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Date: 26th, March 2013
(Answers by Merlin Friedrich - Everything )


A 15-year-old boy is the mastermind behind TOXIC EVOLUTION, and he is the only member taking care of 
everything, he has recently recorded a demo called "The Soundtrack Of Demise" containing 5 tracks of 
pure Thrash metal, I am really proud to have interviewed the youngest metal musician in all my 25 
years of career as underground journalist. So you are seriously invited to check and listen this 
great potential!

1. Hails Merlin, how are you doing today?? I have just discovered TOXIC EVOLUTION as a band, so I would like to know something more about your formation and it is a sort of one-man band or are looking for stable line up/musicians?

Cheers my friend. TOXIC EVOLUTION is a thrash metal project from saxony (germany). It has been started in 2011 by me. Unfortunately I'm the only member of this project at the moment, but I hope to find the missing musicians very soon, because I want that TOXIC EVOLUTION will become a real band.

2. Since the first listening, judging for the songs included on your 5 track Demo, I can find thrash metal music, but not the usual way, but filled with full of variety and experimentation. Could you please tell us more about your compositions and the way you describe your own music?

For me personally it's pretty hard to judge my own music. But it's right - it's not thrash the usual way. I'm influenced by old school thrash bands like KREATOR, SODOM, EXODUS etc. as well as by crossover bands like D.R.I. or DR. LIVING DEAD and of course by classical Heavy Metal. Metalcore is a little influence for me too. All in all my musical spectrum is pretty huge. The result of all that is TOXIC EVOLUTION.
About my songwriting: I usually begin with writing the music itself. That means I just jam. Sometimes some usable riffs are the result. When a song is finished, I start writing the lyrics. But sometimes the lyrics are there first too. When I'm happy with all that, I start recording.

3. You are a very young guy, so I am sure you have not been able to tesitfy the golden old years of thrash metal music, however you mentioned them as inspiration. How did you got involved on that kind of metal music for the first time?

Yeah, I'm born to late, to say it in a short way.
In 2006 my mother and me started learning to play guitar. A good friend taught us. And someday he played "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica, which I liked very much. Then I got the black album and listened to it the whole day. I became a kind of Metallica-fanatic. Later I got into the "BIG 4" and even later into the so-called teutonic thrash. SODOM became my favourite band and they were an important reason that TOXIC EVOLUTION has been started.

4. What stands behind the TOXIC EVOLUTION bandname and songtitles ("Exclaim Anarchy", "Psychoterrorist" to mention someones)? Does this name in a way or another express the philosophy that the band is delivering?

The situation in this world is very miserable. That means people have to suffer, politicians are failing, church is failing, we're poisoning this planet etc. Everbody should know what I'm talking about. All that makes me really angry and I use TOXIC EVOLUTION to express my thoughts. I could never write about satanic stuff or something like that, because it's nonsense.
The bandname TOXIC EVOLUTION means that mankind turned into a toxic and destroying race.

5. All the songs included on your demo are real masterpieces! A very well accomplished work I think... Was it a lot of work to get this result? Are you satisfied with it? How's been the response to it?

Wow thanks - I appreciate your opinion very much.
Well, the songwriting itself was no real problem. But I had to record the demo two times, because I was not really happy with the first recording. But I think the second one is quite ok. So the demo came out about one year later. But better later, than never, right?
About the songs: As I said - It's very hard for me to judge my own music. But I think it's ok for a first musical output. I'm quite happy with the 5 tracks.
People were pretty satisfied too all in all, which made me very glad and thus TOXIC EVOLUTION will be continued of course.

6. What method of recordings are you using? Could you explain us the process?

The first thing I usually do, is producing the drums with the help of a program. I have to say, I'm playing the drums as well, but I have no possibility to record a drumset at the moment. Then I record the guitars and the bass. Afterwards I put on some guitarsolos. The last step is recording the vocals. When everthing is recorded, I mix the music and master it. I'm doing that all at home with the help of a computer and a sequencer software.

