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Date: 5th, May 2012
(Answers By Cecilia - Vocalist )
(This Interview was originally published at our printted version of THE PAIN FUCKTORY Magazine - Issue 1)


1. Greetings, and welcome to us here at The Pain Fucktory Magazine! Let´s start things off with the story about your past as metal musicians. How and when did you first get into this music?

Hi and thank you, it’s a pleasure being asked for an interview here! All of us Sinheresy have loved this kind of music even before we met, indeed in our adolescence years everyone played in different local metal bands. The band as you see it nowadays was founded by the guitarist Lorenzo and the bass player Davide, who already played together in a 80's cover band, but desired to try their hand at creating a musical project which suitted better their passion. They chose me as vocalist, I already sang in Lorenzo's power band, and we started writing our first original songs putting in them all our metal influences and tastes. Then the drummer Alex joined the band, quitting his former hard rock cover band, and after a few months Stefano joined us as vocalist, who already sang like me in Lorenzo’s power band. Their arrival defined more our sound hardening it, and permitted us to begin with the first live shows. After the realization of our first EP "The Spiders and the Butterfly", our line-up was finally completed on keyboards by Daniele, who had and still has another power band from Trieste.

2. After hearing your "The Spiders And the Butterfly" EP at the first view, I was strongly impressed with extreme similarities with bands such as NIGHT WISH, WITHIN TEMPTATION…etc. I am curious to know if that is intentional or a mere casualty?

I don’t understand if for you this is a complimentary comparison or a critical one. Anyway while we were writing the songs of the EP everyone of us contributed with his own influences and ideas which, I assure you, are very different one from the others and drift away quite a lot from the bands you mentioned… For example Stefano and I love System of a Down, Lorenzo e Daniele prefer prog-power bands such as Children of Bodom and Symphony X, Davide loves gothic bands, Alex… if the drum hammers it’s enough! XD Of course everyone of us appreciates Nightwish but we don’t feel our music so dependent from their style and if we recall them in some ways it is surely not intentional.

3. I would like to know more things about your debut EP. Tell us something about the main idea of the 5 tracks and the concept behind such title "The Spiders and the Butterfly". Where did you record it? And how has been the sales and feedback until now?

The five tracks are bounded one to each other but it was not a preconcerted idea. They all are related to experiences lived in first person which have deeply marked me and from which I take the inspiration to write the lyrics. In particular the song "The Spiders and the Butterfly" refers to a period in my life when I felt trapped in a "poisoning" mood provoked by the behavior of two people, one very close to me. The duality that appears in the lyric, hovering between the obsession for this relation and the desire to set free, seemed to us representative of our way to create music, dark and aggressive but in the same time melodic and refined. So we decided to give the same title to the whole EP. We recorded it at the Studio73 in Ravenna committing ourselves to Riccardo Pasini (already working with Extrema, Ephel Duath, BeerBong) and until now we received from every side of the world really excellent reviews, beyond all our expectations!

4. Let´s talk about your live experiences, What are the most memorable shows that you played? Any funny road stories to tell? What sort of good and bad experiences have you had on stage?

Surely one of the most memorable shows was last April, when we had the opportunity to perform before Seventh Wonder and to play for the first time in our city, Trieste. Despite some technical problems, it was exciting to play in front of a lot of people, friends but also true fans, who knew and sang our songs at the top of their voices! Then funny stories on the road… there’s never lack of them! We often met real characters during our concerts… For example one time in Ljubljana all the space under the stage was stolen by a girl and a man, for two hours uninterruptedly she lap-danced in front of us and he rolled on the floor air-guitaring and screaming all the songs with invented words! After the show we drink a couple of drops with them trying to communicate (and unbelievably with success XD) in a mix of Italian, Slovene, English and dialect "triestino".

About bad experiences I can only say that unfortunately in Italy we always had a lot of technical problems due to a lack of appropriate places for concerts and of qualified people to menage the events or use the equipment. All the other aspects of live experiences are only positive, from the warm audience participation which motivates us into giving our best, to the creation of a better ensemble between us every time more stronger.

5. I have seen you realized a impeccable videoclip for your song "Temptation Flame" and I feel a delightful flavor on it. What´s the main idea of this lyric? It is dealing with the "lustful" side of "Love" maybe?

You perfectly got it. Love has decidedly its lustful side… and that’s good! Things get complicated when this side survives at the end of a love story, and it gets even worse when this prevents the two lovers from living new relations. This is the kind of situation "Temptation Flame" speaks about. Falling always back one in the arms of the other, he ends up betraying another woman and she ends up despising herself, the insane relation between them and her failure to set free from this suffering condition. However, unlike the lyric, in the video we chose to give an end to the story… but I won’t spoiler it!

6. What are your spontaneous reaction when you hear the word love? Something beautiful or miserable...or what ? Is it one of the most difficult things to deal with in life ?

I can’t speak for my bandmates, but in me the word "love" provokes extremely contradictory sensations… love knows how to elevate you above the heights of happiness and to bring you down in the deepest abysses of desperation, I can say I have experienced a bit of ups and downs in my life. I loved and I was loved with complete devotion, and although losing this love was one of the greatest pains in my life I will be always grateful for I lived on my skin a feeling so total and pure.

7. On the EP you had a guest musician: like Laura Furlan (Violin). Could you tell us a bit about these girl and how did you get her to participate and why did you do it?

The idea to include a violinist in the EP was Davide’s. It was soon welcomed by everyone thanks to the expressiveness that this instrument could add to some songs. Laura is an old time friend of mine and several times we had the opportunity to play together. She has been the first person I thought to and due to her brilliant talent we didn’t waste time to call her. She gladly accepted to participate, learning all her pieces in just two days before the recording session!

8. The Piano and Keyboard parts are also some of the beautiful aspect of your music! What process do you use to achieve this very nice sound?

I take the little merit for having played the piano pieces in the EP, and as far as I am concerned there wasn’t a setpiece creation process but just the feeling of the music flowing without obstacles… I can’t describe it better. All the keyboards pieces instead were created by Davide, and I must admit that although we often discuss during rehearsals about what to insert, erase or change in the arrangements I’m always amazed by the quantity and quality of the ideas he can draw out of his mind and fit perfectly on the beautiful aggressive Lorenzo’s riffs!

9. What are your greatest ambitions as a musician from now on? What do you still want to achieve?

Conquering the world with our music, of course! =)

10. That’s all from me. I wish you all the best and I thank you warmly for the chance to speak with you. Any final words?

It’s me who has to thank you for giving us this space to speak a bit about us! We hope our music can carve out a little space too in your hearts, a kiss to all of those who will keep on supporting us! Stay metal! ;)



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