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Date: 06th, March 2013
(Answers by Nicolas Grenier-  Guitars/Vocals )

Canadian Thrash Asault!!! POWERED BY DEATH one of the best bands I have heard in the last few months. They remind me the old vein of bands such as DEMOLITION HAMMER, OVERKILL, EXODUS. No more words need to be said! Enjoy the violence!!!!!  

1. Haisl Bro, POWERED BY DEATH have just been founded about 2 years ago, so which bigger memories would you extract from this short period of existence?

I'd have to say either getting signed on EBM records with a 4track demo that me and Denis Defish recorded in his shitty appartement room. And our last Quebec city show. That was fucked. We finished playing and we all took acid afterwards. No one knew what the hell was going on we were all on other planets trying to just bring both our feet back to Earth haha!

2.Judging for the bandname one could expect a "Death" Metal band, however you are more a Thrash metal based band (then it could be called POWERED BY THRASH hahaha!) highly influenced by the old school vein in my opinion. Could you please enlight us a bit about your musical approach?

Haha! You want thrash metal ? We show you thrash metal !
The cool thing about the band is that we are all highly influenced by different types of music yet we all LOVE thrash metal. Couldn't live without Warbringer, Overkill and Metallica.
I write most of the music and I believe I have found a way to still keep our music thrash while not ripping off the bands from the 80s.
And the more we are evolving, the more music we are writing, the more we concentrate on song structures than riffs. So expect a shit ton of guitar solos on the up and coming POWERED BY DEATH material!

3. However I am a little bit afraid because you mentioned your new stuff will be including some more "Acoustic" and "progressive" parts. Could you please tell us about the new songs to be included on your coming debut album?

The debut album is already recorded and done! We are just waiting on the mixing and mastering (which is a pain in the ass). The album will be called ''Eyes Sewn Shut''. No acoustic parts are included in our first opus. It's gonna be 30 minutes of heavy metal thunder!
We have all been playing metal in bands for at least the past 5 or 6 years and we want to explore the different horizons. The acoustic parts we mentionned are minimal yet they make the music less predictable in a genre that is usually very predictable and they really help accentuate the heavy parts making them seem even heavier.
As for the progressiveness, we have always loved playing odd time structures and changing beats. That's what we mean, Powered by Deatheads don't need to worry, we will not be changing the core of our music at all and we will never ever stop playing true metal.

4. POWERED BY DEATH is an relatively unknown band, and I think you deserve so much more attention and promotion. So what kinds of future plans do you have in mind in order to promote your new stuff, some tours?

Unfortunately we are broke as fuck. We party too much. We want to tour so much! We are going to use our first record which EBM is going to ship all across Europe, Japan and America (you can order is on their website or through us for the rest of the world) as a steppingstone to try and reach higher grounds. All four of us live for this music and we intend to die with our instruments in our hands.
Also it's very hard to try and make your band standout in this digital age where anyone with a computer can be seen. If it was just up to us we wouldn't have a fucking facebook page, but we have to reach out to fans because fans don't reach out anymore to try and find bands, or very few of them do.
Plastic music is on top of the world and we want to bang the head that has ceased to bang, bring back the glory of rock n' roll and heavy metal to the summit!

5. Nicolas - How did you become the skilly guitar player you became? What was your practice routine before you started playing in bands?

A guitar was the thing I wanted the most when I was a kid. When my parents got me a guitar, they said I could play as loud as I wanted as long as I took lessons to learn how to play. Which I did! Practicing songs and jaming are part of the reasons I picked up the instrument quickly but what really made me the guitar player I am today is the unrelentless urge of WANTING to be a good guitar player. Plus I don't want to flatter myself too much here because Denis Defish is a way better guitar player than I am haha!

