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Date: 12th, May 2013
(Answers By Adar - Vocalist /Guitarrist)
(This Interview was originally published at our printted version of THE PAIN FUCKTORY Magazine - Issue 1)


1. Since your inception in 2003, you`ve gone on to become one of Russia`s most talented black metal acts in my opinion. Tell us a bit about the early days of SHTURM and any difficulties you found in establishing yourselves in the Russian scene.

Hi! My name is Adar. I’m guitarist and vocalist of Shturm. When I and bassist Sinner first gathered Shturm we were 17-18 years old, and we were students. We gathered to play black metal that’s why our first demo “Shape of Chaos” was made that way. In those days we just were eager to play more true and fast, we were against Christianity and all the established dogmas. A bit later we found a drummer and recorded the album “Fresh Christian Meat”, the style of which was true black metal with the elements of thrash. Soon guitarist Omuth joined us, and then came the next album “Kalahia”, fast and technical black-and-death with a great amount of ethnical and oriental motives. Then drummer
Petreno and bassist Asur joined the band. “Kalahia” was released by one of the hugest Russian labels “Fono Ltd” in the year 2009. Now we’ve just released the new album “Karmaruna” on the Darknagar Records label. Now there are three members in our band – me, Omuth and drummer Petreno.
Recently our bassist Caine left the band. We are grateful to him for his participation in our band. So to cut it short this is our band’s biography. As for the difficulties of the Russian metal stage there are a lot of them. When we just started it was too difficult for us to find a good drummer, but almost all the metal bands in Russia face this problem, not just we. No any good clubs in which we could play, no good instruments. Of course in St. Petersburg and Moscow the situation was better but in such regions as
Krasnodar as well as in many other regions it was all the same. Now everything has changed – there are good clubs and halls, there are many good bands, but it’s not easy now to gather people for the concert as it was before. That’s it.

2. I am very curious about the fact you are not using corpse paint anymore and even your logo was changed since your latest album “Karmaruna”. What´s the main reason for that?

Everything just went itself and itself. In those times we performed live too much and there was almost no place in club to make corpse-paint, then we rejected white color and started to use only black paint, but then it became no longer interesting for us to do it at all. We wanted to look more natural on the stage that’s why perhaps we’ve changed our logo. This logo is more legible than the previous one and it didn’t belong to us. We didn’t have rights for it. We’ve decided to change it and it was a right step. The new logo looks not worse!

3. Let´s talk about your latest opus. What stands behind the “Karmaruna” title name? Is there any special meaning behind it? Who has the idea to use that kind of “simplistic” frontcover artwork? Does this both matters a way or another express the music/concept that the band is

I knew that you would ask me. After we recorded “Kalahia” we had some new ideas for the next album. We wanted to call it “Karma”. Later we got more and more ideas and we decided to make a double album. And then I the idea struck me: “Why not to call the first part of the album “Karma” and the
second part – “Runa”? We all liked that idea and started working but soon we realized that it would be to expensive for us technically and materially to release the double album. That’s why we decided to record one CD and to give it one title: “Karmaruna”. Moreover we were used to that title, we liked it very much. It happened so that “Karmaruna” was the last song to be composed for this album. When we started to think over the meaning of these words we realized that this meaning is great. “Karma” is
the law of reason and consequence, and runa (in our own interpretation) is the sign, symbol and seal. Karmaruna is the sign of destiny which anyone in this world leaves after them. In other words, Karmaruna is life itself because the way the world appears before our eyes is the consequence of
our previous acts, if we investigate this question from the law-consequence point of view. The simplicity of the front-cover is also chosen not by accident. It reflects the coast of the great Russian river Volga, in the sand of which you can see the appearing word “Karmaruna” and the tide wave. And on the back-cover there’s no tide anymore and the word disappeared. Everything like in life – the
moment is lasting right now and nothing else. Millions of people race after the past or the future, they wait for something and don’t appreciate what they have now. But it’s not the reason for fatalism, this is the nature of life, everything changes. You have to live now and not to delay your life for tomorrow, you don’t have to dig your memories because they can just cause the illusion of sufferings and
happiness, but still these illusions substitute the real life of many people. 

4. Are there any certain religious or philosophical beliefs within the band? What are your attitudes towards fans that like your music but do not have your ideals?

