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Realized at: 18th, January 2016

"As far as brutal being represented in my daily life I guess that falls directly into the music and the music only."

1. I cant find any information about your live appearances. Have you ever made a gig? Tell us about this whole matter please.

Aaron: We haven't gigged yet but we sure are planning to.
I aim to hit Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane at least once each in the next two years.
I've got a friend who's learning the tracks at the moment and will be filling in on bass live.
He'll also be recording guitars on the album along side me.
As for a drummer... whether we use a real drummer or a drum machine live honestly doesn't bother me. 

2. How do you see the character of energies you transfer through Torture Inc’s songs? Is it positive or negative, or neutral?

Aaron: Hmmmm.... For me personally? Positive, as I'm doing what I want to do with my life which is create and play my music.
If I go too long without writing or recording I tend to start getting REALLY fucking angry, REALLY fucking irritable and REALLY fucking depressed.
My music keeps me occupied and helps take my mind off of all the other hassles and bullshit in this life.

Eric: I don't really understand what is meant by the 'character of energies' that I transfer through songs. 
If it is referring to my approach within delivery from a vocal point of view, with Torture Inc that's very simple. 
My entire aim from the moment I heard the music Aaron presented me was to make the most brutal and disgusting vocals I could, 
whole complimenting the percussive grind element that Torture Inc brings. 
I just did my best to summon the most bile ejecting vocal sounds I could. 
Which from all perspectives is a positive thing. 
In fact I think Disney should follow suit.

3. So you play brutal death metal... But why "Brutal"? What does this word mean for you, and what does brutality represent in your daily lives?

Eric: Brutal? Of course. Why would it be anything else? 
I hate shit music that doesn't blast, I hate cunts that sing clean and recording studios are for sell outs (sarcasm) 
Seriously though, I just love my tunes heavy and the less fucking around before it gets brutal the better. 
As far as brutal being represented in my daily life I guess that falls directly into the music and the music only. 
I've got three little kids. I get spewed on, pissed and shit on and play princesses with the girls. I also own a coffee shop. 
My brutality is my music and my voice. That's the truth of it haha.

Aaron: This type of music just gives me the biggest kick. That's all there is to it I guess.

4. It’s been almost 2 months since the release of "The Witness Abduction Program"– you had to have been happy with the fans and media response to the album, especially for a self released effort?

Aaron: Yeah, the responses so far have been great, which makes me happy that our work is paying off.
My mixing jobs are far from amazing but I'm getting better at it with each recording and it's good to know there are some people out there who are just really into this type of music and don't care if it's made by a full blown band in a state of the art studio with a professional engineer or by one guy in a bedroom on a computer. 
The actual music is what should be focussed on, not some hyped up band of brown nosers that's only going places because they played the game and said "how high?" whenever they were told to jump or licked the shit from someone's ass.

5. What took you so long to come out with this album after 3 years of band´s foundation?

Aaron: I had trouble finding a singer who was not only dedicated to the project but could also pull off the type of vocals I required for this.
On top of that, I also needed someone who was capable of pulling it all off live if we were ever to take this onto a stage.
When Eric contacted me and I heard his vocals, I knew he was the right guy for the job.
None of the useless sacks of shit down here in Tasmania have ever had the backbone to get the job done so I look elsewhere for vocalists now.

6. Internet brought an overpopulation of extreme metal bands and recordings. Did this affect the quality of the scene?

Aaron: One thing it does affect are your chances of actually getting noticed, I know that much.
In this day and age where any schmoe with a few grand saved can set up a home studio and start making albums in his own living room, 
we are FLOODED every year with a torrent of releases from bands, side projects and solo artists in every subgenre.
There's new bands/recording projects popping up all the time from all over the planet, which is GREAT but it's so competitive now that it drives a lot of the gutless cowards and worthless cocksuckers in the live band scene to resorting to hundred dollar handshaking their way onto tours and all the decent local shows to make a name for themselves, backstabbing other bands and fucking people over to create opportunities they wouldn't normally get.
These are the twofaced fucks and bootlicking crawlers that stand around at shows really proud of themselves with their 'Give me respect 'cause I deserve it, man' attitude, claiming they've "worked hard" to get where they are and have been "asked" to play or have "earned" their places on the gigs they get.
Fuck off.
I'm looking forward to the day where I start seeing some of their names printed in the obituaries.

