again with you our latest releases but this time with a major if.
Due the misuse of some of our latest promos we have blocked the download option to all our contacts. We are deeply sorry about this but for the moment we have no other choice. So if you're interest listening these releases and write about them we can always hear it directly from the player. If you want to download it, please get in touch with us through the following email: pedra@helldprod.com 

Thanks for your understanding and endless support.
Happy New Year and Horns Up 4 Metal!

Heavy Metal 666
Helldprod Records
31 October 2015
"When everything combined makes you remember the old metal memories it has to be a good sign. Ceifador manages to raise the metal of death underground flag honoring the pioneers such as Hellhammer and Bathory and never letting down the Speed/Thrashing ancient feeling. For All Headbanging Maniacs"

TITLE: Heavy Metal 666
CAT No. HDP046
GENRE: Speed / Thrash / Black Metal
FORMAT: Cassette
LABEL: Helldprod Records

Limited to 100 Copies
First 20 copies with band logo pin included

01 - Demons Night
02 - Drunk in Hell
03 - Baphomet
04 - C.I.D
05 - Open Grave
06 - Dead Eyes
07 - Heavy Metal 666
08 - Dead and Alcoholized
09 - Reaper (Bathory Cover)
10 - Rats in Hell

Tape - 5 € + Shipping Costs 
Tape + Pin Pack - 6 € (first 20 copies with band logo pin included) + Shipping Costs 

PRE-ORDERS: order@helldprod.com 
ORDERS: order@helldprod.com  | STORE: BUY
WHOLESALES: wholesale@helldprod.com 
PRESS: promotion@helldprod.com

Debut Ep 2015
HDP/Raw'n'Roll Records
31 October 2015
"Up high we can see the damages being made on the human welfare. WARBOMBS drop every inch of their DOOM musical rage to honor social awareness. Prepare to be D-Beaten and smacked down because into Crust you must be thrust!"

TITLE: Debut Ep 2015
CAT No. RNR003
GENRE: D-Crust/ Raw Punk
LABEL: HDP/Raw'n'Roll Records

Limited to 100 Copies (first 20 will have a special promo pack including Tape+Tee)

01 - Mass Production
02 - Game of Drones
03 - War Bombs
04 - Need to Control
05 - Violence
06 - Distortion of Reality

- Tape = 5 € + Shipping Costs
- Tee = 10 € + Shipping Costs
- COMBO Tape + Tee = 13 € + Shipping Costs (limited to 20 units)

BAND: http://www.facebook.com/warbombs?fref=ts 
LABEL: rawnroll@gmail.com 
PRE-ORDERS: order@helldprod.com 
ORDERS: order@helldprod.com | STORE: BUY
WHOLESALES: wholesale@helldprod.com 
PRESS: promotion@helldprod.com

Hieros Gamos
Helldprod Records
31 October 2015
"Autumn is here and with this Equinox not only the leaves are falling but also the Scent of Magick is awaken from its Morphean dream. Embrace infinity towards clarity, the perfect match for Aeions to come within our soul journey. Ascend!"

TITLE: Hieros Gamos
CAT No. HDP047
GENRE: Doom / Death Metal
LABEL: Helldprod Records

Limited to 200 Copies (first 20 will have a special promo pack including Digipack+TS)

01 - To Walk And Learn The Path To Endless Bliss
02 - Floating Above The Immense Emotional Mountain Of Self Esteem
03 - A Mantra For A New Found Hope
04 - Upon The Clouds Lays The Strenght Of The Soul

- DIGIPAK CD = 8 € + Shipping Costs
- DIGIPAK CD + Tee = 15 € + Shipping Costs (limited to 20 packs)

PRE-ORDERS: order@helldprod.com 
ORDERS: order@helldprod.com  | STORE: BUY
WHOLESALES: wholesale@helldprod.com 
PRESS: promotion@helldprod.com 

Delírios de um Defunto
Helldprod Murder Records

"When at the first seconds of music your ears are pierced by the snare, your eyes pop out your face by its distortion and your flesh melts stricken by the growling voracity you immediately know that you're facing no more no less Gorgásmico Pornoblastoma first full length. It's grindcore, it's mincecore, it's punk, it's anarchist, it's a hell of a ride and for sure you will love "Delirios de um Defunto"!"

TITLE: Delírios de um Defunto
CAT No. HMR060
GENRE: Mincing Grindcore
LABEL: Murder Records

Limited to 500 Copies (first 50 will have a special promo pack including CD+TS)

- CD = 10 € + Shipping Costs
- TEE = 12 € + Shipping Costs
- CD + TEE = 20€ + Shipping Costs (limited to 50 packs)

ORDERS: order@helldprod.com  | STORE: BUY
HELLDPROD MURDER RECORDS INFO & ORDERS IN EUROPE:helldprod666murder.records@gmail.com 
INFO IN PORTUGAL: info@helldprod.com 
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HELLDPROD BANDCAMP: www.helldprod.bandcamp.com/   

Confessions from the Soul - Volume 1
Helldprod Murder Records
"Prepare your soul portal to increase the speed of light and travel far beyond the grind galaxy. Extreme has a new definition!"

TITLE: Confessions From The Soul - Volume 1
CAT No. HMR061
GENRE: Death Metal/Grindcore/Oldschool
LABEL: Murder Records

Limited to 500 Copies

- CD = 8 € + Shipping Costs

ORDERS: order@helldprod.com  | STORE: BUY
HELLDPROD MURDER RECORDS INFO & ORDERS IN EUROPE:helldprod666murder.records@gmail.com 
INFO IN PORTUGAL: info@helldprod.com 
HELLSTORES WORLDWIDE ORDERS: murder.records@helldprod.com 
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HELLDPROD BOOKING: events@helldprod.com  
HELLDPROD BANDCAMP: www.helldprod.bandcamp.com/  
To stream or download these materials, follow this link

If you have any questions, contact promotion@helldprod.com 

OVERDOZE Available For Interviews
December 29, 2015

1. Dosed Back to Reality 
2. Way of the North
3. Abyssus
4. Asylum of Madness 
5. The Great Northern Alcoholculture
6. Night After Tomorrow    
7. The Last 
8. WeakEnd
9. And Beer for All (Instrumental)

Running Time: 35 minutes


Supreme Dosage
Label: Cabin Blade Records
Release Date: 11 December 2015
Genre: Thrash Metal | Country: Finland

In summer 2009 Valtteri and Markus decided to drag their instruments and recording gear to Valtteri's summer cottage.
They spent the midsummer holidays playing together in a barn but couldn't get anything on tape due to the fact that they
were too wasted all the time.
Overdoze recorded two demos during 2011, "The Great Northern Alcoholculture" and later "Dosed Back To Reality".
In early 2012 Aleksi joined the band as a bass player and later that year they recorded "The Last" demo.
In 2015 the band started to play gigs and published their debut album "Supreme Dosage".