7. I guess you have in plans to release any record in a physical way, What music format do you prefer the most; vinyl, CD, or cassettes? Do you think it is really good to release one album in these three mentioned formats?

Of course I want to bring out some physical releases. I prefer CD's, but vinyls are great too - I just started collecting them as well. Tapes are something, I never really got in, because I think it has more disadvantages, than advantages, but everbody has to decide that by himself. What I will never do, is downloading music, because I want to hold a CD or whatever in my hand. That feeling - you know... If I have the possibility to buy an album, I just do that, instead of downloading it.
I would like to bring out some TOXIC EVOLUTION CD's and vinyls (maybe tapes) sometime - that would be great!
To release albums in these three formats is good of course 'cause everybody loves a different format. Maybe tapes are unnecessary - don't know. It's not easy to answer this question clearly.

8. what can you tell us about your personal life aside of musician aspect? how many years old? Some words about your family, your daily activities, girlfriend and hobbies...

I'm 15 years old and i'm in class 10 right now. My hometown is pretty small and you can't do so much here. After school I'm mostly out from home. I oftenly visit my friends EASY RIDERS (a really good rock band), which are from the same town and I like to go out with other friends. My friends are very important to me. I also have a girlfriend but we don't see us so much unfortunaley, because we're living in different towns. That's not always easy... I had to give up many hobbies like sports for music, but it's really worth it, because music is my life!

9. I assume you have been working in new material already, When is TOXIC EVOLUTION usually most active in writing material? Do things such as time of day, season, climate, enviroment etc have an effect on your writing? Or does it just come out no matter what?

A mixture of both. It really depends on how I feel and what's happening outside. But sometimes ideas are just flooding my mind without any reason.
But the basis is always, what's happening out there in this world - and that's my biggest influence.

10. Let´s talk about your vision on your own local scene and why do you think it is that Germany has produced so many extremely taented metal bands?

That's a very interesting and hard question. Here in my hometown, there are not many metal bands, which is a bit sad. But all in all, germany has tons of great metal groups. Bands like KREATOR or SODOM have been one of the first ones in their genre, which means a guarantee of succes (And they're still doing great music!). The so-called "Ruhrpott" has been a kind of centre of thrash metal. You can compare it to the bay area.
But I think you've got lots of great groups in each country, not only in germany. I just got into the greek thrash scene and I noticed, there are so many great bands, I didn't know before. Maybe the German metal scene is even a bit overrated in relation to other countries - don't know...

11. How would you characterize the development of your band during the 2 years of creation? What are your greatest ambitions?

I think, TOXIC EVOLUTION developed quite good, if you see, that it is only an one man project at the moment. There's already a little fanbase and that makes me really proud.
I hope, the band will be completed very soon, so that there will be some studio records and some live gigs. These are my only aims at the moment.
Let's see what the future will bring...

12. Do you know something about SouthAmerican scene, have you listened any thrash metal acts from here?

To be honest: not really so far. Of course I know bands like SEPULTURA or VIOLATOR, but i didn't check the scene there so intensively. Will do that soon. As I said: at the moment the greek thrash scene really catches me. It's simply great!

13. Do you have already any ideas about your coming release? Do you have enough songs for a complete full lenght? What about the cover concept and so?

I hope, it would be possible, to release it next year.
There are definitely enough songs - maybe even for two full-lenght. If I had a complete band, I would just start with recording.
About the artwork: I think the TOXIC EVOLUTION mascot, which is called "Toxicator" will definitely be included on the frontcover again, but i don't want to tell you too much. You will see.

14. Top 5 albums you´ve listening to lately?

That's difficult. But let's try it:

Dr. Living Dead! - Radioactive Intervention
Last Chance to Die - Suicide Party
Bio-Cancer - Ear Piercing Thrash
Kreator - Phantom Antichrist
Macbeth - Wiedergänger

15, Well man, we have definitlye come to the end, it was a pleassure to chat with you, amy last words would you like to add?

Thanks to all the people, who are supporting TOXIC EVOLUTION! I will give my best, not to disappoint you guys! Stay toxic!





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