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Realized at: 04th, November 2014
(Answers by Olli Vesanen  - Guitars)

"This band is the seed of my perdition in a very concrete way. I am giving everything I ever can to this band. The seed has to be fed with lifeforce - one must wither so the other may rose. ..." (Olli)

1. Hails guys, you have been formed in 2011 as a band, However your activities officially date from 2011 with the release of your first EP “Temppeli”. Tell us a bit about the early days of Tuhonsiemen and any difficulties you found in establishing yourselves in the Finnish scene.

We started playing together with our former drummer and our current vocalist. Back then, of course, we didn't have as strong visions as we do nowadays because we were in the age of fifteen. Anyway, we had the urge burning just as we do now. This is our first real and serious band, but I think we very quickly started to learn about how things should be done. Black metal was what came up naturally - we just did songs we wanted to and didn't even think about genres or any of that shit. In the very first months we played some covers from other metal genres and even did a few joke songs, but it didn't take long to realize that our path is to dwell through all the darkness of the world. Because of those stupid humor songs were released back then, we weren't taken seriously. (of course - but what the fuck could you expect: we were just kids) The finnish bm-scene is very elitistic and inbred, at least some parts of it. We felt like we could never fully be a part of that, and I still feel the same way. At the moment I am happy standing for standing on my own feet, instead of being hyped for no reason by some beer-gutted elitists, who in fact are nothing but conservatives in freethinker's clothes. So, there is a little voltage between us and some parts of the finnish black metal scene.

2. What stands behind the Tuhonsiemen name? I assume it´s a Finnish word. Does this name in a way or another express the music that the band is delivering?

Tuhonsiemen is Finnish and could be translated to "The seed of perdition". It has a huge amount of meaning to me and I hope someone else also gets something about it. I could give you a thousand explanations about the name, but instead I'll give you just one: This band is the seed of my perdition in a very concrete way. I am giving everything I ever can to this band. The seed has to be fed with lifeforce - one must wither so the other may rose.

3. Only release from your camp, as mentioned above, is your EP. Try to enlighten this material to us. How long time it took to record it and in what manner you wrote ideas for this material? Are you working all together as a band, or somebody comes up with finished songs?

Temppeli is an EP of six songs. When we were finished with the recording process, I was quite surprised with the result. It is like a picture of myself by the time songs were composed. And goddamn, what a beast it is when I listen to it! It is raw in some way I have never heard before - a bit of shitty sound and brutal material, but still clear enough to get the message through. Enough said: bleak riffs, vocals that take away your will to live, six six six songs of pure darkness and death. Still it's not a masterpiece, not even close: the masterpieces are on the way.
And then about the making process. We did the entire job ourselves in a home studio, and it took four months for some reason. What the fuck, four months? I recorded the guitar parts in two days.. Well, it took time for some of us to get in the right mindset. And I understand it. It was a new situation to us, when we knew we were recording an album.
And about the songwriting: The songs were written in autumn 2012 - spring 2013. We didn't think about making an album back then, but at some point we just noticed we had came up with shitload of songs and picked six of them for the EP. Rest of the songs will be re-written and some parts propably used somewhere, maybe. The lyrics were written by me and our vocalist. He wrote three of the lyrics and I did the same... I am the only composer in the band, so every song is my vision in one way or another. But in the end, I just come up with a bunch of riffs, go to rehearsals and say "hey, try to make something that fits with this". So, everyone gives their shot to the songwriting.

4. How pleased are you with this recording? What ways has been the best for you in order to promote the band and what do you do to reach as many interested as possible?

Like I said above, it's not a masterpiece. Actually far from it, and that's how it just has to go. It's our first-ever release, and I know it isn't worth shit in many other's eyes, and I understand that. But for me, it is the most important album in the world at the moment..Best ways of promotion for a beginner-band is to play killer gigs and go out to places where you can talk to people and promote yourself to people. Internet is so full of bands that it's impossible to get really known there - people may press "like"-buttons or listen to a song for 10 seconds in youtube, but nothing can replace the actual live contact. We do not do anything to reach as many people as possible - it's quality over quantity.

5. If you were forced to place your band on a scale of other black metal bands where would you end up?

I'm not sure if I got this one right, but I hope I did. On a scale, like who do we sound? Ask anyone, they scream "Enochian Crescent" before even hearing the music. Ask me, I say "Enochian Crescent, maybe" but that doesn't mean I would admit anything like being a copycat. Like mentioned in the question you set, I am "forced" to say this at the moment.