Verräter/Sxuperion [SPLIT]
December 29, 2015

1. Verräter ­ Malignant.Benign
2. Verräter ­ Vagrant
3. Verräter ­ Deny Peace (Pleasure in Pain)
4. Sxuperion ­ Vibration I
5. Sxuperion ­ Vibration II
6. Sxuperion ­ Vibration III
7. Sxuperion ­ Vibration IV
8. Sxuperion ­ Vibration V

Running Time: 35 minutes


Label: BloodyMountain Records & Sordid Curse Productions
Release Date: 25 November 2015
Genre: Black Metal and Atmospheric Deathmetal | Country: USA

D. ­ guitar/bass (Garoted, Ritual Combat)
N. ­ battery (Garoted)
J. ­ vocals (Ritual Combat, Stonehaven)

S. ­ all (Valdur, Weverin, Endless Blizzard)

BOSQUE "Beyond"
December 28, 2015

1. Calling the Rain
2. Paradox
3. Enter

Running Time: 40 minutes



Label: Dunkelheit Produktionen
Release Date: 1 February 2016 (DIGIPAK and DIGITAL), 1 March 2016 (VINYL)
Genre: Doom Metal | Country: Portugal

(E) english

DM moved from nowhere to even more isolated places and created a new BOSQUE opus: “Beyond” follows down the paths walked by “Passage” and “Nowhere” but opens up new perspectives – not only when it comes to names. 

A unique sound, that creates a atmosphere that search it kind while drag and push the listener at the same time. Bosque call us the rain, send us into a paradoxon of our own feelings only to open us the gate to the otherworld.

SELVANS "Lupercalia"
December 23, 2015

1. Matavitatau
2. Versipellis
3. O Clitumne!
4. Hirpi Sorani
5. Scurtchìn
6. N.A.F.H.

Running Time: 61 minutes


Label: Avantgarde Music
Release Date: 25 October 2015
Genre: Symphonic Folk Black Metal | Country: Italy
"Lupercalia" is the full length album by italian pagan black metal horde SELVANS; their second offering after February’s debut mini cd ‚Clangores Plenilunio’.
After almost a year spent on the road countrywise playing tens concerts in support of the newly formed band adn the debut mini, Selvans entered again the studio to record a real complex album.
Lupercalia sees again the band dwelling between keyboards-led symphonic black metal and atmospheric folk themes although not missing, not even for a minute, their aggressive and blackmetal rooted origins. Keyboards are again leading the italian wolves, pleasantly reminding us a certain symphonic black metal from the 90’s that nobody almost play anymore, as well as their stunning folk music parts, performed with real traditional instrumentation, that show up every now and then.

Sercati release their short movie "Poisoned Hunting"!‏ 
December 22, 2015

Sercati are proud to announce the release of their short movie "Poisoned Hunting"

Click the image to watch the movie:

Directed by Michel Garsou
Written by Yannick Martin
Based on a character created by Steve Fabry
Sound designed by Steve Fabry

It's a part of the story about The Nightstalker ( main character). The short movie takes place after Sercati's last release : the EP "In the Shadows and Sidewalks".

"In the Shadows and Sidewalks"

You can also download Sercati's audio book ( that tells the story of the Nightstalker) here

The story:
"The history of the Nightstalker is the epopee of an angel who decides to descend from Paradise in order to gain his humanity and his own existence. He will have to face disappointments and discoveries. But, he will also have to find his niche in the middle of mankind, to understand them, and to understand himself. He discovers the share of kindness in them, but also the deep suffering many of them feel. The angel feels that as a deep imbalance between the forces of good and evil. This awakening pushes him to help humanity in its search for balance. For him, it is also a question of gaining his redemption. He finds his niche while becoming like a guard: The Nightstalker. Lucifer sent some soldiers against him. The first fight was between the Nightstalker and the Hound from Hell (Album: The Rise of The Nightstalker), the enemy changed the mind of the hero and his way to see the world. We assisted to his doubt, his hidden fight with his faith and finally to the Rise of the Nightstalker. Now, the prince of darkness sent to him the Anesthetist, whose barbarism is equalled only by his madness, and the Nightstalker will be careful this time (Album: EP- In the Shadows and Sidewalks)."


December 22, 2015

Self Released
December 25, 2015

Niðafjöll is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Sigurboði Grétarsson. Symphonic Pagan Black Metal From Iceland, Niðafjöll and his debut album "Endir" hook you immediately, right from the start.
Filled with catchy Symphonic Folk melodies, alluring guitar patterns, all accented with pleasant vocal harmonies. Taking the listener through a range of emotions.
The album "Endir" is a concept album that takes place in the world of Norse Mythology. It depicts two characters who die at the start of Ragnarök and their souls get seperated. The man must now search for his loved one while witnessing the end of the world happening all around him. He walks through scorched grounds and frozen tundras to reach Niflheim, the realm of Hel, to beg her to release his spouse. When she refuses he asks her to freeze his heart instead so he can stop feeling the pain of having lost his love. 
Einar is available digitally now, and will be available in physical formats in Jan 2016

ORDER: https://nidafjoll.bandcamp.com/releases 
LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/Nidafjollband/?fref=ts 
BUY: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/nioafjoll 

Lone Tower Publishing
Out Now

German Atmospheric/Instrumentalist Black Metal outfit DAWNSTAR have issued their untitled cassette through label Lone Tower Publishing. The release is filled with traditional black metal guitar harmony and up-tempo rhythm, with loads of captivating melodies and moving instrumentation, firmly grounded in guitar-based heaviness and hard-charging tempos.

BUY: http://www.lonetowerpublishing.de/ 
ORDER: https://lonetowerpublishing.bandcamp.com/releases 

For interview requests or more information contact:
Melissa or Chris at: fullblastpr@gmail.com 

MORTUARY "Nothingless Than Nothingness"
December 22, 2015

1. Only Dead Witness
2. Empty
3. Tube
4. Above
5. Pleasuffering
6. U-Man Slept, K-Os Crawled
7. Yesterdead
8. K
9. Morbid Existence
10. Kingdom

Running Time: 41 minutes

Jean-Noël Verbecq - Bass
Patrick Germonville - Vocals
Alexis Baudin - Guitars
Johann Voirin - Drums


Nothingless Than Nothingness
Label: Goregeous Productions
Release Date: 18 January 2016
Genre: Death metal/thrash metal | Country: France

Mortuary, formed in Nancy in 1989 is certainly one of the older death thrash metal bands in France. Issued from the first wave of french metal bands like Loudblast, Massacra, Agressor...
After the release of three demos from 1990 to 1994, the band record in 1996 a self-financed 7 song CD Hazards Of Creation, which gets some good response in the worldwide underground. A lot of gigs follow, with bands like Coroner, S.U.P., Obituary, Krabathor, Agressor, Hypocrisy, Hatesphere.

The new and fifth album "Nothingless Than Nothingness" will be released January 2016 through Swedish label Goregeous Productions. The new album is the bands most aggressive and will satisfy all fans of extreme death/thrash metal.

