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Date: 21th, March 2013
(Answers by Markus Makkonen-  Vocals/Bass )


And now, let´s be transported to the cold Finnish lands.  This quartet deliver a substantial kind of Death Metal filled with a lot of old school thrash references and some black traits. I have to say you will dont stop to move your fucking head while you are listening the whole album from this brutal guys. Let´s introduce to the world of SADISTIK FOREST with this intelligent answers provided by Markus, the vocalist/bassist. 

1. Hello Markus, first of all I would like to start by asking you about the early days oif the band, which are the most pleasant remembrances during the band`s existence?

Hello Gort Haur! Greetings from Finland.
Well, Sadistik Forest started out in 2007, when Antti (Heikkinen, guitars) asked me, Vesa Mutka (drums) and Jarkko Lahtinen (guitar) to join his new extreme metal band. We started out to practice and write new material in autumn of that year. Unfortunately Jarkko couldn't find time to continue, so we went on as a trio.
We all knew each other from Finnish demo scene, as we had been playing in different bands for good ten years each. Me in Farewell and Entrail Tension Experiment, Antti and Jarkko in Fall of Man and Vesa in Malice and Rosemary, so it was a easy start as you knew the guys and knew that with this line-up, you could do well.
We were the guys in our bands that wanted them to be heavier than they were, so it was only natural that we got together with Sadistik Forest.
Around 2009 we had enough material for a full lenght. In August of that year we went to studio with producer Samu Männikkö and recorded what would later become our self-titled first album. The recordings took about a week. Finally, after some promotion, we signed a deal with Violent Journey Records in first parts of 2010.
Well, about the memories.. There has been a lot of good ones with this band. The trio days, before the deal used to be mad: Plenty of beer and metal!! Irish tour in 2011 was also a blast!! Really enjoyed ourselves there.
We also played Jalometalli festival in Oulu with Macabre, Carcass and Triptykon and such... It kind of an leaves a special memory, when you get to meet Tom G. Warrior!!

2. That sounds pretty mad indeed. And now I would like to ask about "Death, Doom, Radiation", it has surpassed all your expectations?? Most of the press feedback seems to be very positive.

That album has done well. Critically it has been widely more accepted than the debut, as it has been getting way better reviews. Our fan base though seems to be split in two with the albums. Some like the straightforward debut more, some prefer the more challenging and advanced D.D.R.
Death Doom Radiation was somewhat a hard album for us to make. We were being very ambitious with the performances and also met some technical problems on the way, but the result turned out to be a winning one, after all.
I'm happy with the album. It is natural progression from the first one.
It is also the first one that fully features the talents of Matti Salo, our new second axeman. He brought a lot to the arrangements sides of things.

3. Your death metal is strongly covered with an old school feeling, I can remembrance bands such BOLT THROWER for example. We can find also alot of thrash elements. What would you say about this matter?

I'd say that is pretty much the definition of our sound.
In the beginning we were trying to make our minds if we should be more a thrash band or a death metal band. Things started to veer towards death metallic approach as it turned out to be the natural sound to us, but i think some parts of those thrashy elements have stayed with us.
Actually, they have become quite a trademark for us if you look it from the point of view of our most popular songs - The Attempt and Fabrics of Lies. They both have good old thrash boost in them.
The old school death metal thing comes from our way of thinking - we love riffs!! We love 'em big and memorable! If the song becomes a mush of hyperblast and over-technical stuff, it leaves no traces to your memory. Well, at least not to mine.
So we like our riffs to be solid. This was the thing with the old death metal greats also.

4. As I realized, the subject on your lyrics deals with matters such religion, war, social and human topics. So I would like to ask you what your opinion is about Human Being and his fragile existence (and for this, I would take a phrase from your "Lacking Capacity" song: "With a closed Mind and a open mouth/You become a parody of Man")

First of all, I've got to thank you for picking up that line. I think it's my favourite from the second album!
D.D.R. especially turned out to be very aware album. I have always tried to avoid the typical "i mutilated me wifey" -kind of texts as they tend to get boring in the end.
Like you said, we deal with matters like close-mindedness, war and we urge people to think and open their minds. The world's tyranny hasn't gone anywhere from the days of medieval days. They have just been hidden, in more subtle forms. Basically the underlining message of extreme metal is, at least in my opinion, to follow your own lead and be openminded, not governed, not following the pack only as everybody else seems to be doing so.
In the first album the theme was more like a "failure in life". About persons who dare not to try and reach for their goals... All of the sudden they realize that their days are through and all they wanted was left ungained.
The only rule in extreme metal (something I learned from Celtic Frost and will cherish forever) is that there are no rules, so, i like to keep the window open with texts also.
There might be something different in that sector in the future, but that is just about keeping it challenging and interesting.