6. How tough is it to be a Finnish black metal band today? Do you feel that you get extra attention just because you are Finnish?

When promoting ourselves to abroads, it is helpful to be a Finn. And even though I said a lot of bad stuff about the finnish scene, I have to say I wouldn't change it to anything: when mainstream people think you're insane and the scenemakers think you're and idiot, it forces you to question the value of your work again and again. And if you can take the challenge and survive through questioning and self-doubt, you truly have something to live for. And I do.

7. All your songs are purely written in your native tongue. Do you think that there is a greater tolerance for music sung in other languages than English today? If so what do you feel has contributed to this?

All of our currently released songs are written in our native tongue. Of course some foreign people find it problematic, because the lyrics are such a huge part of black metal. But exactly for the same reason we will not change our ideals to success - finnish is the language we find the most suitable for uncovered self-expression.

8. Ok, now tell us about your live shows, how has been the most better one? how was your experience about playing together with MORBID ANGEL? You have a lot of chances to play metal gigs in your area?

You just made my day! That morbid angel thing was april fools, and you're the second interviewer who we managed to trick on. Maybe finnish sense of humor doesn't open for everyone...I'm an asshole, oh yes. But seriously talking, about the live shows: Until today, we have played quite "normal" shows mostly. Guys in basic clothes, nothing else on stage. This is because I wanted us to be ready to go to the next level: nothing is more pitiful but a band that looks better than it sounds. That's fucking Hollywood. Now we have showed ourselves that we can make a good show out of nothing, now we can take more elements onstage and scare the shit out of everyone by pure madness. It's not easy to get gigs in here, but we get them well enough because people know we are worth it to be taken on a gig. I'm still partly unhappy with the situation, when you see the same goddamn bands every goddamn week in the same goddamn places. I'm not naming any bands here, but I think every local person knows what I'm talking about..

9. Have you started to work on new material yet? How does it sound? Any major development since „Temppeli"?

We have new killer material done and more on the way. It sounds nothing like our first album, it is lightyears away from it. And everyone who has heard some of it, thinks the same way. Two new songs are actually uploaded in youtube, "Ihmisveistos" and "Tuhontuoja". They give some picture about the nature of our development, but not the full picture. Even more killer stuff is done.

10. How do you perceive the advances of technology and the internet changing the music industry in the future? Will the CD as a product become a fanatic’s item like the LP is nowadays? Will record labels become redundant? What effect will it have on festivals and tours?

I'm a young man and most of the time I've been into music, has been the era of internet. I think it's good that music is more available. I personally love CD format the most, because it's been there since my childhood. I don't download anything except for some demos and other stuff that bands want to be downloaded. CD will die for a while, but the physical formats will do their return one day. But first this digital era will purify the industry from all the shit, and it will take a long time. I don't give a shit if someone doesn't earn his millions anymore but have people ever thought that when records sell less, less records are done and less budget is given by companies for records to be done?
Bands who want to be professionals, have to do more tours and festivals and naturally that is away from the time they can use to composing and songwriting. But that means more gigs.

11. What makes a band special? How would you describe TUHONSIEMEN as a whole? Is there anything that makes the group different compared to most new and upcoming bands?

THIS is a good question that I am very glad you asked. Well, what makes us special? Is it the ability to work under huge self-caused pressure, the pressure that produces diamonds? Is it great guitar riffs? Bleaker lyrics than many of the others? The maniac-like urge that pushes me and us? The unparalleled bitterness and anger in me, that causes that urge? I'm not the right man to answer this question for behalf of the listener. If someone finds us worth listening, good for him. I can't help with that.

12. In your opinion, how much did the black metal scene change compared to the late '80-s/early '90-s?

I don't know shit about the scene back then..I only have heard of stuff. Now those people are grown men, expecting the same from us that what they can do now. And we will overcome them, if this generation just would learn to look inside instead of outside, into future instead of the past.

13. Alright, we’ve come to an end. Do you have any final thoughts? Thank you for your time…

Thank you for a great interview, man. You came up with some goddamn best questions I have ever answered. Time for final words.. Way too many crappy quotes or aphorisms to throw here. Just listen to the silence. 

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