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Realized at: 17th, January 2016

1. Since your inception in 2007, you has undergone significant line-up changes and another impasses. Tell us a bit about the early days of Sinmate and any difficulties you found in establishing your band.

The first idea of putting together a band takes us to the year 2007 when Teemu, Janne and Aatu had talked about it. Soon these guys were already playing together covers from Metallica, In Flames, Megadeth, Pantera and so on. Quite soon they found also Markus to join the band. Finding a singer was a bit more difficult job in a small town like Iisalmi so 2008 was nearly finished when Janne contacted Jani for an audition. The line-up was ready and everything was looking good. Until the beginning of 2009 when we lost our training place when water flowed there from a broken pipe nearly destroying our gear. And finding a new place to play was not an easy job too but luckily we had it before the end of the year. At that point we  were finally able to really start the band. Mainly we still played cover songs but also own songs started to see a light. And it was the way we wanted to go.

2. What is the main conclusion you have learned during these years about life and music being two inseparable things? 
Hard to say. Those are two things that are really inseparable. It would be very difficult to live without music and the life itself is a essential fuel for the music. For example when Aatu had to leave Sinmate and the future of the band seemed unclear it also affected strongly our lives outside Sinmate.
And of course our feelings were opposite to that when we found Ville to join Sinmate.

You have a newly released 3-song demo. Could you tell me something about the process of making these intense songs?  How challenging were these songs to play compared to those on past release?
To be honest we can’t actually see it as a process because those songs themselves were made during quite a long time. We just decided to pick those for the demo because they fit together so well. Perhaps the most important thing in making these songs was that we have grown as a band to this point so they just were born. Practically our way in making songs is that Janne or Ville compose at least the riffs, maybe a whole song, and then we start to play those together. Lyrics come last depending on the writers mood.

Playing these three songs was pretty easy although they are more technical when comparing to earlier stuff. That’s obviously because we had played them together a good while and even live a few times.

4. Let´s talk about the suggestive title "Atrocities MMXV", 
who came up with it and why? Does it have some special meaning?
Title is a result of a long chat together. We had recorded almost all the music and the cover art was nearly finished when we had to decide the title for good. Before that we had not put too much effort on the title and had just called it ”Demo 2015”. Since it would have looked a little lame we started to throw all kind of ideas and finally Janne took ”Atrocities” from the song ”Beauty of Atrocity”. Of course, that’s it. It just describes the whole demo very well. There is no other meaning for it.

5. You have been masterfully described the whole composing/recording process this way: "These times were full of observing the variety of madness, but we also were fascinated by the colorful forms of violence while strengthening the deep pagan consciousness". How did you transferred all these collection of emotions into the songs?
There are no words to describe it well enough. It’s just the flow you have to surrender to. Everything depends on the world around, all the good and bad things we see every day and how we process it. That process comes back as riffs, single tones and words. It’s all true and still everything is fictitious. Eventually every listener will interpret our songs in his/her own way so you must not over-process your feelings when making music.

6. How long time it took to record it and in what manner you wrote ideas for this material? What kind of composing is more congenial and inspirative for you?
If we count only somehow active time, it took maybe about a week. But for practical reasons that time was sliced into smaller pieces starting in August with drums and guitars. Last recordings were done in the end of November. So the whole job took about four months till the end of mixing. Maybe our answer to Q3 answers also the rest of this.

7. This is a question that I often ask simply because I’ve never ever been in that position. What is it like to release an album? What kind of emotions runs through you?
It feels good, of course. Before releasing a thing it feels a bit like just messing around but when you have a ready album in your hand you know that you’ve actually done something. It makes even a metalhead Finn smile briefly. But on the other hand there’s a big thing dimming the joy. When working underground there are no distribution channels ready for the album so it takes a lot of work to let people know about album. Hopefully some record label finds us some day and we can just watch how our albums are distributed while we just focus on the playing.

8. To become a musician in Finland where almost everybody plays some musical instrument and has three bands at least – it’s a challenge, or is it something you Finns are predisposed to at birth?
It’s a challenge obviously. Actually looking it here inside there are not so many people who actually play some instrument so finding other people around to start a band or just to play together is not necessarily easy. And if you want to be a musician that’s crucial if you’re not aiming for troubadour. And then there’s also how you define a musician. For example we have our jobs and studies outside the music so we think music is just our hobby, but very serious one.

9. You play thrash in a classic way. How much thought has gone into finding the right kind of sound and how much has been pure gut feeling?
Almost 100% pure gut feeling. We all have our own influences and backgrounds and Sinmate is just the sum of us. Actually we have never talked a word how we should sound in a big picture. There has never been a need for that.

”Carnival for Mankind” is some kind of example of that as it contains our first song ever and the latest one during that time. If those songs were put on a timeline it would show quite clearly the development we’ve gone through and how we’ve ended up here with ”Atrocities MMXV”. It’s so much more solid entity both musically and thematically.

10. What era of the thrash metal age do you feel has been the greatest?

Eighties. Because Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax and Testament. No other arguments needed.

11. What’s your opinion about underground these days? In which aspects the scene got better and in which aspects did it get worse?
At least in Finland underground means basically that you really have to struggle to get some gigs. It feels that there’s the biggest difference to earlier in the bad way. Most places seem to take bands only from the lists of agencies and so the bands which try to make it independently are just left out. When talking about underground bands the improvement is obvious in most cases. It’s more and more difficult to say if the band’s in underground or not when listening to it’s recordings for the first time. On the other hand there also pure shit because nowadays it’s so easy put everything online.

12. What are your short-term goals and plans for Sinmate in terms of hopeful exposure and touring?
We’ve talked a while about making a video for some of the songs on ”Atrocities” but we shall see. Of course we will send ”Atrocities” to some record labels, agencies and magazines and try to reach some visibility and gigs that way. And in the same time we’ll be making new songs now when we are already on the run.

13. Well, my friends, that´s all for now, thanks a lot for your co-operation. I hope you enjoy this interview.. Some words you like to add?

Thank you and everyone reading this! We Finns are often described as people of few words and we think there are exceptionally large amount of words above so this could be enough for now ;)


On behalf of Sinmate

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