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Realized at: 10th, April 2017

"Lucifer is the bringer of light... he who offers you the flame. But to receive it you have to be in absence of the mundane light, the false light which imprisons you. (...)"

1. You are almost eight years on the scene. What are you most proud of achieving as a band, and what is your opinion on the underground nowadays than it was before? 

Actually it's much more then 8 years. Sacrilegious Rite is a follow up of Capitis Damnare which has already existed since 1999. That's a while. 

Personally I am proud of the line up and the perfection and harmony it brings with it. When we stopped Capitis Damnare we started at zero again. We have found our way and that's because we have never give in and we have never compromised. There have been some difficult and serious decisions to make and we have always made it the right way. Each member gave a lot of blood and devotion and we all agree with the fact that the band is our higher instrument of expression. We speak though it and it serves an ideal. We have formed that circle and brotherhood by experience and natural selection. Not everybody is supposed to be a member of Sacrilegious Rite. If you're not willing to bleed, you are at the wrong place.

The scene... from my personal point of view ...contrary to earlier times there is quiet too much of everything today .... too many bands, too many labels, too much of all. There is a great loss of quality and of exclusive, outstanding material. Everything is fast and simple produced and in most cases even at homes. To say it in a not so polite way: everyone has the opportunity to throw his garbage into the scene and this weighs heavy on the market. 

Positive to say is that vinyl got a rebirth when everyone believed it to be dead and rare. It has become normality... releases getting pressed on CD and vinyl. 

Also positive to say is that a lot of individuals who are active since the 90s still do good jobs and are good supporters. In my opinion they form the fundament of the scene no matter what positive or negative happened after. 

2. I know you are quite proactive on the Internet promoting the band (that's how I found Sacrilegious Rite). Besides Internet, is the band using other promotion resources? 

I wouldn't say that we'd put all our promotional potential on the internet. Not as much as others, even less. We have gained the attention we needed through good old tape trading and fanzines, reviews and interviews. For sure you have to know some people, too. But it's a game of balance. You get respect from what you respect. People feel when you are upright and true to your cause, when your art is pure. 

3. You have gained attention of your local fans, but how have been the feedback from outside Germany? 

We gain more attention from outside Germany, even from outside of Europe. For some reasons South American supporters are mad for our music. We are considered to be influenced by South American legends as Sarcofago, Mortem and great acts like that. We wouldn't say that it's not true but but we are influenced by a lot of stuff. 

From the shows we played outside of Germany we have always gained good feedbacks. Actually we are satisfied with our situation. All is the way it should be for us. 

4. Your music is described as black-death. What death metal bands influenced you? Did you have any other influences, including non-musical ones? 

When it comes to Death Metal we've definitely been influenced by Swedish bands, say Cemetery, Necrophobic, Unanimated, Grotesque for sure. But we don't like to think in labels. We just do what we feel is right for us. Some bands play only this or only that style. We mix the complexity of Death Metal with the dark essence of Black Metal. We even got some Thrash Metal flairs but as I said, we hate to think in labels.

Our music follows a black and morbid aura which is our very self. It's magick in audial form. 

Sir Christopher Lee had always been a great influence for me for he represented the macabre of the 21. century as no other. The man was gifted with all aspects an artist should have. He showed off the nightside of existence and even had various knowledge of the occult.

Along with Lee there are for sure actors as Peter Cushing, Vincent Price and Ingrid Pitt influenced me.

Also Italian filmmakers as Mario Bava, Dario Argento or Lucio Fulci had a great effect. But this is to see from an aesthetic point of view for this individuals have created pure art in my opinion. 

5. Generally, your lyrical themes are about religion, death, dark feelings, aren’t they? But what are your interests in “Sacrilegious Rite” exactly? What is your opinion about all these topics? 

Everything which dwells beyond the mundane life attracts us and serves as lyrical essence. But most of all spiritual and physical death is the absolute in my lyrics. From my point of view, typical life which doesn't cross the borders to the next and extreme level, isn't of any potential and worth. To rise upon the mundane you must die spiritually to be able to step into the void and taste the forbidden fruits. Only beyond existence you are truly free.... free of your prison of flesh and blood. You have to cross the magickal gate to the beyond. Life isn't the absolute and death is not the end. It's exactly the contrary of what one should declare as "normal". 

Lucifer is the bringer of light... he who offers you the flame. But to receive it you have to be in absence of the mundane light, the false light which imprisons you. 

6. Do your music and lyrics have any comprehensive ideological background, or it rather reflects your immediate moods and ideas when it comes to composing music?

My lyrics are based on ritual experience.... you can say that they are reports of my journeys through the abyss... 

Just once I've used one historical kind of topic... the title is called "Strigoicia" and as you would guess, it deals with vampirism and consumption of the "living". But on the other hand it fits into the concept because vampirism at that time was about mass hysteria, about the dead coming back to life and feed upon the blood of the living. It was another effect which the fear of death and the unknown had on the population. From a magickal point of view vampirism is another thing. It's consumption of the soul, body and mind.... it's the use of a victim to one's own purpose. Also blood magick can be of some vampiric nature. Blood is and has always been a powerful, magickal medium. We use blood on the stage to underline that fact and use it for our purpose for sure.