December 21, 2015

Self Released
December 25, 2015

ZAFAKON and their new album "Release" is the real shit. This San Juan, Puerto Rico-based outfit is as furiously old-school as any of the Bay Area newbies could hope to be on their best day. This is raw, speed-addled and rage-filled aggression, filled with the life's blood which courses through the veins of the metal genre.
"Release" was mixed and mastered by legendary producer Andy Classen (Destruction, Tankard, Belphegor). To promote "Release" ZAFAKON will embark on a 15 date US tour, starting Dec 18th in Tampa FL, and ending Jan 12th 2016 in Orlando FL.

ORDER: https://zafakon.bandcamp.com/album/release 
BUY: http://zafakonstore.bigcartel.com/ 
LIKE: http://www.facebook.com/zafakon 

So Much So Little So Little So Much
Self Released
January 19, 2016

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland Charming Timur is a one man musical planecrash, created by Lauri Santeri Lohi, not limiting to any genres in particular, but mostly focusing on Alternative Metal, Experimental Metal and Post-Black Metal. "So Much So Little So Little So Much" is loud, flashy, and full of effects. It just grabs you from the start and propels you along on a wave of Metal pyrotechnics.

LISTEN: http://charmingtimur.bandcamp.com/track/the-uplift 
BUY: http://charmingtimur.bandcamp.com/releases 

December 21, 2015

Title: Deathrising
Style: Gothic Doom Metal
Format: CD / digital
Label: My Kingdom Music
Cat.Nr: echo111

Street Date: January 25th, 2016 (UK: 01.29.2016)

Overview: With "Deathrising" MOTUS TENEBRAE succeed to present their most mature, powerful and obscure album of their 15 years career. It is a manifesto of heaviness, depth & atmosphere everything into a magnificent Doom Gothic Metal. With these 11 new tracks, they create an opus of emotional sonorities ranging from different facets of music and firmly displaying MOTUS TENEBRAE's broad range of influences like PARADISE LOST; MY DYING BRIDE with elements of TYPE O NEGATIVE with an already accomplished personality.
To stream or download these materials, follow this link

If you have any questions, contact info@mykingdommusic.net 

KRASSEVILLE "Nous Sommes Faux"
December 21, 2015

1. Intro
2. Nihil time funeral process
3. De sangre y mugre (instr)
4. Love sucks and hurts (instr)
5. Tête creuse (instr)
6. In Krasseville everything's fine
7. Nous sommes faux
8. De sangre y mugre (outro)
9. Intro de la fin
10. K.G.B.

Running Time: 28 minutes


Nous sommes faux
Label: Avantgarde Music
Release Date: 11 January 2016
Genre: Apocalyptic Folk / Noir | Country: France

Suicidal & fashionnable western French rock music, that’s how the Krasseville gang band calls their music, and indeed this is gonna be a serious experience for all the listeners! Although band members have grown their roots in the black metal field (with side band Ordo Blasphemous) and you can still feel that roughness and a certain urban anger, Krasseville music definitely sounds more like a Kusturica’s movie soundtrack. A collection of short chansons noires with a Nick Cave-ish edge and an overall feeling of intellectual perdition, plus the many instrumental parts will make this album enjoable also by non-french music fans, anybody into high class music really, as indeed they play their instruments with a remarable mastery and extra fine relish!!!

SUNBURST: Debut Album Details Revealed + Video Released
December 21, 2015

Inner Wound Recordings are proud to announce the signing of the progressive metal band Sunburst to the label. Their highly anticipated debut album "Fragments of Creation" will be released on February 26th 2016 in Europe and North America.

The music video for the song "Dementia" from the album was just released and is available for streaming at YouTube. The video was directed by Bob Katsionis.

The sound of Sunburst can be described as Dream Theater meets Nevermore and Conception and with "Fragments of Creation" they show that they are a force to be reckoned with! 

Sunburst are:

Vasilis Georgiou [Black Fate, Innosense] - Vocals
Gus Drax [Biomechanical, Paradox, Black Fate, Suicidal Angels] - Guitars
Kostas Milonas [Blacklegs, N.U.R.V, G.K Group] - Drums
Nick Grey [End Of Innocense, Jailcat] - Bass

"Fragments of Creation" track listing

 01. Out Of The World

02. Dementia
03. Symbol Of Life
04. Reincarnation
05. Lullaby
06. End Of The Game
07. Beyond The Darkest Sun
08. Forevermore
09. Break The Core
10. Remedy Of My Heart

"Fragments of Creation" [CD + shirt bundle available] can be pre-ordered at the Inner Wound Store: http://www.innerwound.bigcartel.com

Sunburst online:
Inner Wound Recordings online:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/innerwoundrecordings

SOL "The Storm Bells Chime"
December 18, 2015

1. The sky is empty
2. Ascending to the embrace of clouds
3. From every orifice of the abyss
4. Greet the dawn (for F)
5. Black belly of the beast
6. The storm bells chime

Running Time: 35 minutes


The Storm Bells Chime
Label: Avantgarde Music
Release Date: 11 January 2016
Genre: Experimental / Martial Ambient Doml | Country: Denmark

SOL is a Danish doom metal band started by Emil Brahe in the early 00′s, debuting in 2007 on Ván Records with the crushing funeral doom album “Let There Be A Massacre” and since releasing numerous albums in a variety of styles.
While most SOL works have a common denominator in themes of fear, esotericism and destruction, they differ in the form they are presented in: From acoustic drones over dark reed organ atmospherics and occult folk music. “The Storm bells chime” shows indeed a band with destruction’s anger and aims, but elegantly kept within dusk-music atmospheres: this is the record you’ll want with you on the last day on Earth if you’ll die uncomplete….

For fans of BLOOD AXIS and mid-career’s ULVER.

December 17, 2015

01. Create Your Death
02. Gloria Mortis

Perdition Winds
03. Cult Of Kain

Running Time: 27 minutes


[SPLIT] Drama ​/​ Perdition Winds
Label: Satanath Records
Release Date: 25 December 2015
Genre: Black Metal | Country: Russia & Finland

DRAMA was founded in Yeisk (Krasnodar region) in 2001. The first performance and unreleased demo followed in 2002. The debut "Silver Brilliance of Nocticula" was released in 2003 (...)

Finnish band Perdition Winds was founded in 2010 by five musicians, including members of Lie In Ruins. During its existence managed to record one mini-album and debut full-length. The track was recorded for the split in 2014, it has a duration of more than 13 minutes.

This split - new and never unreleased previously compositions from two teams, on which work started a long time ago. Release was postponed several times, also changed the label. Finally, on December 25th, flags of Satan will ascend in the sky, and its armada overturn crosses and christmas relics of religious pigs.

