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Date: 05th, March 2013
(Answers by Matwey -  Vocals)

WHEN YOU SCREAM is a German band who plays melodic death metal as described for themselves. However they are not the common melo-death metal, they have a lot of potential and attitude. Judge for yourselves.

1. Hails Matwey, could you please tell us a bit about some ugly or funny histories during the band evolution since your foundation in 2010? Was it difficult to establish a solid line up and musical approach?

Hails Gort ! It all began as an idea by Chris, our guitar guy. Once I visited him to hang out and get drunk. At that day he showed me a song by Illdisposed, called "When You Scream". We got drunk and talked about the idea to start a project with the name When You Scream. We asked Sven our bass guy , Michael the drummer and Daniel the other guitar dude to check in. The breakfast club When You Scream was born. Chris had a lot of riffs at that time, we all liked them and started to create songs. Funny stuff during this time, hmm. I think we had the common funny moments, like other band guys. To weird for the media, to ugly for videos, but fucking in love with melo-death. All in all a funny thing.

2. Being a "melodic" death metal band as you define yourselves, and in a world overpopulated by the so called "Melodic metal" bands. What can we expect from your sound regarding variety?

We always have been open minded to all kind of music. All members of our little company have this attitude. This is what you hear in our songs. We love traditional stuff like At The Gates, Dark Tranquility, In Flames, Callenish Circle, but also modern melo-death like Black Dahlia Murder, Neaera or Bleed From Within. I think basically we play a kind of dark melo death, influenced by black metal. Chris who writes all the guitar stuff loves death metal and black metal. You can hear that in our songs. So do I and the other guys . Don't know if our stuff sounds unique? We just try to create some metal and hope to play some gigs, where we can get free drinks and a bratwurst to eat. That's it.

3. Thinking on the matter you got influences from the Gothenburg Scene, one could hardly expect to find a melodic Band from "Germany", it was a favourable point for you to develop in your local scene or maybe am I wrong??

There are some melo-death bands here in Germany, but melo-death is not so much in demand here. The community is not so big. Especially not for traditional rooted bands. There is a big Core/ D Deathcore / Metalcore community here. The metal scene is divided. In the modern part and the traditional one. Once we decided to play metal that should sound melodic and heavy, with all the influence that we had in the ass at that moment: That was the concept of When You Scream.

4. Being mentioned ILLDISPOSED as the inspiration for your bandname, at the moment I listen to your songs I can notice huge influences on the riffing and the wall of sound created by the guitar, very similar to them, if I am correct, give me some extra words about this.

Yeah the heavy, groovy and melodic riffing of Illdisposed is surely a big influence. The music is like a groove whip for your soul. But all in all we try not to be focused on a special kind of style. Chris writes a lot of stuff. He shows us riffs and we choose the one that we like. Some are heavy and dark others melodic and bright. As long as the stuff sounds cool, we make a song out of it. What can I say at the end man ? Illdisposed is a fucking great band!

5. Let´s Talk about your debut Album "The Alchemist", tell us which was the hardest part about production process and how has been the underground feedback until now?

The mix was the hardest part of the process. First I have to say: Shay Ofer, the owner of the Senseless Studio in Berlin is the man behind The Alchemist. I was the only guy who has recorded stuff (vocals) in Berlin, the other guys in Osnabrück, our hometown. All the files had to be sent through the internet to Berlin, for the mix. You can imagine there was a lot of internet communication in those days. Day by day. But Shay made it. This man is great. He has a lot of patience and the will to work on stuff as long as it needs to be done. At that moment we had no money to record our songs in a big studio, and Shay offered us a good deal. Since the release we got a lot of good feedback from people who have heard the stuff. But also some bad responses. Some people love the songs and other can't handle them. Guess that's just the way it is.

6. Pick a song from the new album, that you feel to be the most interesting lyrically, musically or having a good story about it and tell me about it.

"Raped By A Mammoth Tree While Ash Was Kissing Lady G." is a song based on the horror film "Evil Dead". Also about traditional metal and modern streams. "Chainsaw-Ash" represents the dirty roots and Lady G some of the fancy modern stuff. The song is about a affair of them. About a guy who is getting raped by a evil tree while Ash is busy.

"Painted In Shades Of Red" is a song about the power of people to change things. About the helplessness of us in these times. About the ruin of humanity in our capitalistic system, and the fear to change things like people have done it before. About sucking out the blood of poor and weak people. 

Those two are Chris' and my favorite songs, both, musically and lyrically.

7. Among musicians is common to be under the influence of hard drugs, so what is your stand on this issue?

I never met musicians on hard drugs man. Oh wrong - I did. But not in the metal scene. I think people who are addicted to drugs have a big problem. No matter if the drugs are easy or hard. It s always a very sad thing to see. In the metal scene it s beer and wheed here in Germany.

8. You have been a very active band about playing live, What are your thoughts on the whole touring side of metal?

We have played a few gigs so far. The biggest one was with "Neaera" in Osnabrück. As a small band it's hard to get gigs. Clubs want to get payed before shows. Often they want to sell tickets to a band before you get a show - for a high price, so that they can be sure to make profit. In an unknown city it s pretty hard for an unknown band to sell tickets to people. We try to organize gigs with other bands from other cities. We organize a gig in ours and they in theirs. To be honest we're just beginning to plan things a little bit more professional. We have no promoter, do all the stuff by ourselves and we are not so good in this part of music business. Me and Sven are working, Michael is studying so there are only the weekends to play gigs. For us it's cool to play a gig from time to time.

9- Have you started to work on new material yet? How does it sound? Any major development since „The Alchemist 

Sure! There is new When You Scream stuff in work. During the next months we ll play some gigs and Chris is writing new stuff. He has a lot of riffs that we have to work out. We will give our best to reach the next step in our music. Stay tuned!

10. Once you get to the studio, is all the music already composed or is there room for improvisation/experimentation?

The last time it was already composed. It was the recording via the internet. Don't know how it's gonna be the next time. I think when we get the chance to work on stuff for a longer time and hang out in a studio, there will be space to improvise. Whenever there is a chance to make a song sound better, we will take it. I mean - as long as it sounds cool all in all.

11. Matwey, thanks a lot for your answers, I hope my questions weren't boring. I wish you all the best and good luck my friend, WHEN YOU SCREAM rules! Please, tell your closing words!

The interview was cool Gort. I have to thank for your interest in our little music club. Hope to hear more from your webzine in future. It's amazing. Hails to The Pain Fucktory!


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