5. Let´s talk about the concept behind your bandname, logo and your CD frontcovers, they are pretty far from the usual "brutal" death metal imagery, can you explain us your ideas on this?

There has been a lot of talk about the name, Sadistik Forest. Some hate it, some love it, but the reason why it is a great one is that once you hear it for the first time, you remeber it!
We've always wanted to be a little off from the stream of all things typical. If we think it's extreme - we'll do it. No point of being tied to some non-existent code...
Vesa came up with the name in some hangover-oriented morning, in the early days. We all went home from there, but started calling each other later that day that what a great name it is! It drilled itself to our minds instantly.
Graphically we have always tried to stand out a bit. Be the odd kid in the school-yard, so to speak. Afterall, there's hunderds and hunderds of bands that are basically all copying graphically what Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation have done decades ago. You can see this, we you go to record store and start leafing through death metal albums!
Our graphics are a extension of our way of perceiving this band.

6. Ok, let´s move to another topic, How would you describe SADISTIK FOREST live? Where does Sadistik Forest feels the best to you, in rehearsal, studio or live?! How do you figure out your live shows setlists? Are you bored with playing certain older tracks?

Sadistik Forest is at it's best, when heard live.
We are definitely a live band and our songs work good in that enviroment. They get that extra notch of chaos in them.
We actually play our albums "live" in the studio too.. Without click-tracks or such.. Kind the same way the old dm-albums were made.
I enjoy all the aspects of Sadistik Forest equally - the creative side of being in the studio is very rewarding. Hard at times, but rewarding at the end. Live shows are a blast and even our rehearsals are very rarely dull. All in all, being in SF is pretty cool.
The songs that get selected in our sets, are the ones we like playing the most, so no getting bored with them. I don't think we have any mandatory songs, but i assume Attempt and Fabrics... are the ones that everybody in the audience know, at least.

7. Being talked alot about your beliefs within the band? What are your attitudes towards fans that like your music but do not have your ideals?

To each of his own, i'd say.
I'm not in a position to start judging people by their beliefs or attitudes. I don't think anybody is.
But what i do not like, is when people start to preach and force feed their ideologies. That is when i usually leave.
Conversation is always good, but when it is one sided, when the other party does not listen at all, it becomes a bore.
I tell a lot about my way of thinking with my texts, but it's up to everybody to think what they want with them. They are not absolutes of any kind. Only personal expression.

8. Back to you and your music, one thing that catch my attention for the first time is your vocals. You display a fantastic growling yet energic vocal range. How do you do this shit? And what kind of alcohol is best for the voice?

HAHAHA! Nice one!

Thanks. I have always found the low death metal thing to be easy. In the early years it was more like gurgling kind of a thing, but since the beginning of Sadistik Forest i've tried to develop a style that would have a lot of power behind it.
The higher screams are also something that just comes out pretty naturally. I've just tried to add a little more violence and venom in them as years go by.
Very often death metal vocals are very generic, basically just one note. I try to keep things interesting just, most of all, to myself.
I hugely adore guys like Corpsegrinder (of Cannibal Corpse) who have range and power in their vocalstyle.
About the alcohol... hahah.. I'd say the strong stuff - vodka and whiskey. If you are all tanked up with gallons of beer, it might be hard to develop powerful vocals live. With that stuff, you need to drink less of it.

9. As I read on your BIO, all of the bandmembers comes from another previous bands, For how long have you been playing music? Who is the most skilled musician in SADISTIK FOREST in your opinion?

We have done our homework, sure.
I think that before the first rehearsals of Sadistik Forest, we all had been playing in bands at least ten years.
I respect all the guys in this band a lot. To play this kind of a thing with drums, is just something very demanding. Antti has propably one of the fastest right hands i've ever seen and Matti - well, he is just something else. Really talented guy, who can play pretty much anything. Did you know, he is a good sax-player too?

10. I always enjoy hearing what life is like outside of a band. What can you share with us about what your lives are like outside of the bands? Wives, kids, jobs, hobbies?

Matti is basically a full-day musician, playing with different groups and different genres of music. Vesa is also consentrating on his drumming. He is playing also in Thinhead (featuring SF's Antti and Matti too), a pro Thin Lizzy covers band... Performing all around Finland.
Me and Antti have jobs outside musical careers and i'm the only married with children -kind of guy in this band.

