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Realized at: 25th, August 2014
(Answers by Hanson Sick  - Guitars/backing Vocals)

"I think it was the mix of the different types, which made our sound the one it is………  There are death metal songs, or grindcore songs, hardcore songs or Rock´n´Roll mixed with crust/grind . I like the description “Grind´n´Roll” …. – just grind – but don´t forget to groove from time to time! ..."

1. You are almost sixteen years on the scene. I would like to turn back and remember one positive and one negative moment of your careers. Any difficulties you found in establishing yourselves in the German scene.

As a positive moment I would say, that our release show for “Life sucks like a leech” was headlined by Napalm Death! – This was a very special moment for all of us, to split stage with the Godfathers of Grindcore…… as a negative one, it was definitely the car crash of our drummer Christian! His arm was badly injured, and we thought, that he will not be able to play the drums again. As we started to play live in spring 1999, it was not that difficult, to establish the band into the scene by playing shows – at every show we played, we became 2-3 offers for the next shows…… the people liked our sound and the sick shows with much blood, the masks, and all this stuff…….

2. You seems to be very "passionated" about the word LEECH, not only present on your bandname but also in the album title of your latest two releases. Who came up with the band's name, the logo and everything? Does it have any deeper meaning for you?

Haha,…. - J ,… we had 4 names…. – so it was time to choose one of those. And all of us thought, that Sucking Leech would be the best – it has this grindy touch and sounds tough. So it was our choice…… And from this point the leech was our companion. Life gets faster and faster every day, - it sucks you out like a leech does….. J So we had it in the titles of the albums and also the songtitels….

3. You have been described as a Grindcore band, sometimes as Grind´n´roll and Crust too. However it´s easy to find a lot of classical death meal oriented sound into your songs. So can I ask what kind of influences have been the most important to you guys?

Puh,….. Christian was the more death metal listener,….. he liked the old Gorefest stuff. Thomas was the Rock´n´Roll guy and he is a big fan of Slipknot and Machine Head. Reinhard likes a lot of different sound styles – and Stephan and me were the guys, with a big Hardcore background like Integrity, Ringworm, Slapshot, Rykers and Sick of it All – but we also liked stuff like ABC Diablo or Assück. Of course we like death metal and nearly all of the grindcore stuff excluding the extreme porn- and goregrind. It nearly all sounds the same, and in my opinion this is only fucking bullshit. There are only a few good bands like DEAD, Haemorrhage or Dead Infection for example. I think it was the mix of the different types, which made our sound the one it is……… you also can hear that on the last release “Leech on your brainstem”…….. There are death metal songs like “Leech on your brainstem”, or grindcore songs like “Memento Mori”, hardcore songs like “Breaking Bad” or Rock´n´Roll mixed with crust/grind like “The Contract”. I like the description “Grind´n´Roll” …. – just grind – but don´t forget to groove from time to time!

4. Let´s talk about " Leech on Your Brainstem " How pleased are you with your latest recorded work? What kind of responses did you get from it?

First of all we´re really pleased with the sound! My buddy Lukas Haidinger did a fucking great job again at recording and mixing of the album. I work with him since 2008, where we both joined the Deathgrind Band “Gods of Emptiness”,….. afterwards we worked together in the Fungrind Projekt “Ultrawurscht” and now we have another project called “Genocide Generator” – completely insane Grindcore with Industrial parts in it….. He is a very hard working guy, that exactly knows, what to do. And the legend Dan Swanö did the mastering, which blowed up the album to the perfect point! We have only very good feedback from the fans and the reviews til now – so ,…. All fine!  

5. I was nicely surprised with the fact that Mr. Dan Swanö was the person behind the mastering on this 12 tracks. We are speaking heavy words here eh?? How was your experience about working with him and how is your relationship?

Well,…. I talked to the band at a rehearsal, where we should do the mastering………. One half liked the idea to do it by Andy Classen, the rest said Dan Swanö……. After a little discussion Dan was chosen. He is a very friendly, cool guy. He did a perfect and very fast job. But there is no real friendship – it was only a business relationship. But a very good one!

6. You have released almost one album per year, so I assume you have already one new record on your mind. Can you tell us some nice details about this in advance?

Yes……. The work on the next album is in full progress. Tomorrow the 7th song will be done. Only a few things so far: It will have 15 songs…… it will be very fast – more grindcore than the last albums had. So,……… be anxious J

7. How hard is it to release an album on your own and then spread it to the right channels? How much of a DIY scene is there still left around the world that can support you if you want to tour or release an album on your own?

Of course it is a lot of work, to do the complete work on our own………… but we love what we do, so there is no stress in the work. And there are friends/fans all around the world. So they help us to spread that shit into the people. Touring was not possible the last years. Nearly everybody of the band got married, built up houses and got children. And a few of us are busy in our jobs. Since last year December we got three offers for touring with Six Feet Under, Ressurection and Deicide. But this offers were expensive buy-on slots, so we decided not to do it. I think we will do a little 4 days tour in December. We talkin´about it……… And this will be with friends of us, so we will do the booking completely on our own. Then we are free to do what ever WE want, not what other bookers say………….

8. I believe that every band has their own way in composing music… so how do you proceed with a song-writing? What elements highly emphasized during the song-writing period? Do you need any certain atmosphere or environment to come up with a good idea?

Haha, - the first two albums and a few songs of the third, we wrote our songs together in the rehearsal room…….. A few beers, lots of fun, talking bullshit – that was all we needed.

