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Realized at: 10th, April 2017

"Hypocrisy of the desert religions proclaiming they are all about love whilst murdering, stealing, degrading others who are not on their side. Their self proclaimed „god right” to tell what is right and what is wrong by their scum clergymen. (...)"


Let´s talk about your beginning, Did you have a ‘mission’ and goal ready when you first started out, or did the music and direction first take shape as you crafted songs and so forth? 

Our goal from the very beginning of the band was simple – we wanted to deliver relentless sonic destruction to the eardrums of the worthy, crushing on the path those who are too weak to comprehend the chaos and hatred we bring. As for the genre it is hard to classify, everyone who had a listen seem to have a different idea of what our music should be classified as but it is a good thing. For the sake of conversation let's say we are blackened death metal band. 

Now that your first demo was released, what are the plans for the band in the close future? Do you have any music related plans personally for the time to come?

The most important thing for us in the close future is to deliver our music to as many metal maniacs as we can by gigging and make material for our debut album. But apart from the fact that it is going to be released some day we can't give any details at the moment. 

What is important to you when crafting your music and songs? Explain to us how the recording process has been for you guys. 

Recording process didn't differ from the standard recording sessions done by many bands We started with recording drums, then came the guitars, bass and vocals in the end. Most of the guitar and bass parts were home recorded, vocals and drums were done in the recording studio at the Naazgul's (our ex-guitarist) university. He's done the mixing and mastering as well. 

Just how important is artistic appeal for you? Does aesthetics play a big role in your music? If Black and Death Metal doesn’t classify as art, then what is it? 

To me the art is something that evokes emotions, evokes something that you can't just go around indifferently, something that forces you to think about it and it is not easilly forgotten, it just stays with you and even becomes a part of you. Personally I think that both death metal and black metal or metal music in general are the means to express the ideas and emotions sonically as well as visually. The most true form of metal music is on stage where you can satiate your senses. During the performance musicians should stay true to the music they play so they need to behave and look accordingly and here comes the aesthetics. Of course you can go on stage in flip flops, hawaiian t-shirt, stand still all the show dropping jokes between songs and play the most evil music imaginable but the atmosphere is broken, it becomes a puny comedy show. It goes same way to the bands looking brutal and playing stupid love songs. In the aesthetics you need to keep the balance. 

The lyrics seems quite important for the band and your expression, how do you look upon the importance of the lyrics? 

Lyrics are the integral part of the music we create. As a vocalist I wouldn't feel comfortable on stage when I would have to scream meaningless phrases, I want to tell a story, express my hatred and dissapointment for human race, of what it has become. When performing on stage with Soulphernus I feel the energy flowing through me like a conduit and I want to pass it to the audience.  Some lyrics can be read and interpreted on more than one level but that is up for the listener to make his own interpretation, even though some lyrics seems to be straight forward. 

Also, how did the personal hatred towards religion come about? What are your personal spiritual beliefs? 

Hypocrisy of the desert religions proclaiming they are all about love whilst murdering, stealing, degrading others who are not on their side. Their self proclaimed „god right” to tell what is right and what is wrong by their scum clergymen. Those are just a few reasons why we hate religion and their defenders and we could just go on and on with the historical examples of how fucked up organised religion is but it has been all said by most of metal bands. As for our personal spiritual beliefs I think it is not necessary to talk about them, thing is not to impose it on the others. I (Plaga) can just say that one of the philosophies I am following in my life is hedonism  

How does religion and/or popular social views affect the composition of music? 

I don't know if I have read that somewhere on the Internet or some of my friend told me that in the conversation but I find it very true statement – „The stronger the religion is in the country, the more blasphemic, brutal and hateful the bands from this country are.”

Just look at the Poland, country from which me and Zoltar come from or Latin America's countries. I don't think that we would witness so many great underground bands such as Anima Damnata, Sarcofago, Azarath, Massemord etc. from these countries if not for the fact that they want to oppose or just piss off people living by catholic doctrine and following church. 

Now, I’d like to ask you on the process of composing your tunes. Describe us, if possible, your typical procedure when writing songs: What comes first, really? Music or lyrics? 

Normally someone will bring ready material, if it sounds good we are trying it out and make necessary changes, then goes the lyrics and vocal parts. The time we spend on the track depends on many factors but if we feel that it needs more time and it kicks ass we certainly will. 

Do you think black metal has a spirit, or a set of values to it? Where do you think these came from? Are there any historical antecedents? 

I think that black metal has a spirit and it is called freedom! And if we talk about total freedom we don't need any values whatsoever. I would even say that black metal was created in opposition the values which were followed by the majority of society at the moment of its creation. So to speak it is more about anti-values such as chaos and rebellion. 

What represent the fact of being on stage for you? Is it the best part for a musician?Can you recall one performance, which you just wish you could not forget? 

Performing on stage is the definitive way of experiencing our music. The cumulated energy we feel before we blast off is just undescribable. When we finally release it, it's like opening the final seal to the gates of hell, we are as one at that moment and this organism craves for more power. Some musicians just record stuff and don't gig, we respect that but for us gig is the ultimate goal of playing music. We want to share the hatred, destruction and filth with others, we want to infect them and make them feel like tearing the whole club apart.

We didn't play many gigs, as we are having problem with booking them having just a demo to offer so the best unforgettable gig is yet to come. I can say that at the moment our debut gig in Nottingham seems to be the one I won't forget for a long time! 

How hard is it to print a demo on your own and then spread it to the right channels? 

Basically if you have right ammount of money and time nothing is impossible. We had a luck to get Luciferium War Graphics to make our cover and digipack design as he did great job of transferring my ideas into the visual form, working with him was an honour and I could recommend him to anyone who would like to grab great cover. When we had material and cover it was time to send all of it to printing company and wait for those copies to arrive.

Our bassist OG then made a list of zines to send the demo for reviews. We put the demo on the bandcamp and youtube as well because novadays you can't promote your music otherwise.

I would like to thank Lorgar of Forneus for recommending Luciferium and for sending us link to the printing company. 

What are your feelings on this development of digital replacing physical? 

It has it's pros and cons like for the example recording in the studio back in the days when you had to be 100% ready for recording as they hit „record”, tape went spinning and there was this magic. Now you can record digitally bit by bit, do as many samples as you want and the „cut” and „paste” technique goes in motion which is easier. But is it better? The quality is different, that's for sure. We like oldschool sound when it's more organic, second thing is the distribution of CD's was the wheel of the whole industry! You had to seek for the records, you literally had to be involved and it was more gratifying when you finally bought it. You were attached to those CD's while now you just type in google name of the band and here it is in the matter of seconds. But on the other hand it gives us as an underground band means to promote our music on wider scale. The replacement is inevitable and it is not bad, it is just different and I know we are going to still buy CD's. 

If you were forced to place your band on a scale of other black/death metal bands where would you end up? 

Even if I were forced to I just couldn't do it as I have no idea. Listeners should be asked that question. I always found it hard to classify or make any comparisons to other bands so we won't answer this one. 

Well, I´ve got no more questions! What would you say to our readers in conclusion? 

To all metal maniacs out there! Support metal underground! Attend local gigs to spread chaos in moshpit, drink lots of booze, blaspheme and hail Satan!

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