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Date: 26th, March 2013
(Answers by Daniel Gustavsson - Guitars )


The first time I listened TORMENTION I got strongly attracted by their very solid way to play death Metal, and ofcourse they had to come from Sweden, then I wanted to know more about then so I contacted Daniel, and this is the result of our conversation. 

1. Hello Daniel, firstly inroduce yourself to the readers and tell us which have been the main achievements and downfalls during this 5 years of the the band`s existence ?

Hi! Okay, my name is Daniel, I'm the guitarrist and one of the founding members of Tormention. 
The achievements must be the release of our first full lenght album "Hunger for Flesh", and the tour we did in January 2012, supporting Demonical in Europe for about 1 ½ week. As for downfalls, since we come from a quite small town in south-east of Sweden, there has been kind of hard to find right members. I guess we did'nt have a singer for about a year , untill 2011, when we finally completed the line up with Joakim Mikiver. You can't really do anything without a singer, so it was kind of frustrating. We've also been thinking about to take in another guitar player for live shows, but yet we have'nt found any suitable for that positition.
Right now we're focusing at being the best as we can as a four piece, and I must say, I don't think it's really necessary to bring in an additional guitar player, it sounds fucking great as it is.

2. Some of the bandmembers comes from some previous well know acts such as DEMONICAL and CALIBER 666. So we can think on TORMENTION as a very talented band. Describe the music of Tormention to someone who has never heard it before.

Tormention is pure Swedish death metal in our own way. Consisting of hammering blastbeats, heavy crushing parts and a ton of groove. Some consider us as kind of old-school, but in a new way.

3. "Hunger For Flesh" is your very first release, I assume you don´t even recorded any demo in the past, It was due the lack of vocalist as you already mentioned, or there was any other factors involved?

We do have some old demo recordings that have'nt been shown to the world, we we'rent really satisfied with the result of them, eventhough there were just demo recordings. Probably lying in someone's basement hoping they will never se the dayligt. We actually recorded an EP with the current line-up in 2011, called "Soldier of the Dead" , containing 3 songs, all later on featured on our album Hunger for Flesh.

4. Speaking of your debut album, tell us something more about it, where it was recorded, mixed and mastered? Did the final product surpass your expectations?

We recorded the album at Blueflame Studios , located at the countryside of Uppsala , our studio engineer was the almighty Teddy Möller (Loch Vostok, F.K.Ü) whom also mixed the album. Lawrence Mackrory (Darkane, F.K.Ü) mastered the album and yes , we were very satisfied with the final result!

5. Tours are normally good occasions for getting drunk and retarded. Any fun stories, band fights, stage fuckups during your tour with DEMONICAL? How many shows did you played?

Well, there is'nt really any crazy stories from that tour, maybe it's because I was so drunk I don't remember any! Just small fuck ups that always occure when you're playing live, one big fuck up was that our singer Joakim almost lost his voice on the 4th and 5th day of the tour, he had a really soar throat since it was fucking freezing in the bus and all the smoking in the lounge effected his throat badly. But luckily he sorted that out with tea and mints and all that shit, and we were able to continue doing great gigs for the rest of that tour.

6. What`s your opinion about the current status of death metal. Do you think it is reaching new heights for each year that has passed now, are there any chance that today´s death metal bands can reach the same peak death metal had in the early 90´s?

I think the current status of Death Metal is quite good, there are great new bands popping up here and there, as far as the peak thing I don't really know, nothing is impossible though! But it's good to see more people are paying attention to Death Metal than worhless Deathcore and such things.

7. Let´s talk a bit about the frontcover of your album and the song titles, they are mainly based on zombies, death, and all kinds of bizarre matters. Do you have a sort of concept to explore through this album?

We had kind of a zombie concept for this album, all songs are not about zombies and such though, I guess that's what our singer enjoys the most to write about as far as I know for the lyrical themes. He is the one that is responsible for all the lyrics (except for Felching Pus).

8. Sweden's black metal scene is quite big and has a lot of many great bands. Do you think that the fact you are coming from there helps you in a way or is it bad because of the big circle of good bands?

