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Realized at: 03rd, June 2015

" Music is our way to communicate and spread out our creativity and our emotions, so it’s always at the first place if possible!..."

1. You are almost 3 years on the scene. I would like to turn back and remember one positive and one negative moment of your careers.

In three years anything can happen, and of course we’ve had both positive and negative experiences. Unfortunately, we had a line-up changing because some of us began to lose interest in playing music, and this damaged our creativity and inspiration for some time. On the other hand, in spite of this inconvenient, we managed to rise again and now our aim is to write more and more songs, although we are still looking for a new drummer.

2. In which ways other music styles such as doom, progressive, Alternative inspires you most profoundly?

We all ended up playing music in a garage and since the very beginning we haven’t concentrated on a particular metal genre. Nowadays, identifying a band with a specific genre or style is a little reductive because every musician has his own feelings and his own way to write music. In fact, the appellative “thrash/doom” is used by our fans and friends, or in general the majority of the people who listen to us. Everyone in the band is inspired by very different kinds of music, from classical music to sludge metal, but also blues, folk music and so on. Without any doubts, bands like Black Sabbath and Pantera where those which inspired us the most. So we actually play whatever we want to without caring too much if it is doom, thrash or something else.

3. Your music sounds complex, so I guess it took quite some time to build everything! Tell us more about it! And who is the main composer in the band?

You’re right. Creativity is a permanent feature in the band in order to come up with new ideas all the time. Music is a strong passion, we feel the continuous need to write something new, original and full of deep expressivity. During these 3 years, we have always been writing original songs, but the attention to details has taken us a lot of time. Even when everything seems complete we still feel that something is missing. It’s such a fuckin’ curse my friend. The main composer of our riffs is also the main guitarist of the band, Renny. Anyways, we all work very hard. One of the most important thing you should know about us is that we are all self-taught. Every time we write a song, we learn something new and it’s an excuse to better define our own style.

4. Do you think SILENT MORIAH is a good live band? What do your gigs consist of, and are some cover-songs played in front of the beheaded audience (I have particularly seen a video with you playing a SLAYER song)?

We sure hope so! We cannot completely answer this question. When you’ll come to one of our gigs, you can answer yourself! Playing at gigs is probably the thing we like the most. Communicating with people through music is awesome. We always try to involve fans. There’s no better thing to see people headbanging and moshing to your heavy stuff! Two years ago we played Slayer’s “Season In The Abyss” because of Jeff Hanneman’s death, that was (and still is) a great figure and a strong personality in the whole Metal scene. Usually at ours gigs we put a lot of beers on the stage, so that the audience has one more reason to come closer.

5. What are the good thrash metal bands in Italy, according to your own morbid tastes? Would you make a difference between the Italian old school thrash and current crop of bands?

Oh, this question is difficult! In Italy there are a lot of talented musicians and artists, especially in the underground scene. But italian people don't seem to be interested in heavy/extreme music and this aspect differentiates us from other European countries such as Germany or Sweden. It’s also difficult to find spaces for organizing gigs. Except for this “little” problem there are a lot of badass heavy bands in Italy. Some of the most famous are “Death SS” and “Extrema”. Than we listen, among others, to “Infernal poetry”, “Destrage”, “Skanners” all valid and inspiring bands in the italian metal scene. For what concern our city, we have played at the same gigs with “Gawither” and “Bullet-Proof”. They are all friends of us. For this kind of music in Italy, whatever is it thrash or an other style of metal, everything evolves with a sort of delay in comparison to the rest of the world. Always for the same reason: the underground scene is underrated and less funded. About the differences between the old school and the current metal music in Italy, it’s difficult to say something. We see that a lot of young metal bands, are deeply attracted by modern genres of metal like Metalcore, Post-Hardcore, and stuff like that. It’s interesting, we are very open minded, we don’t judge this modern way of playing metal. Although sometimes seems to be a trend.

6. The metal bands often have a few slogans to motivate themselves in special moments, such as before gigs or during rehearsals... So, what are yours?

Oh shit. We never thought about a slogan (laugh). But it’s a good idea! We just fool around before the show acting like idiots. Sometimes we shout to each other “Kick Ass, you motherfucker!”. So we guess this is a sort of slogan.

7. What era of the thrash metal age do you feel has been the greatest?

We think it’s difficult to talk about every thrash era individually, of course the genre has morphed through the years but it’s under continous evolution. Anything we like today couldn’t possibly exist without whatever we once liked, therefore it’s difficult to establish wich one is the best age of metal. If we were to speak for ourself we’d say that maybe the most fertile moment was the one of the passage from the 80’s to the 90’s. Music from those years maintains the most aggressive qualities of the “original” thrash, but those qualities get sharpened by the heavyness of groove and hardcore. Just try to install the engine of a Harley Davidson into a chainsaw, and you’ll get Slayer’s “Season In The Abyss”, Pantera’s “Cowboys From Hell” and Anthrax’ “Persistence of Time”!

8. You have just released one demo so far. Do you work on new material relentlessly or do you take your time while preparing a new recording?

Well, we are always working on new songs. After the line-up changing, we took our time to find a new second guitarist and at the same time, we recorded a Music-Video for our first single “Black Sun”, we think it will be released this summer. We have written a lot of songs and riffs, but we don’t have too much money to record them in a professional studio and sometimes university and searching for a job delays everything. But we have 4/5 songs ready to be recorded for an EP, and this will be released this september. So there are big news to come, my friend!

9. In your opinion, how much did the thrash metal scene change compared to the late '80-s/early '90-s?

As we said before, thrash changed a lot during that period. It was a crucial moment in which bands had to choose between two possibilities; embrace the innovations or continue as they did before. The result was, in our opinion, that those who decided to continue on the same path of the 80’s created good albums, but not good enough to compete with the last decade, while those who decided to create something new, good or bad, paved the way for a more aggressive thrash, more shrieking and more violent that, in one way or another, influences almost the entire thrash scene of today.

10. What are some of your interests, occupations and hobbies outside of composing sick music?

Good question! You know, as said before, music is our way to communicate and spread out our creativity and our emotions, so it’s always at the first place if possible! But yes, we have also other interests. We like to watch sick movies when we don’t play sick music. B movies, splatter ones and shit like that. The second guitarist likes to fish, the main guitarist studies plants, the bass player studies art and the singer is an electrician. Every one of us seems normal before you meet us.

11. No more questions my friend. Just thanks for your time and good luck for your future plans. Closing is yours…

Oh yeah! Thank you too man! It’s been a pleasure!
We have a YouTube channel and a Facebook page, your support means everything for us! 
Stay fucking heavy guys!

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