OUT NOW: Releases from
Pathologically Explicit Recordings

December 16, 2015

Buy & Stream

More Info

Promo Kit

Buy & Stream: http://pathologicallyexplicit.bandcamp.com/album/insatanity 
For more information:

OUT NOW! Ancestors Blood & Heervader (Heidens Hart Records)
December 16, 2015

1. Heervader - Berserkgangr
2. Heervader - Bloedbroeder van de Aarde
3. Heervader - Voorwaarts!
4. Ancestors Blood - Deceiver for Power and Glory
5. Ancestors Blood - Ritual of the Sacred Dance
6. Ancestors Blood - Revelation (Beyond Death)
7. Ancestors Blood - Rise of the Spirit of Ancient Heroes

Running Time: 46 minutes


Ancestors Blood & Heerva
Label: Heidens Hart Records
Release Date: December 2015
Genre: Black Metal | Country: Finland and Netherlands

Finally out in December 2015: the long awaited split with Ancestors Blood and Heervader. A highly anticipated, high profile cooperation between Finland and The Netherlands. Ancestors Blood is one of the leading atmospheric black/pagan metal bands during the last decade, while Heervader is a rather unknown project from two known individuals who also active in other bands.
Originally announced many years ago as a 7" EP split, this was upgraded to a full length album split, featuring over 20 minutes of unique music for both bands. It was expanded for two reasons: the first for not wanting to split up the three Heervader tracks, as they were originally written and recorded as three songs part of a whole. The second reason was the high quality recordings that were made of Ancestors Blood's last ever live appearance at the 2014 Veneration Of The Dead festival in The Netherlands. Three songs were picked from this magical ritual, as they are way too good to be left on the shelves.
Both bands should be known, and on this split each give their own spin to traditional atmospheric black metal in the way they are known for. Expect epic and vast black metal with adventurous

December 16, 2015

1. Morwian        
2. Non
3. Tweoneleoht
4. Neaht

Running Time: 48 minutes


Label: Avantgarde Music
Release Date: 11 January 2016
Genre: Black Metal | Country: UK

Formed way back in time (1998) and releasing almost immediately the debut album “Into the old forest” on Mordgrimm Records (the second incarnation of Uk’s glorious Cacophonous Records), but then again taking a rather and unnatural long hiatus until 2007 with their sophomore “None more black” album got released on their own label. The sound of Old Forest on Dagian is much more atmospheric than we used to know them for their previous albums’ grimness: the large use of keyboards, effects and weird voices give them a value-add in terms of mysticism although keeping the band into a conceptual rawness that still roots them into classic Black Metal, with the final result that (for all these reasons) reminds us of the most glorious episodes of Necromantia’s career, sharing with them a similar dominant role of Bass guitar!

The band features members from IN THE WOODS and CARPATHIAN FOREST!

FROSTBITE signed with TMINA Records
December 16, 2015

Canadian Progressive Black n’ Roll band Frostbite signed a deal with Tmina Records for the release of their “Etching Obscurity” debut album. Limited CD + Digital release will be available worldwide on February 5th.

Frostbite, hailing from Montreal, Canada, is finally approaching the release of their first full-length album entitled “Etching Obscurity”. Formed in 2012 by Max Allard, the band has evolved a lot since the release of their 2013 EP “Through the Grave”. The band has since developed a more progressive melodic sound and an overall different approach to the composition and style. Since then, the line-up has changed considerably. Along with founding member Max, the band has taken on 4 new members. A collaboration from many different musical backgrounds and influences gives the band it’s now Progressive Black n’ Roll sound. After a year in studio, the band is proud to release something unique and refreshing, which will leave the listener with an experience from beginning to end. Releasing on February 5th 2016, this full length will not be one to miss out on.

Reference links:


Press inquiries:
Youtube preview of the upcoming album:


Promo materials available from REVALVE RECORDS 
December 15, 2015

Theta Healing (Through the poison)

Label: Revalve Records
Release Date: ITA CD & WORLD DIGITAL: OCT 2nd, 2015
EU / U.S. CD: DEC 4th, 2015
The band was born in April 2005.
Their passion for music and their desire to transmit through it their vision of the world, it's crucial for the band to materialize itself.
Born with name of "Trascendence", and after having composed the first songs, the band continued their musical activity by taking the final name of "Last Frontier".
From 2005 to 2009 Last Frontier begins an intense live activity working with others local bands, earning appreciations from a purely metal audiance, but also from an accostumed to other sounds one.
The band is currently engaged in the promotion of the album with an intense live and in the composition of new songs.

Label: Revalve Records
Release Date: ITA CD &WORLD DIGITAL: NOV 13th, 2015
EU/US CD: DEC 4th, 2015



Ensight were born in 2009 from the minds of Gabriele Caselli (Ex-Eldritch, Ex-Domine), Raffahell Dridge (Eldritch) and his brother Dimitri Meloni. This first core of the band immediately began to write material for a possible album.
In the meantime they started the auditions for a singer and a bass player and after some weeks they found in the young and talented Alessio Consani (Eldritch) their six strings element. So they were ready to develop the sound of Ensight.
Working hard on the new stuff they understood the band was instinctively composing a concept album, so they created a storyline for the lyrics that could follow step by step the atmosphere conceived for the music. Sooner they built up material for an upcoming album but they chose to record only a part of their work to quickly knock at labels' door and to finish improving some tracks that not completely satisfy the band.
After a very long time and many auditions they found in Antonio Cannoletta the powerful and versatile voice they were looking for! The band can finally end the recordings!
Human Wisdom

Label: Revalve Records
Release Date: ITA CD & WW DIGITAL: SEP 18th, 2015
EU/US CD: NOV 6th, 2015



On august 2010 are born the Elarmir, a study project of metal music and classical music for film..the purpose was to join visual and musical art without following a business wire but just the own savour. The two founders are Alex Trotto and Eleonora Buono, only members of the project at first. Between the end of the 2010 and the begin of the 2011 a demo called Elarmir, composed by 6 tracks of which 3 metal and 3 for film.with time project develops being careful to metal focused to the use of the chorus and the orchestrations. Between the end of the 2011 and the begin of the 2012 record the ep "Towards the end". The two founders understand to can reach higher levels with complete line up. Between 2012 and 2013 the band Elarmir suffers changes of style and line up, the only constant was the presence of Alex and Eleonora. The project stops for about one year and goes out again in 2014 with the coming out of 2 videos of the track "Human wisdom" And "False myths". In the same year loose fixed position in the Elarmir Daniele Amador at the guitar and Luca Zamberti at the drums. The style has sharply moved on death metal with progressive influences, black, jazz, groove and classic. On September 2015 will come out the new Cd called "Human wisdom"
ELARMIR support ARCH ENEMY / July 22nd, 2015 / Roma
ELARMIR will participate in maximumrockfestival with EPICA, SIRENIA / October 16th, 2015 / Bucarest
Choose Your Prison

Label: Revalve Records
Genre: Heavy Metal



Shivers Addiction gets formed in 2004 by Marco Panizzo (gutarist and composer) and Angelo “Depo” De Polignol (drummer). In 2005 Fabio Cova (bass player) joins the band. After the first EP “Shivers Addiction” and several line-up changes, Gino Pecoraro (guitar player and vocalist of the old thrash metal band Nuclear Symphony) and Olga Pezzali (vocals) join the band. This line-up records the 2011 home-made album “Nobody's Land”: 12 songs showing the new sound of the band, certainly more metal, with hard-rock, prog, folk and thrash influences. In 2013 Olga leaves the band and Marco Cantoni (vocalist of Cyrax) takes over vocal duties. The band is ready for the release of their new album Choose Your Prison.

