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Realized at: 16th, March 2015
(Answers by Kimmo - guitars)

1. Hails, you are existing since 2005, however it was in 2010 when you get a solid line up. Youíve been through a couple of line-up changes. How hard a blow is it when members leave and new ones come?
Of course it always takes some time to introduce the bandís working methods to a new member. And 
sometimes a new band member will affect in the spirit of the whole group. Itís always a challenge but itís also an opportunity. After all, Iím pretty satisfied with the current line-up and I believe this line-up will be the one which will take Ruinside to the next level.

2. I think in 10 years in metal scene, the band have a long history and of course innumerous interesting things to tell. What are the most memorable memories would you extract from your early days?
There are plenty of them of course but I suppose the most important milestones for the band was signing the record deal and making the first full-length album. And of course making first gigs abroad. We were sitting in a small van for almost 4000 kilometers around Europe. That was an experience that we will never forget. If I go back to really early days, the first gigs in general were very exiting experiences when we were just learning this whole thing and every situation was new for us.

3. Have you as a band developed an aesthetic that is uniquely yours? How have you developed a sound that is all yours?
There are many opinions about that but I would say itís not very common to combine thrash metal to traditional heavy metal and even power metal. We compose the songs how we like. Actually we would like to break out from the box and do good music without categories. But the record labels, promoters and the press seem to love categories. But of course Ruinside will always be metal. Thatís the bottom line.

4. Finland is known for having a quite developed commercial metal scene, you even have "heavy metal" songs featured on the radio and best-selling CD singles... Would you say it's rather something positive or negative concerning the influences it could have on the deep underground?
I think itís a positive thing. The clubs and bars arenít too afraid to give gig opportunities for bands and itís a little bit easier to promote your band when you have good channels to do that. There are never too many metalheads in the world, right? Let the metal family growÖ

5. What has lead you to sign with Mighty music? What did please you in their offer? (And what did they offer, it it's not too indiscreet)

We got a couple of offers and Mighty Music seemed to be the best option. We saw that they are really in love with rock and metal music and that they are not just thinking pure business. The actual contract is not public but in a nutshell they will not own the music. They just borrow it and make the benefit for 
both parties. These Danish guys seemed to be the right choice for us at this point.

6. Latest release from your camp is - lp Ą10 forms of dominionď. Try to enlighten this material to us. how long time it took to record it and in what manner you wrote ideas for this material? are you working all together as a band, or somebody comes up with finished songs?
We worked almost a year with pre-production phase and then we spent couple of months in a studio (but not every day) recording the tracks again. I would say that there were about 30 recording days in total. The whole theme of the record was born from the general idea that there are several ways to use (and misuse) power and authority. The album name ď10 Forms of DominionĒ is referring to this. Basically I (Kimmo Jankkari) wrote the songs to an "almost ready" -state. After we had assembled the main frames for the songs our singer Toni Salminen did all the vocal melodies. Then the rest of the band gave their contribution for the songs and added all the spices like guitar solos and drum fills etc. Itís a long and complex procedure but itís always rewarding when you get the songs ready.

7. Your second album "10 forms of Dominion" was released a couple of years after the previous one, so it might be the right time to make conclusions... Are you still satisfied with the previous records? What was the most surprising about the welcoming of this new album and which differences could you establish between both of them?
There are lot of things I would improve in our early EP releases but if we are talking our full-length debut album ďThe HuntĒ, Iím pretty satisfied with it. The only thing really that pisses me off is the rhythm guitar sound. Itís a little bit thin. But otherwise itís a good album I would say. Of course there are always little things and nuances that we could do better but they are irrelevant. Itís good to have something to improve. The second album is much simpler than the previous one. I think we are getting a better focus on what we are doing. On the first album we wanted to try everything and thatís why there is a lot of variety in the songs and instruments on the album. Even one fully acoustic piece. On the second album we wanted to create a solid heavy/thrash album with killer songs.