Since 2012 I´m writing the new material by my own. And there are no special atmospheres or anything else, which I need, to write a song……  - it comes up at work, at sessions with friends, or in all other situations….. for example: I woke up at a Sunday morning at 5:30 after a big drinking party with some good friends…… and exactly at this moment, I had the riff of “Leech on your brainstem” in mind – I jumped out of bed immediately, and recorded the song. 10:00 a.m. the shit was done…….. My girlfriend only asked me, “What the hell are you doing in the middle of the fucking night??” Get your ass back into bed J  

9. How would you describe SUCKING LEECH live? Where does the band feels the best to you, in rehearsal, studio or live?! How do you figure out your live shows setlists?

I really like studio sessions, because there´s nothing better than do some recording days at Lukas studio. The whole day hard working, focused on the album, and afterwards we have hell of parties! And I like to see, how the album grows……. But I think we are a Liveband! To smash the songs into the crowd, while you can watch them nearly killing themselves in the moshpit is fucking awesome! The setlists depends on the shows…… We are going to support Japanische Kampfhörspiele this year 25th October in Vienna and one week later on 1st of November we will support Benighted – for tough shows like this, mostly fast and heavy songs will be chosen. When we play as a support of a Hardcore Band, the setlist will have more groovy and hardcore songs. It have to fit for the crowd, that they have a good time on the shows!

10. Tours are normally good occasions for getting drunk and retarded. Any fun stories, band fights, stage fuckups? I would particularly like to ask you about your feelings about sharing stage with the grind Spanish masters HAEMORRHAGE?

Sharing stage with the legends from HAEMORRHAGE was a very very special moment in our time as a band……….. – This is not to be formed in words, which feeling we had on this show! The only problem on this day was, that I was the promoter, and I had to do a lot of work, and playing in both support bands – so I was really done in the next day – but we had fun til 6:30 a.m. with Fernando and the guys. Since this show, called Chili con Carnage Festival, we have an ongoing friendship to the band – we splitted stage again this year and I was singing “I´m a pathologist” with them on Obscene Extreme Festival last year and on Walpurgis Metal days 2012…… Awesome bunch of people!!

We never had band fights, but we had lots of extreme parties after the shows and on the road. From 1999 to 2003, everybody knowed in which room Sucking Leech slept, because of the countless empty Jägermeister bottles on the floor. And of course, we had stage fuckups…….. Thomas was so fucking drunk at a show in Munich, that he was absolutely not able to play…… so Stephan took him down the stage and set him on a chair. We played the show, and during the whole setlist, he sat there and showed us his middlefinger hahah…….. And there are a lot of fun stories, but you know the rule: What happens on the road – stays on the road! J

11. Are you getting a sort of contribution from the vocalist Lugubrious for the next album?

No, I don´t think so. If he wants to – he´s welcome everytime. But there is nothing planned.

12. How do you perceive the advances of technology and the internet changing the music industry in the future? Will the CD as a product become a fanatic’s item like the LP is nowadays?

I don´t think so. Nothing is like vinyl – a CD will never have the character of vinyl. And I think, that vinyl will never die. I think it will be quite the contrary – vinyl will come up more and more again. The problem is, that a lot of music is stolen on the internet. The young people like to hear the sound of a band they like, but they don´t want to pay for it or they are not able to pay for it. So the only thing, how a band is able to survive, is touring, touring, touring. They earn money with playing gigs and selling shirts, not with selling CD´s. This could be a problem, because the tours will be more and more and the quote of tours, festivals and shows is already at a very high level. Don´t know where it leads to……. The sentence: It was better in the past is bullshit – I know,……. But I think it was………..

13. How would you describe SUCKING LEECH as a whole? What makes a band special? What is that vital ingredient that separates a good band from a great one?

Hahahah……….. Sucking Leech as a whole…………. ! Sucking Leech is relationship since 1998! It is a retarded relationship the most people will never have with their wives………. Until Tom got out two months ago, we were the same bunch of fucking rats since 16 years! No change in the line……….. Tom got out this year due to personal reasons – to much work, to less time to rehearse and to practice – but he got out very hardly in his feelings! – The band will go on-….. at the moment with 4 members! Christian, Reinhard and me are friends since we were fucking 12 years old. Stephan got to us in 1998…… Since this time we are very good friends – not only bandmates! A lot of bands are playing shows together because they have to – if it fits personally or not. We will keep the Grind´n´Roll going until we are not able to hold our fucking instruments………

This makes a band special – not to be created by a band-forming casting fuck, where the songs are written by others….. A band needs to stay for its friendship and for making music with passion – otherwise it´s like a lot of bands today being pushed by a label. They need to do what somebody tells them to do – and this will not hold for long……….  

And there are thousands of GREAT bands with no label………… but only the well known bands are GREAT for most of the scene! So – also a not well known band can be very GREAT and a really well known band can be shitty to the max – this is an endless circle………. If you don´t have the chance, to step in a big label, you will ever be an underground band - ….. and a lot of GREAT bands will never have this chance……

14. I always enjoy hearing what life is like outside of a band. What can you share with us about what your lives are like outside of the bands? Wives, kids, jobs, hobbies?

Well, Christian, Reinhard and Stephan have 2 kids and are married. I will get married next year…. No kids til now. Jobs……… - two guys are working in a quality management of a concern. The others as male nurse and wholesaler for an electric company. Hobbies: Reinhard: Playing computer games, barbecue and the band; me: going to sick shows (especially Obscene Extreme), doing shows as a promoter @ Club Bogaloo, partying and drinking like a fucking retarded, and my bands; Stephan: his family and the band, Christian: completely workaholic and the band.

15. Ok dudes, that’s all from me. I wish you all the best and I thank you warmly for the chance to speak with you. Any last words to the fucking maniacs out there???

Keep the hard stuff rollin´ all the time, enjoy every fucking day on this degenerated planet and: LIFE´S TOO SHORT TO BE SAD!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanx for the great interview and stay sick as you are! S*L*


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