Label: Revalve Records
Release Date: CD & WORLD DIGITAL: MAY 26th, 2015


Aghast Afterglow project started in October 2010. The following year, is dedicated to recording the first album called "Imaging".
The album combines a wide range of influences which resulted in a great mix of symphonic metal and gothic rock elements made of stunning melodies through the epical feeling that pervades each one of these eleven tracks
Mark Basile from metal band DGM is the special guest on the album track "Angel can't love"    The band release now a promotional videoclip for the song "There's no time"

Black Tide Release New Album "Chasing Shadows"
December 15, 2015

Florida based metal outfit Black Tide release their 3rd full length album entitled "Chasing Shadows" through Pavement Entertainment. The follow up to the bands acclaimed "Post Mortem" album, "Chasing Shadows" has the classic Back Tide sound that critics and fans alike have hailed as "Old school metal with a new school sound".

The first single is "Angel In The Dark" and you can view the video here: https://goo.gl/oAqqnO 

The album cover and track listing are as follows:
1. Intro
2. Guidelines
3. Angel In The Dark
4. Predator (Animal)
5. Burn
6. Chasing Shadows
7. Before We Form
8. Sex Is Angry
9. Welcome To Misery
10. Heaven
11. Promised Land

For more information visit:

OLD TEMPLE - Demonic Rage "Omen Of Doom"‏ 
December 15, 2015

The first full compilation of demos one of the most recognizable hordes of underground metal scene in Chile DEMONIC RAGE . The CD contains a set of recordings of demos , rehearsal and song of the early concert showing murderous road since the beginning of 2001 . Twenty songs known only to a small group of maniacs also never released.. Almost 75 minutes total Satanic, Blasphemous Death metal. Raw, underground, musty sound. Omen Of Doom is a must have for fans of old-school Death Metal from South America. The booklet contains detailed information about the individual recordings , photographs , covers, posters . Gold CD released in a standard box. Excellent Mark Riddick is responsible for album cover!

Old Temple
Po Box 48
86-307 Grudziadz 9
website :www.oldtemple.com
e-mail :old@oldtemple.com 

December 14, 2015

1. 47° 9' S. Br. und 126° 34' W. L.
2. Wenn der vierte Mond fällt
3. Totenburg
4. Der absolut Böse
5. Bis zum Grabe
6. Die Türme
7. Posaunenruf
8. Blut und Asche
9. The raised

Running Time: 37 minutes

Line Up:
Col. Para Bellum
Polar Maya


Label: Heidens Hart Records
Release Date: 1 January 2016
Genre: Black Metal | Country: Russia

The material here was writing during and right after the "Satan macht frei" (2004) album, and as such perfectly fits in the evolution of Blackdeath towards apocalypse. Upon first hearing, you will find the material has the primitive aggression like "Bottomless armageddon" and the previous albums, but upon closer listening you'll find the riffs and song writing are slowly morphing into their later sound as heard on "Vortex" and "Katharsis" albums (...)

COSTIN CHIOREANU "The Quest For A Morning"
December 14, 2015

1. Absent Abstract Above
2. An Empire Beneath Oblivion
3. Phanthasma And The Midnight Stalker
4. Ihwaz
5. A Storm Shall Take The Words Away
6. Outside The Great Circle
7. Portals

Running Time: 57 minutes


The Quest For A Morning Star
Label: Avantgarde Music
Release Date: 27 December 2015
Genre: Avantgarde / Experimental Music | Country: Romania

An all-stars benefit project whose profits will be entirely donated to the victims of the 30/10/2015 arson in Bucharest, Romania, where 60 metal fans died while attending a concert by local band Goodbye to Gravity.
Costin Chioreanu, worldwide known visual artist and musician, together with nonetheless than David Tibet (CURRENT 93), Rune Eriksen “Blasphemer” (ex-Mayhem guitarist), Attila Csihar (Mayhem) and Mirai Kawashima  (from SIGH) have forged a marvellous album, both musically and visually. Marvellous, intimate and obscure soundtrack-like music adroned with 8 stunning arts / designs made by Costin.

FIFTH TO INFINITY "Omnipotent Transdimensional"
December 11, 2015

1. Intro - Vindar från de osaligas ängder
2. Reapers Wake
3. Masters Unbound
4. The Fall of the Seven
5. The Will to Harm
6. Death Shall Wake Us All
7. Secrets of the Bottom
8. The Promise of Abyss
9. The Blessings of Annihilation

Running Time: 56 minutes


Omnipotent Transdimensional Soulfire
Label: Avantgarde Music
Release Date: 11 January 2016
Genre: Blackened Dark Metal | Country: Sweden

Seriously: one of the cruelest crime in music business was going to happen. An incredible album kept under lock by stupid contractual troubles for two years and apparently never seeing the light was finally unleased from the cage.
Featuring ex-OPETH drummer Mike Lopez and two other burning souls from Stockholm, Fifth to Infinity recorded a masterpiece of dark-blackened metal with a involving transcendental lyric concept. Stunning song writing, arrangements and production make this act like a serious ace for the future!

For fans of SECRETS OF THE MOON, TRIPTYKON and ANATHEMA’s ‘The silent enigma’ – era!

December 11, 2015

1. Into saltation...
2. Weapon To Be Found Only In The Mind Of Man
3. Reflexive Transfer Of Aether Through City Lights
4. Theory Of distress View
5. Metamorphopsia Diagnosis
6. Dissociative Disorder
7. Stupefying Taste Of Henbane. Coma Ritual
8. Personification Of Adventurer. Overdose
9. Sore Hate Of Human Scum
10. Withdrawal

Running Time: 54 minutes


Label: Avantgarde Music
Release Date: 11 January 2016
Genre: Avantgarde Black Metal | Country: Ukraine

Virvel Av Morkerhatet was formed from the ruins of the band Den Of Winter in 2008 and in 2010 released the debut album “Forsaken Hate Sickness”, mainly including material accumulated over the years of the Den of Winter existence. In 2013 the band changed their course and started to work on the second full-length album, which was going to mark a new era of Virvel Av Morkerhatet.
During this time band members' ideology has totally changed and the Music turned into an avant-garde black metal with some other influences, imagine a heavenly mix between Ved Buens Ende and Deathspell Omega!
In 2015 the band finished recording of their second album and got signed by Avantgarde Music and is now prepared to inject fresh "disease" in the nervous system of the world in early 2016.
Virvel Av Morkerhatet is a hard atom that represents the defect of the human thought, that is multiplied by self-destruction of transcendental consciousness. Anticosmos through Black Magic.