6. what can you tell us about your personal life aside of musician aspect? how many years old? Some words about your family, your daily job, girlfriend and hobbies (for you and the rest of memebers)

I'm the youngest in the band, I'm 21 years old and the other guys are 23. We live in Québec, Canada, which is pretty bilingual. Egypt and myself are french while Ballz and Defish are english. We all work shitty jobs, I work in a hardware store and I still go to school. I study Economics at the University of Montreal. Ballz delivers car parts and studies Physics in University, Egypt is a manager at a drug store and studies to become a history teacher and Defish works at a supermarket. We all come from families that have been really supportive of our musical directions, all our father figures have been there to show us the path down to rock n' roll with bands like Zepplin and Sabbath.
I wanna add that I hate my job and my boss.

7. Among musicians is common to be under the influence of drugs, so what is PBD stand on this issue?

We support drugs

8. How many songs do you have at the moment and please tell me a bit about what you´ve been dealing with or what are you talking about within your lyrics? Take two or three examples which you think is the most worth to talk about and tell me exactly the deeper meaning behind it.

Cool question man! At the moment we have 9 songs which you Powered by Deatheads will be able to hear on our first record. And we already have 4 songs written for the next record! We try and keep the train rolling so we don't loose steam!
Lyrically, our music usually deals with freedom. In the sense to encourage everyone to be the king of their own world!
"Hit the surface" for example: Making my way through the jungle of life/Focused on my goal slashing all in sight/Kings will fall dropping left and right/I'm taking back my throne tonight!
No one can tell you what to do other than yourself. That is a theme that we use alot.

"Eyes Ripped Open", a song which will be on our first record deals with that aswell. There is a lyrics:
Looking out from your window/Tell me what do you see?
Peace and love are dying on the streets/As you're wired onto your screen.

Which deals with ignorance and the state of the world at the moment.
Those are really the two themes that we explore lyrically: Freedom and Ignorance

9. Please tell us a bit about your live performances. What’s the worst and the best place you ever performed? How you manage to transfer the violence and force of your Thrash Metal on stage?

Playing live is the greatest rush ever. We've played shitty places where there was only 2 people, including Defish's girlfriend but that only makes us play even more pissed off!
Québec City is the greatest place we've played, we really have made true fans over there that know our lyrics and thrash like maniax!
We always have a little meeting before we play a show, the four of us, saying what we wanna bring out on the stage that night.
''Energy, determination, confidance and brutality'' and we end our little speech with our cry of war: ''Exodus?'' ''Exodus!''
So yeah, we just love playing live and we always bring the energy and when the energy is transfered back to us by the crowd is just becomes the best feeling ever!

10. Are you satisfied with the current metal scene in Quebec? Could there be any improvements to the 'scene'?

Yeah there could kill off all the Deathcore music. And some promoters leave with 75% of the show revenues. If bands want to aspire to go somewhere, they need money. To make shirts, cds, to travel. Sure we do it for fun, but we don't wanna go to sleep hungry every night of the tour you know.

11. What are your thoughts on the human society and the way we treat Mother Earth?

It's shitty man. It's a shame that people are so selfish. If everyone would hlep each other out it would be a better place.
I'd love to conquer the world and change everything. Put an end to hunger and erradicate religion.

12. What is for you the repulsion for humankind? And how much importance "hate" , "chaos" and "destruction" have in your life?

Not that much, I'm kind of a hippie when it comes to that. I'm all about peace and love man. Try and make the world a better place with positive vibes! Less hate, less chaos and no destruction would be what I would want.

13. OK, please define thrash metal with your own words, and if thrash metal was a beer, which one would it be?

Labatt 50 haha! Thrash is the first form of extreme metal! It cannot die and it will not die and POWERED BY DEATH are damned fucking sure to make that true!

14. Top 5 Albums You've Been Listening to lately.

1- King Diamond - THEM
2- Overkill - Taking Over
3- Exodus - Atrocity Exhibition A
4- Overkill - Electric Age
5- NoFX - Punk in Drublic

15. OK man, I would like to thank you for your time and help, please add some words to the end of this interview.

Thanks so much for everything man! You are a fucking messiah for bands like us that are just trying to do something! Thanks for the airplay for the good words and keep on fucking thrashing!
The Few and the Proud fight 'till the end


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