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Realized at: 10th, December 2016


"...My roots lie in the old school, so Iím always going to go back to those records that got me hooked. (...)"

1.    1. UNNATURAL is a duo ó how long have you known each other? And how did you discover death metal for the first time?
Ted and I met in 1990 if I recall. I became friends with Brad Buldak (Ex-Bassist/Vocalist MORGUE) in 1989. In 1990, just before MORGUE was formed, is when I met Ted for the first time. We have been the best of friends ever since. We are not only friends, but we are brothers.
I bought my first metal record when I was 12 years old, in the summer of 1983. I had no idea what I was buying at the time and only bought the record to spite my older sister who told me not to buy it because it was ďDevil MusicĒ. When I got the record home and played it, I thought it was the worst music I ever heard. I only played the record again because my siblings teased me about wasting my money. The more I played the record, the more I understood and liked it. It was VENOMís Welcome to Hell. After that, I discovered more bands on my own and with the help of some friendsí older brothers. I knew about bands that I could get at my local record store, but not until I met Brad Buldak was I introduced to the Death Metal underground of tape trading and fanzines. I got hooked immediately and started writing bands and zines like crazy.

     2. Both of you are old and mature, how do you feel you have developed as musicians and do you think you look at music a little differently now that youíre older?
I tried playing guitar right out of High School, but I was horrible. So right away I had respect for anyone who could play an instrument. Ted is a drummer first and has been playing drums for many years. He picked up guitar and bass along the way. I think his guitar playing is pretty darn good for just picking it up the last few years. Heís gotten very proficient in his guitar and bass playing. I pretty much have only ever done vocals. Nothing has changed for me. I just try and keep it brutal. I mean, I may sometimes feel I should get a breathing pattern down, but for the most part I just growl my head off. I see music the same as I did when I first discovered it. I still get excited about getting new music all the time. My roots are in the old school and Iíve always lean more towards the old school feel and sound. Newer bands with the OSDM vibe are typically where I spend my time.

     3. How much time do you spend on the band both physically but also mentally each day? Is it worth all the time and effort in the end?

     Since I only contribute vocals, physically I only practice my vocals when Ted tells me that new music is coming my way. Whenever I get an idea for a song title or lyrics, I jot them down and revisit them when I have more time. I donít really think about it, I just let ideas come to me (UN) naturally and then go from there. With that said, Iím online almost daily checking out new bands and music anywhere and everywhere that I can. I also still buy lots of music (CDs, LPs, Eps).Metal is a passion for me so itís always in the forefront of my thoughts. I pretty much promote UNNATURAL whenever and wherever I can. Itís all worth it to me.

     4. In general: What fascinates you about metal music? Is it the possibility to express aggression? Is it the energy which is usually conveyed in this music? Or is it something entirely different?
The imagery caught my eye on the first Metal record I bought. The attitude, rebellion, heaviness and aggression drew me in once I started listening to Metal. I donít think any metal head chooses metal. I think Metal chooses us.

     5. The EP was out there since April 2016. After these months, could you advance something regarding new compositions?

     Ted has new material written as we speak. We are planning a new demo release in early 2017. More details will be on our band pages soon.

     6. ďThe Path To RuinĒ is pretty well tingued with an old school sound Ė in which studio did you record it? And who took care of the mixing and mastering? 

     Ted built a recording studio in the basement of his house. Heís a carpenter by trade, so he built a professional studio. He has recording equipment that he bought and acquired through the years. His studio is called House Of Death Studios. We recorded our demo and EP there. Ted is the engineer and takes care of all of the recording and mixing and mastering. I give a bit of input with the mixing process, but we are both pretty much on the same page when it comes to our sound so when he sends me a mix of something, itís pretty much agreeable to me.


     7. As much as I can listen, some strong musical parallels between you and CIANIDE can be found. Is their music and their lyrics as a whole an influence for you?

     The members in CIANIDE are some of my best friends. They are a definite influence on us musically along with other OSDM bands like GRAVE, BOLT THROWER and OBITUARY. Lyrically, I find my own inspiration whether its life or world events. 

     8. Who composes the music in the band? Does alcohol or hash helps a lot to find new sick ideas?

     Ted creates all of the music. Ted composes all of the music. He may sometimes ask for my opinion about a riff he writes every now and then, but he writes it all. I write all the lyrics and come up with all of the titles. I take care of more of the business side of the band as well. Itís a pretty good partnership we have with UNNATURAL. Ted is very heath conscious. He works out and eats healthy. He drinks once in a while, but he is no lush like me. Ha Ha .Alcohol is a MUST!!!! I also partake in extra circular activities. Ha Ha

     9. Whatís your opinion about underground and death metal, underground or not, these days? In which aspects the scene got better and in which aspects did it get worse? 

     I think the underground is strong. I mean, itís different, but strong. Back in the late 80ís and early 90ís we had to write letters and wait for responses so communication was slower. With the internet and email nowadays, correspondence is much quicker. People can get more info on a band way easier. I think this is a good thing for bands. AS long as new bands remember to pay homage to the bands that paved the way and pioneered death metal I think the underground will remain strong. I donít think itís really gotten better or worse. Itís still there. Itís just used differently than it was 30 years ago.

     10. Death metal has been around almost 30 years now. How do you feel that it has evolved over time? 

     Well, I think it gets more and more extreme with time. I mean when I heard the first BATHORY record or the first DEATH record that was beyond extreme at that time. Bands are always pushing the boundaries and re-setting the bars. Again, my roots lie in the old school, so Iím always going to go back to those records that got me hooked. But Yes. Like everything else in the world, death metal has evolved.

     11. Since the amount of Death metal bands should keep on increasing, the style currently being fashionable, how do you think UNNATURAL could stand out?

     We canít and we wonít. UNNATURAL plays and will always play old school death metal. Nothing fancy here. If people are looking for some ground breaking material we are not the band for them. If people like old school death metal, I invite those people to give us a listen. OSDM forever!!!!

     12. Could you tell us more about the metal scene in Illinois? Is this a quite good state on a metal point of view, and were there good Death metal bands to check out in the past? 

      The Metal scene in Chicago is awesome. It always has been. Back in the day bands like MASTER, SINDROME and DEVASTATION paved the way. Bands like CIANIDE and CARDIAC ARREST are holding up the scene now with new bands like NUCLEUS bringing in a new approach. All in all, the scene is strong and shows are abundant and quality.

     13. We live in a globalized world where there are no borders to be crossed thanks to the internet. How do you best utilize this to gain the outmost for you band? 

     Internet is a great tool for a band. Might as well use it. Bands today can get their music to ears across the globe by just a click. Promoting the band on web pages, FB, Bandcamp, Sound Cloud and email is what I use today to help promote UNNATURAL.

     14. No more questions my friend. Just thanks for your time and good luck for your future plans. Closing is yoursÖ 

     Thanks for the interview and thanks for the support!!!! OSDM forever!!!!!

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