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Realized at: 26th, April 2015


- You are a relatively young band, however I suppose you have some previous musical journeys, when did you first hear metal and what did you like about it? What was the progress of your moving from out  enre, as first a fan and then a musician?

(Ricardo) The first time I heard a metal song I was 14. I was at a birthday party, my friends put on Metallica’s St Anger album and when Frantic started i said “Wow!”. It was a sensation I had felt only a few times but it was a couple of years later that i started listening to metal. My school life didn’t satisfy me, I  didn’t feel at ease to dress like the most of the people and listen to commercial music. So one day I borrowed Kill ‘Em All from a friend: it was instant love. The sound was so raw and violent with thight rithm and a powerful voice, such a genuine and spontaneous sound.

My first guitar fell into my hands when i was 17, It was bought for my sister by my parents but she definitively left it after a week. So I started playing it self-taught, and after a year I founded my first band. We played AC/DC, Guns’n Roses, Black Sabbath, their simplest songs. Then I moved into a Guns’n Roses tribute band and in another cover band, playing local gigs just to have fun.

When Andrea asked me if I was interested to join his project, it immediately appeared to me as a good opportunity.

A new genre for me, played by few bands, there can only be what I’m looking for: spontaneity and honesty in the songs composition.

- I love it when I can just by saying the band’s name feel the metal that they play. How important is it that the name is a sort of declaration of intent?

(Andrea) Yeah, I love it too and that’s why i came out with “Silverbones”. I think it’s a name that fits perfectly to our band, you can only say that we play fucking heavy metal from the old school. This is not a rule but for me it was important to find a name that sounded appropriate to the genre.

Anyway, with this name I also wanted to pay homage to two characters of Stevenson’s Trasure Island, those who have read the novel can easily guess who they are. 

- Tell us more about your personal affection for pirates, How did this interest for such matters started for you? Have you done some official studies about it?

(Andrea) None of us has done any official study about piracy, altough it had always been a special matter for me.

It was a world that I’ve dreamed about since i was a kid. I remember having tons of fun playing with lego ships, watching Peter Pan and stuff like that on tv. But only recently I started to read some good books and lot of material on the web about this huge social phenomenon called “piracy” cause I was curious to know something of it’s real story. And I found out the truth:

At the time, The oppression of church and autorities forced the seamen who didn’t want to let them steal their freedom and life to be pirates, to be outlaws.

If they wanted to live their way there was only one choice: embrace the jolly roger and be against the world. Sadly, Things have not changed this much up till today, In a certain way, metalheads are the pirates of this time, marginalized and always fighting for their freedom. Not to say that, when it comes to music, heavy metal and piracy sound very well together haha.  

- You have developed an aesthetic that is uniquely yours.. How much time and effort do you spend on the band to look that way?

(Andrea) As you might guess, it took lot of time and patience to have the aesthetic we display in our gigs. I designed and realized all the clothing because I wanted us to look a little like my idols Running Wild and Judas Priest. I simply love their look, for me denim, studs and leather are and will always be the symbol of true heavy metal. I’ve got to admit I really enjoy this kind of work, in the end it gives me much satisfaction.

- What is it about heavy metal that has made it survive for so long? What is it about metal that is so great?

(Marco) Heavy metal is a flame that burns inside us every day. It has this sense of freedom, of intense energy, of rebellion against the rules, that is really inspiring for every man I think. Everytime you listen to a heavy metal song you immediately feel an incredible amount of energy, of power, and you just want to hit and smash everything, isn’t it beautiful?

And you can feel that this is a true, honest and pure sentiment. So that’s why, in my opinion, metal did survive for so long and it’s still kicking ass nowadays!  

- Something I often wonder about is how much you as a band use your cultural history when it is as rich as the Italian for instance in both shaping your sound and your lyrical content?

(Marco) Of course it influences our thoughts and our behaviors but I don’t think that italian culture has a lot to deal with our music. Our lyrical content takes its most inspiration from the golden age of piracy and from other historical facts or fastasy tales. I can say it is the same with our sound, the most influences come from the 80’s true heavy metal and, of course, from legendary Running Wild, our biggest inspiration! So italian culture is very important for our sense of beauty and aesthetics but it doesn’t influence so much our music. 

- With no album out and only a demo i supposed must be hard to get any serious tours or gigs going. However I have seen you played a plenty amount of shows now and then. Do you have serious opportunities for live shows in Italy?

(Ricardo) In Italy people aren’t really into metal, they prefer mainstream music you can hear in the main radios, MTV songs with videos full of naked women and a guy who’s having fun; or they go in discotheques where the DJ “plays” music. With this situation is always harder to have serious gigs in our country: the owners of the locals prefer DJs instead of live music, just because it brings them more money. It’s all about money. I’m afraid I have to say this but in Italy the passion for our kind of music is dying. 

- Can we speak of a specific Italian heavy/speed metal sound, and what would that be?

(Marco) I don’t think Italians have a solid heavy/speed metal sound. There are of course Rhapsody of Fire, Labyrinth, Vision Divine and so on that form a strong and beautiful power metal movement, but when we talk about true, pure heavy/speed metal I think that there aren’t so many italians who keep this movement alive, maybe our friends Burning Black or Arthemis, but they’re more into the modern wave of heavy metal. 

- Pick a song from your demo " Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" that you feel to be the most interesting lyrically, musically or having a good story about it and tell me about it.

(Andrea) Well, the most interesting song of the demo is perhaps Queen Anne’s Revenge. At least regarding the story behind it: On the high sea the famous captain “Blackbeard” and his crew sighted the Scarborough. It was a powerful british man o’ war sent to destroy the Queen Anne’s Revenge, the vessel of EdwardTeach. With the speed of his ship, the pirate could escape the encounter but he was never known to shirk a fight. So the two vessels started a fierce battle that lasted for many hours where the pirates proved their superiority at last. The Scarborough left the battlegroung defeated and the victorious Queen Anne’s Revenge kept going it’s way.

This victory had hugely increased the notoriety of captain Teach but the very curious fact is that the event does not appear to have ever happened. It was an embarassing incident that had to be hidden to the admiralty in order to avoid the big consequences of this failure. But, as it seems, this alleged story came out somehow. 

- Let’s meet band on stage. Describe us a Silverbones, do you keep any special features for the fans to enjoy on stage (I have seen you use some nice paraphernalia and clothing)?

(Andrea) Silverbones on stage have tons of fun and energy, I think everyone who come to see us in action can feel it. Our gigs always start with the intro “Cry of Freedom” and end up with the song “Queen Anne’s Revenge”. I found it to be a perfect song of clousure and, if we are going to play on an open stage in summertime, we love to bring out our artisanal smoke cannons  to add more atmosphere. We do really care about giving a special show everytime we play live, for this reason we spend lot of time creating something that is uniquely ours. All the paraphernalia you see on our stage (attire, flags and banners, smoke cannons) are made by ourselves. 

- Have you started to work on new material yet? How does it sound? Any major development since your previous compositions?

(Andrea) Yes, of course. We keep working on “Wild Waves”, recording tracks in our homestudio, and also on new material for the next full legnt. What I can say is that you will hear something from Ricardo and Marco too. They’re developing a couple of tracks by their own and it all sounds great! So expect something a little bit different about the composition since the whole material up till now was made only by me.  

- OK, we have become to the end. If I have missed anything please feel free to addto this interview.

Sure, we want to thank you for this nice interview, and inform the readers that there will be some gigs around eastern europe this august. Keep an eye on it, there will be news! We also hope to make you hear the album soon.

Cheers from Italy! 

(Andrea Franceschi, Ricardo Galante, Marco Salvador)

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