December 10, 2015

Hi metalheads !
After the first effort from PARALLEL MINDS : Headlong Disaster, a raw and thrashy record inspired by referential bands like Savatage, Nevermore or Symphony X, comes out the second single of a serie of 3, in order to offer fresh and original material to listeners. Like the 1st acoustic EP, it will be free, as a special gift for spanish speaking metalheads !
Second to come out, then : Spanish Disaster, which contains some spanish versions of songs taken from the Album : Headlong Disaster

GRAVE FORSAKEN "The Fight Goes On"
December 10, 2015

1. The Fight Goes On
2. There Is No Peace
3. Politics Of Popularity
4. Four Creatures
5. Duluth Airbase Intruder
6. Strike The Oppressor
7. God Is With Us (Ps 46)
8. Glimpse Of Armageddon

Running Time: 34 minutes

Line Up:
Vaughan Gregory – Vocals
Elias Salmela – Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Matt Skipworth – Bass Guitar
Luke Gallagher – Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Guest Musician
Josh Gallagher – Drums


The Fight Goes On
Label: Soundmass
Release Date: 1 December 2015
Genre: Thrash Metal | Country: Australia

Grave Forsaken is a Christian thrash metal band from Perth, Western Australia. Forming in 2004, then band has now released 6 studio albums. Grave Forsaken have become a recognised name in the underground Christian metal scene and continue to deliver new music on a regular basis.
The band consists of Vaughan Gregory, Elias Salmela, Matt Skipworth and Luke Gallagher. Vaughan is vocalist and Matt handles bass guitar. Elias and Luke share rhythm and lead guitar duties. Josh Gallagher produces the band and guests on drums. Vaughan, Elias and Matt have been in the band since the beginning, while Luke came on board in 2011. Josh has been involved with the band since 2013.
The band released “Beside The River of Blood” in 2006, “Destined For Ascension” in 2008, “This Day Forth” in 2009, “Fight To The Death” in 2010 and “Reap What You Sow” in 2012. Each successive album has seen the band hone their thrash sound, culminating in the latest effort “The Fight Goes On” in 2015.
Grave Forsaken is also known for their tight and entertaining live shows. As well as regular performances in Perth, Grave Forsaken has played shows all around Australia. The band has also had several supports for the legendary Christian metal band Mortification.
Grave Forsaken have always been about getting on with it and not giving up. The band has plans for more shows in 2016 to support the latest album and look forward to seeing you out there!

ABSOLUTUS "Pugnare in iis quae obtinere non possis"
December 09, 2015

1. Abyssus Abyssum Invocat
2. Sunt Verba Et Voces Praetereaque Nihil
3. Credo Quia Absurdum
4. Ego Sum Qui Sum
5. Damnat Quod Non Intelligunt
6. Pugnare in iis quae obtinere non possis
7. Decepimur Specie Recti
8. Virgo Dei Genitrix
9. Numen

Running Time: 33 minutes

Line Up:
Abstrusus – Vocals and guitars
S.P. - Bass
Jonas Sanders – Session drums


Pugnare in iis quae obtinere non possis
Label: Heidens Hart Records
Release Date: 14 October 2015
Genre: Black Metal | Country: Belgium

Absolutus are a Belgian band shattering the shelter of the unconscious since 2003. Their lyrical content deals primarily with nihilism, metaphysical journeys, eerie experiences and psychology, inspired by writers such as E.M. Cioran and F. Nietzsche.
Starting out as a traditional black metal entity, appearing out of the nothingness with "Ostendit quam nihil sumus", released in 2005 by Goatowarex (Lifelover, Nachtmysium, Mortifera, Urfaust, Austere, ...)
Their absolution shifted on the highly anticipated second album "Pugnare in iis quae obtinere non possis", towards a more aesthetical and experimental approach. This album is in every aspect a highly recommended and truly monumental journey showing much more diversity compared with the debut album, with morbid and violent atmosphere breathing through the complex songs and dark interludes.
Summoned in the the city of dirt and corruption, Brussels, at Blackout studio with help of Neraath and Phorgath from Enthroned horde, expect a massive and devastating monolith of album. Fanatics of new Abigor, Blut Aus Nord, Antaeaus as well as more modern acts like Deathspell Omega and Svartidauði, take heed!

“Once eerie radiance and material presence are required, Cloud and Abyss will join hands to vomit uncelestial particles.”

HEIMDALLS WACHT - "Der Untergang der alten Welt"
December 09, 2015

1. Die Tränen des alten Wächters
2. Des Nordens Stern
3. In kalten Schatten versunken
4. Der letzte Marsch
5. Weltenbrand
6. Unter dem Banner der weißen Hand
7. Weißes Pferd auf rotem Grund
8. Ein Denkmal für die alte Welt

Running Time: 61 minutes

Line Up:


Der Untergang der alten Welt
Label: Heidens Hart Records
Release Date: December 2015
Genre: Black Metal | Country: Germany

Out of print for years and in high demand all those years, Heidens Hart Records are proud to finally bring this album back on the shelves. Even though it was only the second release from Heimdalls Wacht, back in 2006, the album exploded from the underground and many of the tracks have grown out to become semi-legendary tracks. "Die Tränen des alten Wächters" and "Weißes Pferd auf rotem Grund" have been part of the regular setlist for many years "Weltenbrand" is a very private and personal song for many people, and when played live recently for the first times, the audience was in awe upon every performance. "Des Nordens Stern" is of course a classic hymne for the band that should need no introduction. This reissue will finally be out this month (December 2015). Over an hour of pure antichristian pagan black metal, filled with mourning and anger.

Please note: no remaster, no bonus tracks, same artwork, just as the band and we want it.

VOND - "Selvmord" official longsleeve
December 09, 2015

Official longsleeve shirt produced in close cooperation with Mortiis himself. First piece of merchandise from this cult analogue synth "dungeon ambient" album in decades. Both Mortiis and I agreed that was the best design. It features the photos from the original cover artwork that were censored in Germany when the album came out.

Available now in the sizes S-M-L-XL. High quality heavy B&C textile. Limited to only 100 copies!



December 09, 2015

OUT December 25th, 2015!!!
Our next release - ARCHAIC THORN's "In Desolate Magnificence" - will be available next December 25th, 2015. Please, help us to spread this one like wildfire!!! We've prepared a promo kit for all of you including tracks, pictures, cover, promo-sheet, etc... You can download it by visiting the following link

From the very depths of the German underground, ARCHAIC THORN is anouncing the imminent release of their debut EP called "In Desolate Magnificence" through UNHOLY PROPHECIES. After an outstanding Demo, released back in 2013, the German trio has recorded 4 new tracks + intro of the most pure and deep Nihilistic Death Metal you've heard for quite some time now.

You will like this release if you listen to bands like GRAVE MIASMA, SADISTIC INTENT, AUTOPSY, NECROS CHRISTOS...

Would be great to see your reviews, articles, notes and whatever you would like to published on your pages. Thanks in advance for your help!

7 STEPS OF DENIAL "From Ashes"‏ 
December 08, 2015

1. Depleted Soul
2. Contractor
3. Sub-Zero
4. One Eyed Ruler
5. Die Before Darkness
6. Last Days
7. The Pursuit
8. Origin
9. What Doesn't Kill
10. Destruction of Paradise
11. Always There
12. Gemini
13. Call to Arms
14. Broken Promise

Running Time: 65 minutes

Line Up:
Vocals: Marcel Paardekooper
Guitars: Dennis Mes
Edwin de Boer
Bass: Yick Jun Fung
Drums: Laurens Justin Kreeft


From Ashes
Label: Audio Ferox / Paige
Release Date: Spring 2016 (European Release)
Genre: Heavy Metal | Country: Netherlands

In 2008 Seven Steps of Denial was formed out of the desire to play melodic metal without being limited to any kind of predetermined subgenre. 

