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Fecha/Date: 04.11.2011

1. Hello, first of all nice to meet you! Can you tell us more deeply about the first times when you decide to build THRONE OF MALEDICTION as a musical Entity? 

Eric: I always wanted to do music and be in a band. But did not get a full start until 2006 with Jessica. We formed Sonic Demise(later changed to Throne of Malediction). Throne of Malediction is basically my life. 

2. What are the most memorable memories would you extract from your early days? It was so difficult at the beginning? 

Eric: In some ways, we are still in the beginning. it has never been easy, making music on your own terms. People in our area(Montana, USA) are very unfamiliar with more black metal styled bands. We still don't fit in with the local scene, which has many deathcore styled bands. My fondest memories are the great shows we did have. We know, with a decent sized crowd, Throne of Malediction can hold its own as a band. 

3. Please let me know what is your own opinion about “Ceremonial Blood” and tell me what are your expectations with this new release? do you have worldwide distribution for it? 

Eric: I am pretty happy with the album, as a whole. It was a learning process and is a great start for us. I just hope we sell a few copies and gain new fans with "Ceremonial Blood". Victory By Fire Records handles all orders for our album. I have free downloads of some songs on our Reverbnation site. As for the next release, we hope to have better songs and maybe release on Misantrof Antirecords. 

Jessica: It was a long process making the first album. I was satisfied with the end result. As for the next album, I have higher expectations. We have been focusing much more on the songwriting and the overall sound. 

4. How are the band relation with your record-label? Are you satisfied with Victory By Fire Records? Why do you left your previous label companies? 

Eric: We have a pretty close relationship with our label. It is a small indie label based out of the Netherlands. They have been very fair to us and helped us out in a few ways. Victory By Fire is a good start for us. I hope to maybe get larger labels attention sometime, but not a top priority for us. Large labels have their pitfalls, so I have heard. We would rather get good touring offers or opening spots. We would just hire a lineup to make shows. We have thoughts of just releasing our next release free through Vrangsinn's(Carpathian Forest) Misantrof Anti-Records(if approved, of course). Our other label contacts are just temporay for the compilations we have been a part of. 

5. Have you ever considered taking in a few more members to make THRONE OF MALEDICTION a complete line-up? Perhaps permanent members wouldn't fit in too well as TOM is your own creation? 

Eric: We have had full, live lineups throughout the past. We plan on getting a full lineup going again when we get more personal matters taken care of first. In the past, we have used other members ideas. But mainly Jessica and I take care of all the songwriting. Throne of Malediction is basically our project. Has to be that way, too hard to depend on other people sometimes. On recordings, we have guest musicians(from bands like Carpathian Forest, Upon Shadows and Martriden to name a few). I handle drum programming on the new songs we are recording now. 

Jessica: We would take live members if offered a good tour spot. As a whole, making a band work is just as hard as trying to make a marriage work. 

6. What can you tell us about your personal life aside of musician aspect? how many years old? Some words about your family, your daily job and hobbies 

Eric: I am 33 years old and originally from Bakerfield, California. Jessica and I are married and have a son together. I also have another son too. Family and music are my two loves in life. I have been unemployed, except for music for a while now. The economy is so bad here, hard to find work. I like to read, write and draw in free time. 

Jessica: I am a couple years younger than Eric. I was born and raised here in Kalispell, Montana. Outside of music, my son is the light of my life. 

7. In regards to your recent album “Ceremonial Blood”, what have been the reaction from the crowd & scene so far? Are you completely satisfied with the production in all aspects? 

Eric: We have recieved a few good reviews and good words. But not a whole lot of fanfare or large press. With so many bands out now, it may take a while to catch on. It has only been released a few months, so will see. I also did not promote it as much as I wanted too. The newer songs we have released in the last few months are getting a way better response. So I know Throne of Malediction is heading in the right direction for the future. For the production, we are happy with it. As a learning experience, it is not perfect, but does the job. Dave Ephgrave from the UK (and the band Nierty) helped with drum programming and mixing. 

8. Musically the album is based on Black metal, but a variety of styles are also moulded into it like doom, death etc. Was it hard to make all these different parts work together as a unit? 

Eric: It was not hard at all. We just kind of play what comes naturally to us and what we feel. We never even set out to be in a particular genre. Just wanted to make doomy, evil sounding metal music. Just happens to be we have a lot of black metal, death and doom influences, so that probably comes through our sound. We have been told many times we have our own crazy sound, we set out to be original as we can. 

Jessica: When you listen to a wide variety of metal music. The outcome will ususally become a mishmash of genres. Hopefully, in the future we will pinpoint a specific sound that can take us to a new level. 

9. What are some of the ideas/concepts you wish people to have flow through their mind while listening to the art of Throne Of Malediction? 

Eric: We like literary and historical concepts in some songs. A lot of our songs are from personal experience and tragedies. Really a lot of personal lyrics, made more poetic. Some, about being driven crazy by life in general. We want listeners to get a "vibe" from our music. Not to imagine a few musicians jamming. Hopefully, our songs creat a soundscape and make one feel real emotion(no matter what it may be). A good songs lyrics should fit the mood of the music too. 

Jessica: Every song is different. We have a natural tendancie to write songs that are very emotional. I hope that listeners can take a part of that emotion with them. 

10. I can feel a strong heavy side and an obscure feeling in your music. Do you feel doomed and crushed by this existence? 

Eric: I have lived a very rough life so far, with not much luck in anything. I also carry a lot of anger, depression, hurt and resentments. I try to use music as an outlet for that. I do not like religion, government or poverty. I think that this existence is truly doomed. Makes me a misanthrop, of sorts. 

Jessica: The fact that we are a very unknown band makes life hard in a way. Fighting to rise above obscurity in music can be difficult and at times makes hope seem lost. But if there was no struggle in music and life, we would not have the sound we have. 

11. Talking about side projects, you also play in IRREVERANT SOUL, can you tell us a little more about this and how different is compared with Throne Of Malediction? 

Eric: Irreverant Soul was a little un-planned project with me and Jessica. Our old drummer quit the band and we still had a show scheduled for Throne of Maledicton. Jessica and I decided to just write a few songs to make the show. Except, she was on guitars and lead vocals and I on drums and vocals. We also recorded and released a few songs. I think it is a very raw and real project. We went all out, as far as getting primitive with our sound. I am happy with the result. 

Jessica: Irreverant Soul was mainly just for fun and we had no live members for Throne then. The main thing was that me and Eric kind of reversed roles in the band, so to say. 

12. You know the development in the metal scene - it's more and more splitting up into different genres and the fan bases are more and more getting in conflicts with each other. What is your opinion about this development? 

Eric: I think people should just listen to music they like, don't worry about genres. I listen to many types of music myself. I just suggest that the underground scene has way better talent and depth than most commercially accepted drivel. 

Jessica: Metal is metal, they can take it or leave it. 

13. OK man, I would like to thank you for your time and help, please add some words to the end of this interview. Any final messages for fans or people who might be interested in checking out your album? 

Eric: Thanks for the interview. Just know that Throne of Malediction is a real band, free from pretentious commerciality. To check us out, go to our Facebook and Reverbnation sites. We give away many free downloads and hope for people to share. Look for more new releases soon!!! Support The Underground!!! 

Jessica: Thanks to the fans we have made so far. We plan on creating incredible music for the future and plan to reach out and bring in more listeners to our music. Long live metal! 




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