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Realized at: 15th, December 2016

"We're all pretty much perfectionist (find me a musician who isn't, lol)..."

1) PD was founded 2 years ago (2014), Overall what has has been the greatest challenge the band has faced up until today?

A: Keeping drummers, haha. We've been through 3 drummers in 2 years, so finding dedicated experienced drummers in VA is kind of our challenge or curse as we call it. But I feel we found our killer skin beater with Jeff, he's been coming along nicely & adds great depth. 

2) So you play brutal death metal... But why "Brutal"? What does this word mean for you, and what does brutality represent in your daily lives? 

A: "Brutal" to us in the music we play would mean the real & extreme in music, the true Underground! It's one of the greatest feelings to write and unleash, cuz there's so much mixed emotions that go into it, that much creativity is flowing. Brutality in our daily lives represents the true definition of life itself, as humans we are typically known to be violent & brutal beings, and it's increasing yearly. It also corresponds with the struggles that most ppl face in anywhere earth, and the situations we are put thru, some are quite brutal. We feel in a violent world, by producing brutal music, it can help be the escape, rather than doing harm unto others brutally, come to a show instead, get in the pit and feel the music, let it out, meet some like minded fuckers like yourself, then come have a beer with us.  

3) How much time and effort do you spend on the band to get everything to look and sound the right way? 

A: Weeks if not months, depending on what we're working on. We're all pretty much perfectionist (find me a musician who isn't, lol), so somethings we'll review over & over again to try and find any flaws that need tweeking or total revamping, then the polishing and memorizing comes into focus.   

4) How’s the promotion of your new EP “Psychotic Slam Brigade” going? Are you pleased by the reviews so far and be honest are third party opinions (press, fans, etc.) on your music important to you? 

A: Everyone's opinion or review is important to us when it comes to our tunes, that's half of why we do what we do...for the fans & public of the scene. We're artists first and foremost, so we're open to the good and the harshness of music critics, fans, & press. We like to know if what we've been working on is going to attract optimistic attention, or is it ass garbage. It's kinda like heads up homework for the next piece of nastiness we create. But so far, the EP reviews have been actually good, so that's what up, we're happy! 

5) How do you create the songs? Is it a predetermined process, or do you leave substantial space for improvisations? 

A: Free jams mainly my man, haha! We typically get nice in the head (smoke break), and just start playing, or if one of us has been working on a riff for a couple days, we'll introduce it to the others and see what transpires. We have a digital H4 recorder that we turn on when we start practice and just go to town, you'll hear at times, shit just comes together and mixes well (drums, bass, guitar) as if it's was already written or planned, so that stuff we'll keep, transfer onto our computer, and work off those riffs and/or arrangements. We'll listen to other takes that we've recorded previously to see what fits and go from there, it's a process sometimes.... 

6) You signed with Pathologically Explict Recordings for the EP and upcoming album. How do you value your relationship with the label so far, concerning the promotion and overall help? 

A: P.E.R. has been great thus far. Although Fernando signed us after the EP release, so that's a self released PD gem. Our first official release under Pathologically Explicit will be the full length due out fall 2017. We totally value our relationship with Fernando & the label, we're totally humbled and stoked to have gotten picked up by such a great brutal entity. As far as any heavy promotion & help, it's there, and more will come in due time when we hit the studio for the album.  

7) If PSYCHOTIC DEFILEMENT was a cunt, how would you describe it? Would it rather be the fat ugly one, or the very juicy one? 

A: It would be the illest one! Fat and juicy like the music we love to create, with maybe a little crust on the sides to show that we like to play with everybody. Kinda like smelling a prostitues panties after fucking, it's nasty and yet inviting...LoL, holy crap I love that question.  

8) Death Metal has come a long way today. Are you keeping track of the new bands in the DM scene? What do you think of the various sub-genres that are mushrooming each day? 