With the resources they had available and great help from various good friends they witnessed their songs, which all began as either attic-room riffing and shredding, alcohol and/or mental abuse, grow into the awesome culmination of hard work that is now “From Ashes”, the band’s debut CD.

PROLL GUNS "Horseflesh BBQ"
December 08, 2015

1 Texas Banjo Massacre
2. Horseflesh Barbecue
3. From Texas To Hell
4. Bloodgun Blues
5. Fucking Troublemaker
6. Reno Gang
7. Lookin’ Out my Backdoor
8. The Revolver
9. Execution
10. Southern Slavery

Running Time: 42 minutes

Line Up:
Evil Ed – Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar
The Burner – Vocals & Guitar
Cra „“Y“ Maker – Drums


Horseflesh BBQ
Label: Nrt-Records
Release Date: 29 January 2016
Genre: Thrash Metal Western Thrash ‚N’ Roll | Country: Austria

YEE HAW ! The Thrash Cowboys are coming ! The three villains look like they just crawled out from a filthy hole in the middle of texas , although they have nothing to do with western as you know it !

The selftiteled „ROCK´N´WESTERN ROLL METAL „  might have blown billy the kid or even jesse james out of their worn out boots ! Groovie sounds paired with hard as a rock riffs and growled vocals , this combination will kick everyones ass . The guys can offer special kind of a live western-show . The three whisky soaked dudes not only fascinate with their right in your face attitude , they will bring heat into the crowd with their smoking hot saloon girls who will drive the audience crazy! (...)

Get ready for a Trip
… From Texas To Hell and Back !

DISASTROUS MURMUR to release new official video 'Necrotic Ulcerous Genoplast'‏ 
December 08, 2015

After more than 25 years of old school death metal history, 10 releases of which 4 were full length albums, DISASTROUS MURMUR recently released '25 Years of Slaughter Rock' via the Austrian label CURSED RECORDS.

'25 Years of Slaughter Rock' marks one of DISASTROUS MURMUR's most massive releases to date - a double live album, recorded at the band's 25th anniversary show. Furthermore, every band member who has ever been a part of the Austrian legend also performed a guest appearance at the concert and therefore also on the album.

What is left are 20 tracks of pure old school death metal history. From the infamous debut album 'Rhapsodies in Red' (1992, OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS) through the band's complete discography.

CURSED RECORDS are proud to announce that we have just released an official live video from the very concert on which the double live album was recorded with the classic 'Necrotic Ulcerous Genoplast'.

VIDEO LINK (Click on the image below)

Lion Music Label & Artist News‏ 
December 04, 2015

Structural Disorder formed during the summer of 2011 by Erik Arkö (Bass/Vocals) Johannes West (Electric Accordion/Vocals) and Markus Tälth (Guitar/Vocals). The band was later completed with the arrival of Karl Björk (Drums) and Hjalmar Birgersson (Guitar/Piano/Vocals).

The work with the EP ” A PRELUDE TO INSANITY” began instantly once the band was complete and on january 1th, the recording session began. The recording session took place night time during the period january 1th – january 5th at Högskolan Dalarna in Falun. The EP was in part produced by the band, but also by sound engineer John Nilsson Tysklind, who has recently released an album with his band Rhinestone. Co – engineer Scott Crocker had also a large part in the form that ” A prelude to insanity” took.

The EP was recorded during four ten hour shifts, followed by a month of mastering, mixing and general exploring of numerous ideas that came to mind during this phase in the production. The EP was released on the 9th of march 2012.

With more material and higher ambitions the band once again entered the studio in Falun in january 2013, this time with Scott Crocker as the sound engineer. The recording took place in the studio as well as in Stockholm. Eventually, the Full lenght debut, entitled "THE EDGE OF SANITY" was released on the 4th of february 2014.

Following a number of gigs to promote THE EDGE OF SANITY whilst simultaneously writing new material, the band decided to enter the studio to record their second full length album during the summer of 2015. This time the band worked together with renowned producer/engineer Jocke Skog (Clawfinger/Feared/Åfysatan and many more). The new album DISTANCE will be released through Lion Music on the 25th of February 2016!

FATAL IMPACT "Cancel Life"‏ 
December 04, 2015

1. Hidden in Plain Sight
2. Mindwar                
3. Too Many Years            
4. Cancel Life                
5. Just a Memory        
6. Manchurian Candidate   
8. Way of the Witch
9. The Believer
10. Above and Beyond

Running Time: 48 minutes



Cancel Life
Label: Nadir Music
Release Date: 4 December 2015
Genre: Heavy/Power Metal/Melodic Metal | Country: Norway
Fatal Impact's humble birth was around a decade ago. The band hit stages all around Norway with their forceful, pounding, dark yet illuminating music. The solid rhythm section Sondre Svendsen (drums) and Freddy Alund (bass) serves the perfect structure for the melodic and grinding guitar of Per Anders Olsen. With Jorns Oyhus vocals and virtuos massive guitar in the mix – you get the formula of Fatal Impact (...)

Will you dare to take a dive into the pre-apocalyptic and conspiratory world of Fatal Impact, or will you simply not get it?

SADISM "Alliance"‏ 
December 04, 2015

01. Conversion
02. Treblinka
03. Crystal Clear Vision
04. From Chaos To Purification
05. Scroll
06. Mother Of Prostitutes
07. Putrid Golden Cord
08. Snake's Language
09. Impure & Obscene
10. Pain Will Tear Us Apart
11. Expiation
12. Alliance-We Decline..!

Running Time: 41 minutes


Label: Toxic/Mechanix Records
Release Date: 4 December 2015
Genre: Death Metal

South American Old School Death Metal at its (very) best. "Alliance" is the first of SADISM's music to be fully distributed internationally, and the band is heading for their first ever trek to Europe in November (2015)

The band is available for interviews!
Please, forward all reviews, interview requests and playlists to

BONE GNAWER "Canale Di Carneficina"‏ 
December 03, 2015

1. The Female Butcher
2. Channel of Carnage         
3. Circle of the Cannibals
4. It Shall Have Blood (Demo Version)

Running Time: 15 minutes


Canale Di Carneficina
Label: Metal Inquisition records
Release Date: September 2015
Genre: Death Metal | Country: Sweden / Florida, United States

A packed Mini CD with both older songs and songs not used on the new album. Its also the last recording featuring Rogga Johansson in Bone Gnawer, as he then left the band.
As usual you get total Bone gnawing cannibalistic Death Metal the simple and groovy way, featuring the legendary master Kam Lee on growls.

Do yourself a favour and devour these songs before they cook and devour you!