In Sacrilegious Rite the lyrics play a very important role. It even overweighs the musical compositions. But we try to create both as perfect as possible. 

7. Do you think black metal has a spirit, or a set of values to it? Where do you think these came from? Are there any historical antecedents?

I say that it's better for black metal when it has some of it... otherwise you can forget about it. But to answer your question in details...the Black Metal which is supposed to be essential in my opinion, for sure has a spirit. A dark atmosphere and an aura which consumes your very soul. A cloak of blackness which surrounds you and doesn't let you free.... it's a theatrical kind of music which transports the very essence of the things the band is all about or let's say, the forces the individuals use and get used towards a higher purpose. It's not only about the look to transport this images and feelings. Some use corpse paint and nails but this is just a look... pure black metal is more than just the look of the musicians. When you don't have it in your soul and don't understand black metal the way it's meant to be, you're not able to create it by yourself. This may sound arrogant but I think most musicians agree with me when they have a look inside. 

Black Metal for me is the ultimate rebellion against the mundane and three dimensional realm. It's against everything false, weak and pity...weak individuals who are into Black Metal also get destroyed by it. You have to use it as it uses you at the same time. 

Some say it's negative but it's only negative when you stand on the wrong side. It negates the world we live in so it's something positive for me. 

8. Over the span of 8 years since your formation, SR have released only one EP; however you have released a several split CDs. What was the reason for doing so many splits, as opposed to releasing a full length album? 

We just felt not ready to record a full length album. We had too many line up changes and difficulties able to go on until the end and until the final result. Those split releases have been a good opportunity to present our creations to the world. And by the way... we are still honored to to have done split releases with this great bands Ungod, Bestial Holocaust, Dethroned and Goatblood. 

9. How important is live performance for Sacrilegious Rite? Do you play often? If so how does your show looks like? Do you focus also on aesthetic side of gig? 

We play live from time to time. More or less... having 10 billion bands on the scene doesn't make it easy to play live.... every day you can choose between 3-5 five concerts and as a result all clubs are booked out and organizers are busy...But we make the best of that situation. We have played some great gigs at great festivals or clubs...

Our shows are of a ritualistic nature... we don't build a complete altar set but the use of blood and bones are unavoidable. You have to represent your agenda on the stage... people must believe you that you believe yourself. Faceless artists vanish pretty fast....even today.

But besides the blood and the bones we take it natural or simple... we are a metal band no matter we play extreme metal or not.... the use of bullets and nails is a must for us. 

10. Because the field of black metal is very wide, there is a lot of differences in the styles, sound, approach, etc… So which band(s)do you personally consider to be the treasure of the black metal genre and on the other hand in which ones do you see as the future of black metal?

I've always been an old fashioned individual but black metal has been invented by Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Venom, Mayhem, Samael, and old bands in this vein. For sure there are many many variations but I consider the bands I listed as pure and original. Normally I would say that I see their style as the beginning and the future of black metal but there are already too many mutations and variations, so the style has been raped, used and been forgotten. There are some individuals who try to use black metal for their own and lesser needs. For their positive way to see the world. Black metal shouldn't be someone positive.... it's an ugly fist in the face of the creator and all which is linked to him. 

Regarding the development of black metal. I can't tell you where the journey goes.... more and more idiots will be attracted by it and more and more it will mutate to something different.

But luckily there are still some bands who have never betrayed their path and their roots like Desaster, Mortem and Vulcano. But there are also some newer bands who follow older traditions which is truly supportable. 

11. What do you love to do in your free time when you are not busy with any of your music projects these days?

I appreciate your interest in our private lives but there isn't much to tell.... we hide, we suffer and we hate. We experience what others don't and because of that we will never fit into the mundane and the world order. To say it simple...even our "normal lives" aren't the lives of normal people. When you bear a burden you can never behave like there wouldn't, you know? 

12. What does the future hold for SR? Is it in your plans to release any new material? 

Not long ago we had another changing in our line up or let's say "another loss". But we decided to keep it that way. The bass position has never been fix for long and changed a lot. But we've never had such a great bassist as Sumnor Amdis who is also our lead guitarist on the other hand. Especially when it comes to studio work and recordings, no one has ever reached his standart. Our latest album recording threw us back for several weeks or even months because we had some serious problems with our last bassist who left the band after. Sitrom Rogir, Sumnor Amdis and I, we work as a unit and we work perfectly together and without compromise. This music is our passion, our live and our goal... we set all the priority we can spare into it. Until now we haven't replaced the bass position yet and it seems that we will go on like this. Keep the circle closed ...and don't let anyone or anything affect our work in any way. 

We worked our assess off to create Summoned from Beyond, our first but without question, too late released full length as Sacrilegious Rite. The composing and producing phase took us many years. 

Actually we wait for Summoned from Beyond to be released by Dunkelheit Productions but we've already started to create new material. I can only say that the path will go on but "more advanced and experienced". There is also a new release in the making but it would be a way too early to say anything already. We still have to see for ourself. 

13. Alright dude, we’ve come to an end. Do you have any final thoughts? Thank you for your time… 

Thx a lot for your questions and the time to invest into it work. Which you the best for your future projects. I've always kneeled before South America for the great and inspiring bands it brought up to life. All hails!



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