I actually think that it helps us! Somehowe your kind of more attractive in the scene if you say that your a Death Metal band hailing from Sweden, of course if that's what the listener is looking for. We should really be, and we are really thankfull to the older dogs that they've put Sweden on the map as one of the greatest producers of extreme metal in the world!

9. So what makes a band specia in your opinionl? What is that vital ingredient that separates a good band from a great one?

Though question! I think what separates a good band from a great band is when someone dare to do something else, to try different stuff and stay 110 % dedicated to what they do and really belive in themselves! I'm really not a big fan of thoose who try to copy lets say their favourite band, they can be good ass hell but they will never be "great" and "unique" which I find kind of important when I look for new bands to listen to! But I think that it can get kind of bad if you're to "unique" , there is always a fine line between everything haha!

10. Back to "hunger For Flesh" again, What do you think that is most important criterion for you assessing the value of the album? Is it your personal feeling and knowledge about the album, the press, the response of the audience etc?

The personal feeling is definetly the most important, i mean the whole writing process and all that and the recording process, to share it with the whole band and then finally having the final product out, it's a long road to walk! Of course , it's great when you get great reception from the press, it's even greater when people around the globe writes to you that they love our music, but then again, it's a personal milestone. The first album, you're gonna drag it for the rest of your life, and everytime you listen to it it will take you back to those memories from that period of your life!

11. Do you think that old school Death and Black Metal can once become some sort of trend as well??? What do you think of trends in general? Do Death and Black Metal belong to the Underground???

Well there is kind of a old school death metal trend going on right now in Sweden I guess, kind of a new wave of old school swedish death metal, which I think is quite cool! I really don't like trends in general, they are set to die in matter of time. I definetly think Death and Black Metal should belong to the underground, that's my opinion of it, it should be dirty, violent and all that shit, not for a commercial cause.

12. Let´s talk about songwriting, how long will it take to complete a song? Is it possible to complete it all in an hour, or in day, or it might even took long periods of refining the lines, etc. How do you know or when can you say that the song is finished? Do each and everyone in the band contribute their ideas?

It always depends, sometimes you can shit out a song within an hour, sometimes you have to polish it for weeks, untill you're satisfied. I mainly record riffs at home and then put them together to a whole song, sometimes i face a wall were i can't do anything more with the song and takes the idea to the rehersal place and jam the stuff together with our drummer Ämir, and then complete the song. But everybody contributes to the songwriting part, I play the riffs in my style and Adam does his basslines in his style. We always seem to have ideas of changes untill the song is really recorded, we add the last pussle bites in the studios, but also after it's recorded we to some changes, with stops and stuff like that, for the live shows. Especielly I change some riffs so it's more suitable for one guitarist for live situations, in studio I always think two guitarists.

13. Let´s talk about your gigs, When metal heads come down to watch your performance, what are they liable to see? And what you generally expect from the crowd´s reaction?

An energetic and tight motherfucking death metal performance ! We always give 110 % live, trying to be the best as we can. Playing mostly in Sweden, the audience is kind of stiff, or at least for the first 2-3 couple of songs, but then they loose it. Would be great with more moshpits and headbanging though. The gigs we've done in Germany was great, really good energy in the audience!

14, How would you define Death metal itself? And if death metal would be a beer, what would be?

It's hard to define Death Metal, since there is so much of it, in different styles, but I think the real core of Death Metal is suppose to be brutal and dirty, and it should shake you and beat you while you listen to it. Though question, that's my best answer hehe! As for a beer, I'm not the biggest beer drinker, but I guess what you call "folk-bärs" is suitable for death metal, wich you can buy "på macken" when "systembolaget" is closed. Tastes like shit though, and has bad effect on you bladder.

15. Alright, we’ve come to an end. Do you have any final thoughts? Thank you for your time…

Well, it's been nice chatting with you and it's been an interesting interview! Some of thoose were real though question hehe, but we've had a great chat!
For all you Death Metal fans out there, don't hesitate to check out TORMENTION, get yourself a copy of our album HUNGER FOR FLESH and go band you fucking head! Stay tuned for more TORMENTION! HAILS!


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