SUNLESS RISE Melodic Death Metal‏ 
December 03, 2015

Self Released
November 30, 2015

Russia's SUNLESS RISE will surely raise quite a ruckus with their new debut "Unrevealed" album, filled with soaring, epic, majestic progressive Melodic Death Metal. It may be because of their charismatic, stirring songcraft, with arrangements long and flowing, and the musicianship is top-notch. The guitarwork and keyboardwork here is of note — the leads are stellar, and the riffing is off the hook, adding a refined Prog-Metal touch without compromising the overall vibe of the album. This is what a lot of bands wish they sounded like. Haunting and infectious atmospheres, that will garner play after play. Fans of Children Of Bodom, Wintersun, and Finnish Metal will be all over this.

SUNLESS RISE's debut "Unrevealed" follows their highly acclaimed 2009 self titled EP. Which received high marks from reviewers worldwide. Now 6 years after that amazing release, "Unrevealed" is out now in Europe, and will be officially released December 4th everywhere else.

About the album "This is the story of a man who destroyed mankind. The man who played a crucial role in shifting humanity toward the final catastrophe - but managed to flee into the mysterious outer limits beyond time and space, life and death. This journey starts off with the world’s end and takes a turn into twisted realms of ancient cults, forgotten cultures and revelatory subconscious experiences. This is the story of our Past and Future colliding into one man’s spiritual rebirth. A parable with an unimaginable finale." - Sunless Rise

LISTEN: https://sunlessrise.bandcamp.com/ 
LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sunless-Rise/ 

Mycelia(Ch) & Tearless(Hr) release their new lyrics videos!‏ ‏ 
December 02, 2015

Mycelia(Ch) & Tearless(Hr) are proud to announce that their new lyrics video are out for streaming!
You can find the links here below.

"Melancholic: The Mass of a Million Earths"

"Inside Your Eyes"


ABYTHIC "A full Negation of Existence"‏ 
December 02, 2015

1. The Dissolution of Adam
2. The Murder of the Clayborn  
3. Return to the Origin
4. The Black Light   

Running Time: 18 minutes


A Full Negation of Existence
Label: Metal Inquisition records
Release Date: November 2015
Genre: Death Metal | Country: Germany
Venomous Old school Death Metal from Germany feat ex -members of IMPURE and ASPHIXATION.
For fans of GRAVE, ASPHYX, Bolt Thrower...

The Mini CD is out now!
The Mini LP will be out in end of November!

ECHELON "Indulgence over Abstinence behind The Obsidian Weil"
December 02, 2015

1. Adversary
2. Ever Forwards
3. Carnal Absolution    
4. Cadre
5. Echelon
6. Indulgence over Abstinence Behind the Obsidian Veil
7. The Impious of the Perverse
8. Regenerative Genesis

Running Time: 35 minutes


Indulgence over Abstinence Behind the Obsidian Veil
Label: Metal Inquisition records
Release Date: 17 October 2015
Genre: Death Metal | Country: United Kingdom/Sweden

A heavy Death Metal bulldozer in the most pounding way featuring one of Death Metals best voice, Mr David Ingram ex-Benedicition, ex-Bolt Thrower.
Expect thunderous heavy oldschool Death Metal with morbid grooves aswell as wailing leads, all backed up with a classic growl that we all know and love!

"Indulgence Over Abstinence Behind The Obsidian Veil"

December 01, 2015

Suspiria Records
15 December 2015

Raze was formed in As Pontes (A Coruña, Spain) in 2007, when Sebas, Marcos and Moro started to get together from time to time to play some versions and hang out.
Gradually they came to realize the musical taste they shared and that the style that unites them is thrash metal, so they decided to take it as a group project and for that, and almost by chance, they brought in Macaco and Samuel.

RAZE’s style can be defined as thrash metal, close to bands like Megadeth, Slayer, Kreator, Annihilator, or, in general, the whole classic thrash metal, similar to (relatively speaking) the Bay Area’s or German’s thrash metal, but closer to a progressive hint and the evolution of the style towards new sounds.
By mid 2010 Samuel had to leave the band, so Macaco began to take care of the voices aswel.

In 2015 Raze have edited its LP “Mankind’s heritage”.
To stream or download these materials, follow this link

If you have any questions, contact promo@suspiriarecords.com 

. . . . . . : : : : [ November 2015 / Noviembre 2015 ] : : : : . . . . . .
. . . . . . : : : : [ October 2015 / Octubre 2015 ] : : : : . . . . . .

. . . . . . : : : : [ September 2015 / Setiembre 2015 ] : : : : . . . . . .

CARNAC - "The Frail Sight” EP 2015

"The Frail Sight is the debut EP from Carnac, a death metal band from Turkey. The EP is concise and varied, demonstrating that Carnac doesn’t want to stick to one distinct sound within the death metal genre." 

Visit official CARNAC´s Website
Label: Sliptrick Records

This paper publication is existing since 2012. Every issue Comes with a Free sampler CD!

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  This is an Video Interview realized with the band DISTILLERY, death metal from Greece

Versión en Español de la Video Entrevista a la banda DISTILLERY de Grecia, disponible AQUI

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New Video Of The Week (MORA PROKAZA "My Awakening"). / Nuevo Video de la Semana (MORA PROKAZA "My Awakening)


New Release of the Week. (MYSTIC PROPHECY "War Brigade”) / Nuevo Lanzamiento de La Semana (MYSTIC PROPHECY "War Brigade”)


New Video Of The Week (LACHRYMOSE "In A Reverie"). / Nuevo Video de la Semana (LACHRYMOSE "In A Reverie")


New Release of the Week. (MURDRYCK "Antologi MMXV”) / Nuevo Lanzamiento de La Semana (MURDRYCK ""Antologi MMXV")


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New Video Of The Week (KORPSE "Retaliation"). / Nuevo Video de la Semana (KORPSE "Retaliation")


New Release of the Week. (KORPSE "Unethical") / Nuevo Lanzamiento de La Semana (KORPSE "Unethical")


02 new entries in ARTIST/BAND PROFILES Section / 02 nuevas bandas en Sección ARTIST/BAND PROFILES / .


03 new entries in ARTIST/BAND PROFILES Section / 03 nuevas bandas en Sección ARTIST/BAND PROFILES / .


02 new entries in ARTIST/BAND PROFILES Section / 02 nuevas bandas en Sección ARTIST/BAND PROFILES / .


01 new entry in ARTIST/BAND PROFILES Section / 01 nueva banda en Sección ARTIST/BAND PROFILES / .


New Video Of The Week (CRAVING). / Nuevo Video de la Semana (CRAVING)


New Release of the Week. (PATH OF DESTINY) / Nuevo Lanzamiento de La Semana PATH OF DESTINY) /


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NEWS Section updated! / Se actualizó la sección de NOTICIAS


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New Video Of The Week (DREADBEARD). / Nuevo Video de la Semana (DREADBEARD)


New Release of the Week. (DREADBEARD) / Nuevo Lanzamiento de La Semana (DREADBEARD) /


New Video Of The Week (DEADSPACE). / Nuevo Video de la Semana (DEADSPACE)


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One new REVIEW added. / Una Nueva reseña (REVIEW) agregada.


New Video Of The Week (INCARNIT). / Nuevo Video de la Semana (INCARNIT)


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