A: Yeah, Bas & myself try to keep an ear on killer new acts, keeps us fresh, then we mention it to other guys on what to check out. As of late DM has some pretty sick shit that's been coming out the last 2 or 3 years. Two that cum too mind that's killer are Analepsy & Delusional Parasitosis. Otherwise, we really don't pay attention to terms such as "sub-genre," if it's good whatever it is...then it's good, we dig it. Some of the other new stuff coming out though that mixes different genres together, ahh it's ok or not for me, depending which one of us you talk too. So we just stick to what we know basically, haha! 

9) Could you tell us more about the Metal scene in Virginia? Is this a quite good state on a Metal point of view, and were there good Death Metal bands to check out in the past? 

A: What Metal scene in Virginia (LoL), just kidding calm your tits. Umm, it's an ok state from a Metal point of view, it's definitely improved in the last 7 yrs. as far as more Death Metal bands sprouting up and venues hosting all around Metal shows. Back in 2005 when I first got down here from NY the Metal scene was so so. Sometimes national touring bands would stop thru at select venues once in a while & a handful of big and small local Metal acts playing occasionally, now all those seem more prevalent. VA Beach area has blossomed in the last few years with bands like Rotting Obscene, Murder, Throne of Botis, Human Infection, & Richmond is coming up again with bands like Crucial Rip, Awakened From Dormancy, Risala, us and a few others. Back in the past VA was producing great bands like Deceased, Gwar, Short Bus Pile Up, Lamb of God, Bleed, Choke Chain, and a few others from the early '90's to the start of 2K. 

10) We live in a globalized world where there are no borders to be crossed thanks to the internet. How do you best utilize this to gain the outmost for PD? 

A: Self networking is key for any band, especially with the internet and social media being so vast and popular worldly, it's beneficial to be involved and on top of all we can be. Doing band business across many different plains thru merch or making friends in other countries is rather crucial to get your name out their to the masses. Those people of interest in your stuff will then pass it along (hopefully), and from their shit just grows, at the end of the day that's what you want, that buzz. It also helps being signed to a label established in another part of the world, lol, now you have another outlet inputting your band out there on the Internet.  

11) You've been playing a number of shows recently and you have a reputation for your performances . What is the necessary stuff you take in a van going on tour? Well, besides instruments and equipment. 

A: Food, tools, certain mind expanding and/or numbing substances, water, some sort of entertainment (Uno), headphones, rubber walrus protectors (hey, ya never know), merch & deodorant.  

12) What are the basic criteria by which you choose the places where you would like to play live? Is it about lineup in the case of festivals, the nature of the action, or even approach of the organizers? 

A: We really don't have a "basic criteria" for where to play live, really. I mean, it's gotta at least have a clean working toilet, not be infested with vermin & have reliable electricity, if anything. Now we've stayed in some pretty sketchy places after we've played a show, but not yet a venue...yet, haha! But seriously, a good approach from a business friendly and reputable organizer is helpful for a decision and sometimes a gnarly lineup helps too, but that's a rare case why we choose certain shows, we overall just love to play live and spread our jizz of brutal psychosis onto everyone!  

13) It might be too early, seeing as you’re working on it right now, but what can we expect from the forthcoming album? 

A: Sheer utter nastiness! Little more dynamic & groove, with lots of fury and drive. Looking to deliver something familiar but brutally unique. We don't wanna give away to much too soon. Just keep your eyes & ears peeled kids, fall 2017 on Pathologically Explicit Recordings! 

14) Many thanks again for your valuable time and your effort! I wish you only the best! Any last words to our readers and of course yours? 

A: First off Thank You TPF for the interview, it was cool. Secondly, Never give up on your dreams, no matter how big or small they may be, always strive to be great and live your life to the fullest. Respect and give homage to those that have done it before you, & appreciate the help you may receive along the way, and never burn a bridge until it's absolutely necessary. Fuck all the naysayers, Pop music, & government rule, smoke crack and worship Satan, and watch out for herpes...remember sickos, Psy Def is the Illest!! \m/ Cheers \m/

Thanx for yer Support;
         -The Psychotic Crew  




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