7. What’s your opinion about underground and death metal, underground or not, these days? In which aspects the scene got better and in which aspects did it get worse?

Eric: I try not to look into this stuff too much. 
Some of the best death metal bands I've ever heard were in venues with 30 people and blown front of house speakers (this happened when my first band opened for Ulcerate) and some of the bands I consider brilliant are labelled sell outs for having great production and marketing from a record label. 
I believe that great music shines through when you hear it, regardless of its heritage, label amongst elitists or push from record labels.

8. Could there be typically Australian metal influences in your sounds, and if so where would it locate?

Aaron: I would say no. Not in any of my writing.
I was mainly influenced by American and Dutch death metal. 

9. Could you tell us more about the metal scene in Tasmania? Is this a quite good state on a metal point of view, and were there good Death metal bands to check out in the past?

Holy fucking shit, don't even get me started on that bunch of pathetic asswipes.
The Tassie scene is predominantly made up of two gig a year nobodies who think they're somebodies because twenty three dumbfuck local yokels that stand around in the same pub every weekend recognise them when they walk through the door.
These are the types of 'in it for the kudos' lowlifes that start a band because they can score a few handshakes and slaps on the back from the rest of the scenesters,
hang out with 'the crew' partying every weekend, trying to live out some pseudo celebrity lifestyle and pick up those lame, drunk, coattail riding, social climbing bitches who buzz around bands at every gig like flies round a pile of shit.
For these cockroaches, getting music done is secondary to all that.
They're the types of people that kick around the same four blocks their whole lives, cowering from the big, wide world, get nowhere because of it and hate on someone else who actually has the guts to get out into the world on their own two feet and attempt live their dream.
The gigs around here are a fucking joke and there's NOTHING interesting or exciting at all about giving up your night off work to go see the same bands playing the same songs down the same club in front of the same crowd. 
Speaking of gigs, I haven't wasted the time of day pissing on a Tassie metal gig in four and a half years.
A lot of those little boys in that crowd did their best to fuck me around with their indirect, behind the back, twofaced bullshit so why would I ever want to waste my time and money supporting them?
For the record, there are a number of other people who stopped wasting their time and money on the local scene also for the same reasons I did and this makes me laugh, especially when these dickweed bands play and only get about 12 people through the door HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
There are a few bands here that I actually like and have respect for like Lady Crimson, Atra Vetosus and Mustang but that's about it.
As for most of the other guys I've met since I've been here, well, I'll put it this way- If I was walking down the road and saw one of them laying in a ditch with a broken back, covered in dog shit, groaning and dying of dehydration, 
I wouldn't even stop to piss in their fucking mouth.
Fuck those rat motherfuckers.

10. Tell us a bit about your multiple occupations playing in another bands besides Torture Inc. How so you attain to spend the right time for everything?

Eric: I have a lot of music responsibly on my plate. 
My life with my business and family comes first, music after that. 
Unfortunately Torture Inc. hasn't gotten the right amount of time from me in the past, but things change. 
My main band is a tech death band named Blade of Horus and I'm in three internet projects with Aaron which I consider a complete honour to be a part of and thoroughly enjoy my parts in all three projects. I don't get enough time for any of the projects but I get there eventually and have a killer time doing it.

Aaron: Between Torture Inc., Manic Demise, Festerous, Voidbringer, Infunerus and two other projects I don't have a great deal of time left to spend on anything else other than work and sleep. I am always coming up with riffs and ideas for these projects so I'm constantly slowly working away at them all.
When I decide it's time to record I just lock myself away and completely throw myself into it until it's done.

11. No more questions my friends. Just thanks for your time and good luck for your future plans. Closing is yours…

Eric: Thank you for your time and interest. It's an honour to discuss my parts within Torture Inc. and other music with you.

Aaron: Likewise. We have just released our second EP (Exterminating the wretched) on Bandcamp and we'll have more material on it's way soon enough and we really appreciate everyone that has taken the time to check out what we've released thus far and hit us up at the Facebook page with positive feedback.

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