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Fecha/Date: 17.04.2011

1.   Since your inception in 2010, you`ve already released your Demo in several formats and labels.. Tell us a bit about the early days of Rise In Hatred and any difficulties you found in establishing a solid line up?

Well,Iíve tried to form a line-up several times,and without success I decided to do a solo Project instead,nowadays it seems that nobody is willing to dedicate their time to a serious musical Project,specially on Black Metal,ití hard to find musicians to play this style.

2.    How you manage to transfer the violence and force of your philosophy towards your music? What is the special thing on Rise In Hatred music?

When Iím writing my songs,at first I focus on an thought that is on my mind,and I just grab my guitar and I transfer this toughts to a musical form,most of my riffs come out of nowhere,like if I was composing by instinct,Itís just pure passion and hatred transformed to musical notes,whithout the influence of the external world,no compromise with religion,society or whatsoever,just a storm of passion,and then later I write the lyrics based on that thought,but for me is much easier to express an idea in a musical form.

3.   What is the ideology or philosophical beliefs within the band? What are your attitudes towards fans that like your music but do not have your ideals?

The bandís ideology is based on the exaltation of the ego,hatred and iconoclasm, no compromise with any standard,everything I do in this band,I do because I want to do it.Another great influence is Nietzscheís ‹bermensch,and the will to power.I donít worship any person,unlike some people that participate on the black metal scene,they kiss the ass of some dude that doesnít give a fuck about them,and some times,this dude is a complete fool,but this blind people canít see that, because they see this dude as a god that must not be questioned ,and they worship this dude and follow his philosophy,only weak people follow a philosophy created by other person  instead of creating a philosophy of their own.I do admire the artistic and philosophical work of some people, but I see the world with my own eyes, and this people are just regular people to me.  

4.   Nowadays there are many, not only black, but also power, death and other metal bands, trying to copy more famous ones. Somehow it seems like black metal has lost its edge. What do you think about this situation? Do you see an exit from this never-ending trend of cloning?

This kind of shit happens because metal has become a trend, the stupid people without inspiration, people that canít be considered real artists, started to participate in the metal scene as musicians, and by doing that, they degenerated the meaning of metal and black metal, black metal is about subjectivity, about breaking standards, but most of this guys from nowadays are doing the opposite, because they donít know the meaning of black metal, bands such as Burzum ,has developed their own style, in opposition to Death metal, that was a big trend at their time, but most of the stupid fucks have failed to see that, and instead of creating an original style, they just copy someone elseís thing. 

5.   Although I'm really cautious when it comes to a "one man band", I must admit that, in your case, I was really amazed by the final outcome, one of the best black metal acts. Why did you decide to play most of the instruments, instead of forming a regular line up, let's say of about 4-5 musicians? Is it a matter of total control of your music?

As I have mentioned before, I had a hard time to form a line-up, so I just thought to myself ďFuck this shit,I can do this on my ownĒ, and I have succeeded. I prefer things this way, I like to do music the way I want, and by forming an one man band I have complete freedom to do that, and with all the idiots that had invaded the extreme metal scene, I think itís better this way, I wouldnít tolerate someone without personality and inspiration on my band.  

6.    What is your opinion about satanism in black metal? Should all black metal bands be at least somehow connected with the devil?

I think that black metal doesnít need to be satanic, black metal must be subjective, if one has a strong faith on satan, doing satanic music would be something subjective, although, this stupid fucks that donít believe in satan that do satanic music,just to cause ďimpactĒ, are people with nothing to offer, their minds are filled with common sense ideas,shitty ideas, so they need to use a clichť as an attempt to make something with a dark meaning,because there is nothing worthy on their minds

7.    Most of the bands also dropped their corpsepaint after a while, calling it a ďnatural progressionĒ or a process of ďgrowing upĒ. How important is corpsepaint and the whole visual side for you? Could you imagine to present yourself without all that as well sometime in the future?

I think that corpse paint is just  one more element of the black metal aesthetic and some people choose not to use that element, I use corpse paint as if I was trying to make a painting of my personality, but I donít see it as an essential element, subjectivity is what matters most.

8.    Can you tell us a bit about the recording process for ďCastle of Mysantrophy? How do you record your material? Do you use digital or analog equipment for the creation of your deadly hymns?

The whole recording process took about 20 hours, I recorded everything on a small studio with some old but good equipment ,the recording was digital, I used to live in a small city when I recorded my demo,there were few  studios,and none of them worked with analog stuff,but I really donít care much about these details, if the music sounds good Itís ok to me  

9 . What are your thoughts about the underground scene and the Brazilian scene in particular? For how long have you been listening to Metal? With which bands did you start?

There is a great lack of professionalism on the Brazilian underground scene, most of the bands are formed by people who doesnít care about doing things with responsibility, and most of the producers are like this as well, there are professional and committed bands here,but they are few, and the metal underground isnít a very profitable business, so itís hard for people to do things with professionalism when you know you canít make a living out of this, you will naturally give more attention to your job, because you need it, most of people in Brazil doesnít have much money, and this make thing much harder when you want to form a band.I started to listen to metal when I was twelve years old,I didnít know anyone that would listen to metal when I was a kid, I bought a live cd(probably an unofficial release) from metallica just out of curiosity and then I started to listen to Iron Maiden and this lighter stuff, and I kinda liked it,but when I discovered bands as Slayer, Pantera, Death, Lord Belial, Dissection and Burzum I never listened again to Iron Maiden,Metallica and this lighter stuff, nowadays I try to listen to different things instead,diversity is a good thing when you are a musician. 

10. In fact, all your musical concept are in relation with misanthropy. Do isolation and loneliness figure prominently in your personal life?

Yes,I try to keep distant from people, off course ,Itís almost impossible to live in complete isolation nowadays, you need to maintain some relationships in order to get stuff, I just avoid connecting with too many people, because most of them are traitors,and I also avoid deep connections with other people, because that might make you become dependent on another person, and thatís a very dangerous position. 

11. When you are not doing anything musical, what are some of the things you do to occupy your spare time?

In my spare time I study, read, drink ,get some chicks, nothing special.

12. How many songs do you have at the moment and please tell me a bit about your future recording plans? Are you in search for a record-deal actually? How does it work out? Are you ready to record a complete full-length album?

I have 10 new songs, plus 6 songs from the demo, I am indeed searching for a record deal, Iím not willing to pay a studio again, that stuff is expensive, I already have enough songs of a full length, this year, in July, my demo will be released in Russia and on Germany, so Iím not in a hurry to get a record deal,500 cds are going to be released on Russia and 100 tapes on Germany, Iíll wait for the releases and see how it goes.

13. OK Joao, It was a honor to interview you. I hope you enjoy the interview. Our readers are waiting for your last comments.

First Iíd like to thank THE PAIN FUCKTORY and all the people who support underground metal, now that metal is turning in to a trend, people that are able to break with the standards are needed more than ever, some may say that nowadays, is hard to do original stuff since a lot of stuff has been made, but I believe that people has become less creative.  

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