8. When you pick songs for an album do you place them as they were written; the first song written ends up as track number one and so on, or do you place the songs according to a pattern of where they fit the best? How important is track ordering?
The track ordering is really important and thatís the reason we always figure out what would be the best option. We had basically three different track orders in the end and just before the album release we decided the final order. Iím not sure how many people listens the whole albums these days but for me itís very important that the album is structured so that it is a harmonious completeness.

9. If you had to represent RUINSIDE with a picture, a painting, sculpture or maybe a "famous" piece of art, what would you choose?
Nice question! And difficult one also. Maybe Titania and bottom by Henry Fuseli. It's dark and mischievous and holds a lot of elements regarding feelings and emotions hidden in it.

10. What music format do you prefer the most; vinyl, cd, or cassettes? Do you think it is really good to release one album in these three mentioned formats?
I was born at 80ís so the cassette and cd are the ones which I have mostly used. Nowadays I buy only 
CDs. I think cassette is not very useful format anymore but CDs, vinyls and of course digital format are the ones that are still marketable. People like me buy CDs, the collectors prefer vinyls and the young people buy in digital format. I think nobody is buying cassettes anymore so it would be the waste of time and money to publish in that format. But thatís my opinionÖ I could be wrong.

11. Tours are normally good occasions for getting drunk and retarded. Any fun stories, band fights, stage fuckups? was it rather about some good gigs you played with other good bands that should be remembered because of the great aura?
I would have hundreds of stories but these two have engraved on my mindÖ 
First case was a little summer festival in Finnish countryside. The promoter told us that there will be a nice big stage on the field and all is arranged for a heavy metal show. Our lead guitarist was having an awful stomach disease and couldn't come but we decided to do the concert anyway. When we arrived to the venue there was a little surprise waiting for us. The stage was a fucking small truck platform without a decent cover. Just before our show it started raining heavily and a thunderstorm came right upon us. All our instruments had a nice little shower. Luckily nothing was broken permanently and we werenít hit by lightning.
The second case happened in our European tour that I referred before. We were driving back to Finland through Sweden and suddenly our driver stopped our van on a parking lot in the middle of nowhere and started sleeping. The guys were wondering what they should do to spend time. Couple of guys took a nice comfortable position on the asphalt nearby the car and started sleeping. I was having a problem to sleep on the asphalt so I grabbed a bottle of pretty expensive whisky and started to drink. Then some Swedish stray cat came to me and I fed cheese balls to the cat and talked to it and drank the fucking whisky. A night to remember I would say.

12. How do you perceive the advances of technology and the internet changing the music industry in the future? Will the CD as a product become a fanaticís item like the LP is nowadays?
Internet gives and internet takesÖ I think itís good to have a channel where everyone can put their music if they like and promote their band with relatively small expenses. But then on the other hand, if all music is available freely on the internet, where do the bands and record companies get the profit? Itís pretty expensive to record an album and publish it. And also touring is really expensive. A lot of people donít realize that. You should have some income to cover your expenses of course. Otherwise itís difficult or even impossible to do this.

13. How would you describe ruinside as a whole? What makes a band special?
Itís a clichť but I think that members of Ruinside are something more as a group. Every guy brings something to this equation. And the flame that has once blazed upÖ it cannot be turned down so easily. We trust in the long scale working method and we believe in our music. Iím sure that there are lot of people in the world who will find Ruinsideís music interesting and powerful. All we have to do is track and find those people. Ruinside is giving people melodies, rough stuff and catchy rhythms in the same package. What else you need?

14. OK, please define heavy metal with your own words, and if heavy metal was a beer, which one would it be?
Heavy Metal is the feeling when everything is possible. And if it would be a beer, of course it would be 
an ALE! Dark ale I would say, strong and tasteful!

15. OK guys, thanks a lot for your answers. I wish you all the best and good luck my friend! Please, tell your closing words!
Thanks to all who read this interview! Support metal music, support musicians and remember to go and 
watch gigs whenever you are able to! And always try to find new bands to listen. There is lot of good music in the world. You will never know who is going to be your next favorite. Cheers!†
Kimmo Jankkari
Raging Cannon/ Ruinside

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