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Realized at: 13th, December 2016

Answers by: Iwan Holzer


"Boah, today, no one listen to music seriously, everyone is zapping around, you have only 5 seconds to get a new fan. (...)"


1. Hello, If you look back at the band from the time you started to where you are at now how would you like to describe that journey?

Yeah, it was a long way but we had much support from a lot of people and friends, so the first steps where a little easier as we thought. Like every band, we started with a half band, wrote songs and played covers from Cannibal Corpse to Kreator and gig by gig, we stopped covering and fulfilled the set with own songs.
The great thing about SAGORAH, is our fan base, they support us all time and we are proud of them!

2. My second essential question should be, “What is going on in the world today?!”? What is wrong with mankind in your opinion?

The world has become a shitty ball of elites! The people doesn’t understand, they are the might and not this little circle of billionaires! Everyone looks at Facebook instead of searching for real people and friendships, we’ve become consumers and a kind of free slaves!

3. Mixing old-school values with more modern extreme music is a way for you to tell that we need to keep up with modernity without betraying the traditions?

Of course, I think, oldschool or traditional metal is the base of our music, time passes and we change.
Every day you change your way to see things and how you feel music, so modern and oldschool/traditional metal can be fused, like we are doing, to get what it’s in your heart honestly. I don’t like to much technical or traditional ways, I found my own middle and I’m proud of what we’ve done until today and will do in future.

4. With so many death metal bands coming up these days, how do you manage to keep your material relevant? How challenging is it to come up with newer material?

Boah, today, no one listen to music seriously, everyone is zapping around, you have only 5 seconds to get a new fan. So I shit on this and we do our best in communication and PR, but we make music and I have only one thing to say “listen to our music! We are a band not a Photoshop machinery”

5. What are your views on the Italian/European death metal scene these days? Any particular alliances of Sagorah?

Yes, Sagorah are part of the South Tyrolean Metal Alliance, I am one of the 2 heads behind the project.
Italy is a problem country, like a great part of Europe, no one want to go outside of the house! Everyone says “yes, I’ll have a look on YouTube” or “on YouTube they play every day for me” – THIS IS SHIT!!! Music is a feeling, music is a relation, so go out of your fantasy world and feel the music live! A maximum of 10 € ticket price for 5 bands is nothing, they work the whole life for it. 1 Mojito gives you nothing and costs about 5-10 €!!!

6. Your second album "Control And Create" has just been released, How do you plan on promoting the album? Has any tour or video shoot been scheduled?

Yes, we plan a video and we release it until end of the year.
The promotion we do, is live, on Facebook and on our YouTube channel. We start a cooperation with a booking label this days and in 2017 we will have a partnership with a PR management office.

7. Now, I’d like to ask you on the process of composing your tunes. Describe us, if possible, your typical procedure when writing songs: What comes first, really? Music or lyrics?

Typically, our ex-guitarist Andreas, wrote the whole song in GuitarPro, he gave me it and I spent days to change structure and delete or add parts. Andreas than fixed my work, I’m a very bad guitar riff writer “haha” and we pass the song through the band members and we play it next rehearsal day.
Normally I write lyrics the whole time, but they have to be adapted to the songs structure.

Today we work together on structure, riffs and drums to create our songs.

And last but not least, if I can’t get a feeling for a song, we don’t play this song =)

8. When you work in the studio what kind of process do you go through? Do you come in all prepared or do you improvise?

Our first album “I” was a 3 day piece, we were very stressed because we had some problems with the sound engineer and we had to change him 2 weeks before the release and rerecorded the whole songs.

The second album “Control And Create”, is a fully live recorded piece. Our preparation started 4 months before, we had the studio booked and we had only 3 of the 5 full songs new songs, so we began to work as hell.
Up to 3 days in rehearsal per week, and we wrote the song Sleepwalker 1 week before we went to the recording studio, so we played it for the third time there and this was the one-take on our album.
I wrote the “We Are Cancer” the day before recording “haha”

And last but not least for all musicians and bands out there, don’t stress yourself, be prepared and stay 1000% behind your work, you will hear all your playing problems in studio, so be prepared and play on click every day.
Think about this, “Control And Create” is fully live recorded, 5 musicians in 5 rooms play at the same time without cuts! So listen to our work and feel our work. We worked hard for this piece!

9. When you place your albums side to side, how would you describe each album and their relation and essence as individual releases, but compared to the grand scheme of things as well?

First of all, “I” is more thrash and oldschool influenced, “Control And Create” is our next step in songwriting, technical playing and interpretation of our style.

I feel, we has grown from “I” to “Control And Create”, we become better musicians, better friends and the teamwork were better.

“I” was the kick in your face, no compromises, well-grounded and was written to the point with our blood.

“Control And Create” was written with our live experience, we knew what we are able to do and we wrote all so extremely addicted to the live performance. This album is our statement, that we perform our songs exactly how you hear them on cd, so you know what you will get from us when you are in front of the stage! Sagorah is in our blood!

10. I guess one other thing that attracted me from the start are the imagery on the cover artworks. Could you tell us more about the concept behind the artwork on your both albums?

On “I” I had the idea to have a masked man with the burning world in one hand and money in the other one. Our designer had the idea to present better the idea of money, people and the burning world, he knew the message I thought to insert in this cover and he have done it right. I love the cover!

On “Control and Create”, we had the background fixed and the masked man had to be there, too. He represents our masked elites, this little group of billionaires, which rule the world’s politic, and economics. He stand there, with his flags, the world is burning, skeletons at his feet, people is dying and he is speaking “whatever politics speak about, I don’t listen to them any more”, but one is listening him, everyone is dead. This is where we are going today with multination corporations, banks, economics, financial, politic and all other things ruled by this elites.
People has to understand, we are the might, we haven’t do die for them every day!

11. How much time do you spend on the band both physically but also mentally each day? Is it worth all the time and effort in the end?

I think a work minimum 1 hour a day for SAGORAH, it’s my love and it’s worth. There are days where it`s difficult to do all by myself and I’m going to become crazy, but there are days one fan from a country far away write a mail and asks for a shirt and this is the coolest thing ever!

12. Italy is on the rise when it comes to brutal and technical death metal, and there are lots of bands gaining the attention of the underground. What is the state of the Italian extreme metal scene now?

The scene is difficult, but it still exists and there are a lot of bands and people, they are doing it’s best to keep the scene alive.
The real problem are this boring Metalheads, they won’t go to concerts, they suck!!!

13. No more questions my friend. Just thanks for your time and good luck for your future plans.
Closing is yours…

I hope a lot of you readers give us a chance and you will listen to our songs. We are Sagorah, we are like you, we are Metalheads, we support other bands and musicians, we love what we are doing, we do it for you. We are nothing without you! So stay metal and go to the concerts, keep the metal alive!

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