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Realized at: 26th, September 2016

"I always thought black metal was all about the devil, satan , against Jesus Christ and Christianity so all the sub-genres like sdbm,nsbm...are silly to me, they make no sense, itīs like Christian Black Metal (...)"

1. After being participated in other previous musical projects, you finally decided to procreate Tomba Vuota. What was the driving force behind giving birth to this band?

Well i played in different bands with people that at the beginning showed interest and enthusiasm but after a while they began to show some lack of commitment. Others played death metal or black metal and then they thought hey let us change style and play stuff like Rob Zombie or Marilyn Manson, to cut the story short i wanted to go my own way without making any compromises and start from scratch.

2. Tell us about your evolution as a “musician” and what is your opinion on the underground nowadays than it was before?

A:Well i started in 1988/89 and like everyone we had our influences, we wanted to be like Slayer, i was Kerry King, my best friend Chris was Jeff Hanneman hahaha, the bands we listened a lot to were Slayer, Venom, Bathory, Sodom, Death, Candlemass, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel...and we were quite the only kids at that time into extreme metal and it was difficult to find like-minded people to form a band, most of the time we were just 2 guitar players. Through the years more people found pleasure in that sound  and began to play death metal and black metal.Today i still love my īīinfluencesīīī  but to me itīs important to create something new and not to be those influences, itīs important to have influences but itīs even more important to create or at least trying to create something new. You have younger bands nowadays who want to sound exactly like Arch Enemy or Amon Amarth or whatever and i really donīt care about those bands, i mean i really love Repulsion, early Morbid Angel, early Slayer ....but i donīt wanna sound like them, iīm not a cover band. I see myself as an artist trying to create music, a musician just plays music, doesnīt matter if itīs his music or just covers

The underground back then was a natural thing, i mean you had people who were into mainstream heavy-rock music and you had people like us who were into the more extreme sound, bands and those bands, metalheads and attitude didnīt fit in so the underground was an important thing .The underground was really important. Today i have the impression that itīs a forced thing, itīs a cool thing being underground youīre true and blabla especially in the black metal scene, it has become a trend

3. Tomba Vuota is delivering a mix of thrash, black and doom metal with a stunning old school feel – how did you end up playing that exact blend of metal?

Thanks i take it as a compliment. Well itīs a natural thing. I grew up with those styles and itīs still in me and will always be and with these elements i try to create something that i wanna listen to.

4. What would you say inspires your songwriting, as in topics or emotions?

A:That can be everything, from fragments of lyrics, a movie, a dream/nightmare, dirty sex .

5. Where did you record "DemoMMXVI" and how did you achieve the sound you did? Was it to your satisfaction? Would you do anything differently next time?

I recorded the guitars at my girlfriendīs living room surrounded by our 4 cats hahaha, drums and vocals in her attic, the bass and the mixing process in my room. And for the sound, i didnīt stear too much in the cauldron, if you know what i mean, i just tweaked what had to be tweaked and thatīs all

Yeah it was cool.I donīt know if i would do it differently next time, because it worked well that way.Maybe next time the difference will be in the songs, faster shorter a mix of Death/Grind/Thrash/Doom, i have a shelf full with old songs, ideas, riffs that are 10-15 even 20 years old

6. Iīve noticed you are mostly identified with bands such as Celtic Frost, Venom, Death, Paradise Lost..etc. How does this “old school spirit” emerge in your music?

I grew up with those bands and i donīt know, itīs in me but i try to do something different by keeping the old school spirit,be it the way i play, sound and attitude,, i mean bands like Death, Venom, Celtic Frost.... taught us how to play.

7. Do you think “old school” metal will eventually lose its relevance what with the ever-increasing crop of bands that are coming up playing modern metal music?

Good question i hope old school metal is here to stay. Look at such bands like Bring Me A Salad or Five Finger Gay Petting etc.... with a good management they are labelled as modern metal and the mall kids are buying it.But i have faith and as long as such bands like Sadistic Intent, Nocturnus AD, Druid Lord, Mortuary Drape, Satanīs Wrath, NunSlaughter .... are keeping the torche and the underground alive,  the old school metal wonīt disappear.But i must admit that i also enjoy bands such as Korn or DevilDriver, but these are the exceptions.