Of course, it’s impossible not to have it! As you’re growing older you start thinking about life more and more, you think about the sense of life and the way of living. And the wish to protest against society and religion lessens, but yet I can’t say that we’ve become loyal to these things, I would just say that there are things that seem to be more important for us. In our new CD we sing about life, sufferings and ways to sustain it, about love, life, loneliness, about some of our own concerns. These are our beliefs and the Buddhism philosophy which reflects in our texts is also congenial with us. The attitude towards
all our fans is the same. We don’t care about the sustainable life position of our listener or whether they
have some serious beliefs, the main thing is that they like our music! We are different people, but we all are united by music, I and a bunch of my friends wake up with music every day. Isn’t it an ideal? I think it is! And there are some people who just visit the concert to have fun and rest! Maybe they don’t try to understand our music and our songs but I love to see them knocking themselves out before the stage during our performances.

5. Russia isn`t exactly the top of the crop in the metal world. Do you find it difficult playing black metal in a country with no established scene?

No, the stage in Russia is now well-developed, many famous bands come to our country, many club and open-air fests are held, the only complicity is the distance between cities. And if in the European part of our vast country the distance between millionaire cities is 200-300 km so then on the territory of Ural and Siberia the distance is about 500-600 km. That’s why you spend so much time on the road and it is so exhausting! These are all the difficulties.

6. While playing undisputable kind of black death metal, you have an extremely original sound. How do you manage implementing so many fresh dynamics into your music?

The non-usual sound of our music is caused by the great devotion to the different styles of metal music. Along with death and black we use elements of thrash, heavy, and some listeners even notice progressive, also you can hear some  oriental motives – all this variety makes our music so specific. And as for the sound of our CD, we’ve got what’ve been after: it sounds powerful, greasy and still remains
cold; it’s kinda black-heavy metal sound. We’ve been experimenting with microphones and amplifiers for a long time to find it. But the game was worth the candle! We all like the sound of our album very much!

7. What do you think about religion in general? Do you think it is still strong and important in our society? How do you think can one weaken or even destroy the Church’s influence? Have you ever had any negative experience with christians???

I think that for most people on the Earth religion still remains very important. And there’s no surprise in it, because each person has these dogmas knocked into their head from the first days of life. In the past my attitude towards religion was too radical and it was reflected in the earlier music of Shturm, in the title of the first CD. Now I’m not interested in it, I know what religion is, what it was invented for and why it is supported too actively now. Something should unite people, each person should believe in something, and if somebody has lack of cleverness to understand and think over the imposed
religion it’s better for them to believe in anything than in nothing. A person who believes neither in God nor in Devil is more dangerous than any ardent and devoted Christian. I think it’s almost impossible to weaken or destroy the Church’s influence. Church is the policy, the tool of rule, and that is why it is impossible to do anything with it. As I’ve already mentioned above, many people just don’t have anything to believe in. I didn’t have any negative experiences with Christians, because Christians are Christians and there’s no any threat in them. If they like it I don’t mind them believe in anything
they want, even in Mikki-Mouse.

8. You are currently being featured on the sampler CD from THE PAIN FUCKTORY MAGAZINE as well being interviewed on this pages. How you feel about this?? Otherwise, do you like reading fanzines? Do you prefer the paper or rather the webzines?

Oh, it’s a tough opportunity to talk to you on the pages of “PAIN FUCKTORY MAGAZINE”! I didn’t like to read webzines so much in the past, and the printed magazines were widespread. They were more convenient because you could read them at home or on the road. But with the development of the Internet and Technology everything has changed. Now it is more convenient to download a web-page from the phone and read about any band, to watch it and to listen to it. That’s why the future belongs to webzines and only big metal magazines will be published and printed.

9. To end of this interview, might you have anything else that you'd like to mention to the readers of this magazine?

I would like to thank the editorial group of “PAIN FUCKTORY MAGAZINE” for the interesting questions and the opportunity to be heard in Peru. One day we’re gonna come to you and play few concerts in the South America. It’s too far from us and too exciting! Listen to Shturm, follow our news, it’s gonna be more and more haunting in the future! In summer we plan to release EP, new video and of course a bit later – the new album! 

Heavy to everyone!

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