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Realized at: 03rd, March 2015
(Answers by Johan bertmar - Guitars)

"We are more thrash/groove oriented, with a death metal singer. And unfortunately that has not sold that hard here at home. Doing great outside of Sweden tho, so we're all good."

1. If you look back at the band from the time you started to where you are at now how would you like to describe that journey?

Well if you look at most bands, you probably start off playing some covers with your friends, and eventually after sucking major ass for a while, you start to find som riffs of your own and end up "writing your own music".

For us, we just started writing our own stuff right away. And after sucking major ass for a while, things started to sound the way we wanted it too.

I'm not even sure we even had instruments when we got started.. We could not play anything thats for damn sure !

When I look back at our now soon to be 10 year career, I have mixed emotions.
All the fallouts, arguments and shattered friendships that comes with the creative process with being in a serious band is not that fun when you look back at it.
But also a love for the music that have been so strong that we are still here, and still pretty fucking relevant if you ask me. We have nothing much to brag about, but the shit we've gone through together as brothers in arms will always mean so much more then any recognition from people, labels, other bands etc.

Its been a rough road for sure, but amazing at the same time.
Music man, what can I say ? When it grabs a hold of you, it just wont let you go.

2. What´s the main reason you had nothing released but until 2014 when you put your first debut album on the streets?

Well ShrednekK has always had problems with members. Its always something going on with us. We write music like crazy, and we always wants to sharpen our tools as much as possible, which means alot of hours in the rehearsal space, and even more hours practicing at home. Which is exactly what you're supposed to be doing if you wanna call yourself a professional musician, or have the wish to do so at least. My opinion.
And not everyone agrees with that. And truth to be told, ShrednekK has proven to be a bit too much for most people to handle. If you wanna have, or already have a bunch of other stuff going on in your life, this band will for sure fuck that up hahaha.
And with that being said, making shit done other than just regular practice and writing songs has been quite hard.

3. What are you most proud of achieving as a band, and have there been any defining moments that stand out in your memories?

Well I would have to say that our album, The Suicide Tribe has been the highpoint so far.
It was so much stuff going on, people in and out of the band, big fights, and basically everything going to the shitter, and during all this we're suppose to make a fucking album. And we did ! Its way more messy and chaotic than it was suppose to be, but I think we've managed to capture our emotions pretty darn good on the album anyway. Its dark, moody, and aggressive. Which are feelings I think everybody involved in shrednekk during that time can relate too.

4. You have recently unleashed an EP with 3 new songs and one cover, Could you please tell us more in detail about the realization of this recording?

Well the thing with shrednekk is that we got material to fill around 4 albums, we write an insanely amount of songs and a steady basis! And we had nothing better to do during this point in time, and we got access to a pretty cool studio somewhat 300kilometres outside of our hometown Östersund for free. So we actually recorded the whole thing ourselves just over a weekend. So it was more just for fun than anything else I guess.

5. Talking about the cover included on this Ep, why reason you choose WARRANT? Would you consider to them one of your strongest inspirations?

Hahaha no not at all. We just wanted to mess around with something different, see how our way of playing would melt in that style of music. I think it was as simple as it came on the radio and one of us said "hahaha we should cover this !" and we just sorta did. No one actually even learned the fucking song, Erik recorded the drums while listening to the actual track, and I recorded all the guitars and the bass drunk as a skunk, reading tabs of the internet on the go !

Well when I think about it I remember Marcus actually taking it kinda serious tho, he knew the lyrics like the back of his hands and had all these ideas and stuff for it, so I cant really speak for him ! I guess he's a huge Warrant fan now haha.

6. You are from Sweden, which is known for its Death Metal. Do you find it hard to get recognition as a Swedish Death Metal band? Does that affect anything with your fanbase? Or does it just make it larger? And what is your opinion on the Swedish Metal scene?

Thats a solid question. 
Sweden has not been that gentle to us actually. I think metal overall has gone a bit too mainstream in sweden, and people like to stay with what they know.
If youre more of a traditional death metal band, there's more options for you I would say, easy to get gigs etc. But also harder to really stand out from the rest of the pack.

We are more thrash/groove oriented, with a death metal singer. And unfortunately that has not sold that hard here at home. Doing great outside of Sweden tho, so we're all good.

But the swedish metal scene really is fucking awesome, I must say. Tons and tons of great bands.  Just a bit too many, in my opinion. It gets watered out.

7. What do you think about the current Metal scene worldwide. Which are the bands you have the biggest respect for? Which are the most outstanding and influential ones these days?

Well the core of shrednekk is the fact that me and Robin Andersson who started this band are both huge fans of Metallica and Pantera, since childhood. A TONS of other bands come with that of course, but at least I would not have started playing music at all if it wasnt for Metallica. I found the love of my life thanks to those guys - Music.

So yeah, THE most infuential band for Shrednekk is Metallica. And some of our past members HAAAATE Metallica so that doesnt really say that much, but those guys are big inspirations to us especially when it comes to writing. EVERY album sounds different from the other. And whatever your opinion of them are, you cant denie they are a unique band in the fact that everything they have ever put out sounds also different from any other band out there.

To try to sum it all up tho real fast: Metallica, Pantera, Lamb Of God, Black Label Society, Down, Rainbow (with dio ofc), LOK, In Flames, Amon Amarth, Testament, Machine Head are just some of many bands that we think are the fucking shit. Except In Flames these days, WHAT! THE! FUCK? I have NOT EVEN listened to the last two albums.. The closest Ive come is that I  heard, what I thought was some random fucking pop song on the radio, and after the song ended the radio guy went "So! Thats the newest from In Flames! Rock on guys !!"
I think I didnt say a god damn word to anyone for a solid couple of hours.
Jesus fucking christ.....

8. I’ve noticed your pretty solid technical skills. Are you a self-learner, or do you have some musical education? Do you think that musical education is important, when creating, or playing music? Or both?

We are all self learned from the beginning. Robin is the only one who has pursued studying music seriously, and that fucking shows man. The dude is a human wikipedia of technique when it comes to the guitar. And you should hear him with an acoustic. If you are a straight man, he's gonna make you beg to suck his cock after 4 chords, MAXIMUM! Youre gonna gurgle the balls and everything. Thats how good he is.

Personally I dont think its important at all tho. Sure, its great to get more knowledge about the thing you burn for in life, but when it comes to playing hard oriented music you just gotta be able to buckle down and fuckin' let it loose. Grab on to your emotions and let them out through your strings, that's my opinion. Then you cant go wrong.

9. With so many bands competing for attention what do you do in order to stand out and be counted? How far would you go in order to gain attention?

It might sound cheezy and overused, but we just do what we do man, And let things unfold as they may. We are the furthest things from attention whores you will ever find. Sure, we fucking dig it when people like our stuff and all that. Its beyond awesome, but thats not why we play music.

If I look back on my own life and see what certain bands have done for me, helped me through bad times and all that,  yeah you know how it goes man..

If our music captures just one poor soul out there.
If we in any way can help ease your pain, make you feel powerful, empoweres you in any sort of way, and let you know that you are not alone  - We die happy.

10. OK man, I would like to thank you for your time and help, please add some words to the end of this interview.

Thanks alot to the Shredhead legion!! You know who you are and we fuckin' love ya !
If you wanna follow what we do we are fullblown FACEBOOK NERDS so thats where you'll find us. www.facebook.com/shrednekk


/ J.B

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