8. Regarding the black metal scene of today: its latest sub-genres being suicidal/depressive bm, war metal and black/noise, respectively. Do you hold any interest on those? Would you fear that the black metal scene as a whole,has been overtagged,or even overflooded with Trends?

I always thought black metal was all about the devil, satan , against Jesus Christ and Christianity so all the sub-genres like sdbm,nsbm...are silly to me, they make no sense, itīs like Christian Black Metal

War metal yeah bands like Blasphemy, Revenge, Conqueror .... make sense

Black metal was already present in the 80īs but the kids think itīs a norvegian invention from the 90īs. Sadly the attitude from bands like early Sodom, Venom, Mercyful Fate 1st Slayer, Bathory, Possessed... are gone, lost and forgotten. Black metal became fashionable like Metallica with their black Album.

Black metal has been overtagged and overflooded with trends and trendy kids. Bands and fans need a tag to label their music,True as Evil Black Metal, Anti-Symphonic Black Metal.... hahahaha,

9. If you were able to put one of your songs into a film, what song would you choose and what type of film or series would it go with?

Good question. Iīm into italian giallo, Fulci, Argento,Bava, gore,  Hammer Horror, Jess Franco. I would take the track The Beyond for the movie Re-Animator, during the scene with the head hahaha

10. What is the status of the underground metal scene in Luxembourg? Is it evolving or is it stagnant?

I didnīt know thereīs such a thing like a scene in Luxembourg hahaha, and even if i wouldnīt care a damn shit about. No seriously, the so-called scene is infested with rich kids who use metal music as an accessory to play it cool and the īīsceneīīas a playground for their mediocrity. They donīt know how to spell the word underground or the meaning of it. 

11. What are your experiences with promoting Tomba Vuota so far in today’s digital environment and the changing nature of the music industry?

Today you have more possibilities to promote yourself, your band/music than ever before, you donīt need a label nowadys.Itīs easier to reach people.

12. While listening to the album, I could get the feeling that the whole process was home-made. What is your point of view about avoiding to use all these technological resources as mostly bands are using to create a very "Plastic" sound?

Well, it was home-made.I wanted a sound as real as possible.Technological resources arenīt necessarly a bad thing, but the labels, media, fans, bands and producers, they all want a sound/production beyond perfection, and what i want is listening to a band not a machine.

``Plasticīīsound is for nerds and dorks.

13. What were the goals you had in mind when you started to record, any elements you definitely wanted to have on this demo?

Simply to create and record the music that i had in mind.Actually i wanted some keyboards on the demo, but i donīt have one hahaha, so maybe on the next record .

14. Have you ever considered enlisting members to handle the various instruments in order to perform live, and if not, why not?

I would like to perform live again, i always enjoyed playing live, the energy etc. but theīīmusiciansīīhere they think they can dictate you whatīs cool whatīs not,and at the end it wouldnīt be my band anymore. Donīt get me wrong if the musicians have the same ideas, the same background as i, theyīre welcome to help me with the songwriting, but they tend to turn the band to sound like their faves and i donīt have the time, the nerves and the patience to deal with these bastards, i donīt want to make any compromise anymore, i did a lot of compromises in the past. Before TOMBA VUOTA i had another band and the guy in the band thought he had to dress like a Hippie, imagine Possessed seven churches album with all 4  band members dressed as Hippies, you see the abomination. But if i manage to put a cool line-up together iīm the first one to play live again, would be cool to have a singer/ drummer, always loved that idea, iīm a huge fan of Mike Browning ( Nocturnus, After Death, Incubus,  Morbid Angelīs Abominations of Desolation Album)

15. I personally am not a great friend of humans. I think most people suck big time. What is wrong with mankind in your opinion?

I donīt know whatīs wrong with mankind .I blame it mostly on their Smartphones, without that shit theyīre lost, it dictates their life, wow too stupid to think for themselves. Iīm not a great friend of humans either, a bunch of stupid fools

16. Many thanks SD for your valuable time and your effort! I wish you only the best! The last words to our readers are of course yours!

A:Well thank you for the interview, for you interest and support for TOMBA VUOTA, i wish you also only the best for your Magazine and podcast

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