11.What your opinion in general is about "Satanism" and religions in general, And what exaclty you mean wit the lines on your song "Code For Liberation": "Satan Is A Code For liberation/Satan is one word indicating free mind/Never you trust the oppression/never you trust the cross"?

Hmm.. Well.. If you blindly follow whatever religious code, without any thinking process from yourself, it's as lame as anything.
I think that organized religions are chains that bind people mentally and limit their ability to be creative with their lives.
In that line and song word Satan literally is a code for liberation. I mean, when grown up with organized christian upbringing, like most people in europe are, the word satan is one of the first steps of rebellion that leads to open and aware mind.
When you first time support "satanic heavy metal", wear a controversial shirt, upside down cross, or something like that you give out the message that I am Aware that there is more than what you have taught... and that i am not blindly swallowing all you say.
To some, that is seen as dangerous thing, like it should be. Their power over that individual has just lessened dramatically.
I support individual freedom and rebellion over convention. Those are sides of satanism. But what i do not like, is the religious aspects of it, that are rising these days.
The cause of individualism can become a antithesis of itself this way.

12. Now, you are in the process for recording a new album, can you tell us a bit more about this? How many songs you have on the desk and how improved/differemt would they be in comparison with the ones in "Death, Doom, radiation?

I think, i'll have to say that there is a official statement coming and we like to wait that, but what i can say now, is what we have told in the public already: The new release has a working title "SF 2,5", so it is a mini-release, not a full-lenght, but it will be really, really interesting one.
Our songwriting has improved a lot after D.D.R. and i really can't wait to get these new songs to public.
There's all kinds of interesting news coming with that release, so all i can say at this point is - stay tuned!
We are also writing new material for SF3, so we are busy behind the curtains kind of way.

13. Among musicians is common to be under the influence of drugs (being this, in my opinion, another way of "Mental Blinding"), so what is SF stand on this issue?

Well.. To each of his own, again.
All bands work differently, but we are a drinking band. We are not judging anything and we have a tendency to go over the top (or over the wall... hah) now and then.. But alcohol is the substance we abuse.

14. talking about your relationship with VIOLENT JOURNEY RECORDS, are you happy with the work they have done? Are you getting a good distribution for your album now?

Violent Journey Records have done a world for us, really.
It is VJR's doing that we are where we are today. They got us to Jalometalli, right after our first album was out and they've given us their 666% support. All the times. So, no complaints there.. On the contrary, tons of gratitude.
Also, they are the easiest label in the world to work with. CEO Vesa Ruokangas is one nicest guys i know, guaranteed to reply almost instantly, whatever you need to ask him. And that is a rare treat in record company world.

15. I would like to know how is the current status of the scene in Finland, mainly in your town? Do you have serious opportunities for live shows? How many times per month can you play live?

At the moment, we are not playing that much. We made a decision to concentrate now on writing of new material.
While we were doing D.D.R. we were doing also gigs in the meantime and that drew our energy and focus away from it. So, this time we thought to give the creative process more attention.
I'm gonna be busy with Hooded Menace's gigs too, this summer, so it's a good time to step back from stages and write new stuff.
In Oulu, i'd say there are not that many real death metal bands, mainly us, Torture Pulse and Napoleon Skullfukk. Rest of the stuff is more melodic kind of outing.
In Finland, the metal venues are kinda limited and if you gig constantly through the year, you're bound to play same place twice. So, we try to get abroad more.. to keep things interesting again.

16. Top 5 Albums You've Been Listening to lately.

Lately hmm... Let's see..

1. Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance
2. Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation
3. Bad Religion - True North
4. Both Beastmilk seven inches
5. Megascavenger - The Descent of Yoggoth

That goes to my personal tastes just.
One cool thing about SF is that we all listen a lot of music, on varied scale, so you get to hear a LOT of different kinds of things with these guys.

17. Maybe you would now at the end reveal some details about the future plans for SF and your personal goals (Although you have already respond something about this on the 15th answer).

The Forest will keep on growing, you know.
One of the mantras we had in the beginning was constant development and so far, we've managed to maintain that.
At the moment we are focusing on forthcoming releases, SF2,5 and SF3. Gonna play a couple of shows after summer, hope to get abroad again.
We are at the moment really determined and inspired to create new material and to make it the best so far.
So, keep on following our fb-profile as we keep you informed. There's plenty to come.

18. That’s all from me. I wish you all the best and I thank you warmly for the chance to speak with you.

Thanks a lot!
It has been a nice interview, with good and well though questions.
Enjoyed it a lot.






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