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Date: 12nd, May 2013
(Answers by Juraj "Kazatel" HandzusVocalist)

(This Interview was originally published at our printted version of THE PAIN FUCKTORY Magazine - Issue 1)


1. Being a Band existing since 1995, and having 4 albums already released, I guess you have innumerous interesting things to tell, about tours, ex-members, boycotts, rehearsals, etc...give me a resume about this.

Ok...so at first I will give you some backstory of our band:

a) The band was founded in October 1995 by Martin Marincak (vocals) and Jozef "Dodi" Kosc (guitar). The first two demos (The Embarrassed – 1997, Personal – 1999) opened the band the door to the underground scene. After some personal changes, in January 2001, the new line-up was formed: Martin (vocals), Dodi (guitar), Marek Stasak (drums), Dano Kochanik (guitar) and Martin Kukol (bass). These five guys managed to record two albums.At the beginning of 2003 the debut album "In The Garment Of Lust" was released by the French label Perennial Quest Records.The material contains 8 new songs and 1 song "Disillusioned" (re-recorded) from the first demo. It is a brutal death metal stuff and it helped Perversity to get to the world UG. In November 2004 the second album "Words Like Poison" was released by the Slovak label Forensick Music.The CD contains 33 minutes of brutal technical death metal.The new vocalist Juraj "Kazatel" Handzus joined the band in September 2003. Since May 2004 the band has had a new drummer Martin "Mystik" Horgos and the era of unholy death metal has started. The band has managed to support "gods" Suffocation and Vital Remains.The new guitarist Robert Vanya joined the band in July 2005. The line-up working on the next album was: Jozef Kosc-guitar, Martin Kukol-bass, Juraj Handzus-vocals, Martin Horgos-drums and Robert Vanya-guitar. Meanwhile the CDr "Demos & Rarities Collection" was created /April 2006/. It contains remastered demos and a couple of live tracks.The third album "Beyond The Reach Of Heaven" was recorded in February/March 2007.It contains 9 tracks, 35 minutes of pure death metal music with message from Immolation or Incantation.The CD was released by the Czech label Grodhaisn Production at the beginning of 2008.In September 2007 a new bass player Slavomir "Sly" Koval joined the band. In April 2009 the next personal change occured. Marian "Elvis" Petrik became the new guitarist. He had been the vocalist in the Slovak death metal legends Insepultus in the years 2000-2002.The current line-up is: Juraj Kazatel Handzus-vocals, Jozef Dodi Kosc-guitar and backing vocals, Marian Elvis Petrik-guitar, Slavomir Sly Koval-bass and Martin Mystik Horgos-drums. The 15th anniversary of the band was celebrated at the concert in Presov on September 25, 2010. At the end of March 2011 Perversity recorded their 4th album entitled "Ablaze" in the studio Klakson in Slovakia. The album was released in the end of August 2011 by the Czech label Lavadome Productions.

b) The Perversity live-shows are very intense! You can see that we give our all and then try to give even more. We've got nothing but positive responses over the years. We got it after the first gig we did in 1996 and also after the latest we did, last week. Of course, you can see the progress over these years. But we can also see that we are 100% focused and giving it all. We've played many shows in Slovakia,Czech Republic and also in Austria. But the biggest moment for us was that we had a chance to perform like supports for Suffocation, Vital Remains and Lost Soul. So,You can see that we're fully intended to deliver death metal to the masses!!!! And as far as I can remember there were no boycotts against us.

2. For how long have you been personally playing music and do you think this time is enough? Who is the most skilled musician in PERVERSITY?

I'm already for 14 years in this business and I hope that I will be doing this until my health and family will allow it. Every member has skills on the same level.

3. Kazatel, Where do you think all this interest for blasphemy/occultism/devil worship matters comes to you? Were you raised based on such principles, or you discovered everything at a certain point?

On our first two demos and the first two albums the lyrics were mainly written by Jozef (guitars), they were about hatred, wars and other social issues. Everything has changed when I came into the band. So, on our third album the lyrics were written by myself, except two of them were done by Jozef. They were about the dark corners of human mind, apocalypse, heresy and evil. On our new album the lyrics were written only by myself and they are fully dealing with blasphemy, occultism and devil worship. I have always been inspired by these topics from the very childhood. I have really been enchanted by everything that has dealt with it. I own some grimoires, books and poems in my collection. So, You can see me as a person who reads and studies these books and writes such lyrics for his band. There are no special messages behind it except my own personal view on religion.

4. Slovakia is not a very well know scene for me, Is it easy to make a metal band in your place? What is the interest in extreme music in Slovakia?

Slovak extreme music scene is very good. Several Slovakian cities come to my mind as hotbeds for the myriad subgenres of metal and extreme music in general. For example: Bratislava spawned breakneck, punk-influenced thrash metal and hardcore. Košice, Prešov and Humenné birthed their own putrid forms of death metal. Over all these years the scene has changed many times. Some bands or projects has splitted up, but there are also some new bands like Khadaver or Iria. And if I can recommend some bands, it would be these: Brute, Phantasma, Lunatic Gods, Obliterate, Infer, Ancestral Volkhves, Nomen Mortis. There are too many of them.

5. I think several people is very curious to know more things about your latest CD "Ablaze". Tell us something about the main idea of the 10 tracks. Where did you record? Did you have any problems in studio and all sorts of interesting details for our readers?

So, our last album Ablaze was recorded in Košice, at the Klakson studio in March 2011. It is a professional studio owned by Roman Solty, who was a lead guitarist in death metal band called Decay back in 90s. He has helped us with many things and we really appreciated his support. I must say that with this release the interest for our band has increased. We feel that we have stirred up the level of death metal scene, not only in our country but also outside. Promotion for the album and its distribution is across the globe, from Europe through Asia to USA. We are informed about all through our label, distros or media. I can say with ease that it sells very well. There is also some merchandise for this album in the form of T-shirts with the motive of the cover. Fans can order it through our web: http://www.perversityband.com/merchandise/ or directly from our label at: http://store.lavadome.org/  

6. What is your opinion about life and death? Do you have fear to die?

Death is certain and life is not. So all depends on you, how you spend your life. And if I have fear to die? Everyone has it...so if it comes it comes, that's all...

7. If you could exist in any era of any part of the world, which would it be and why?

I haven't thought about it, but maybe the late 8th to the mid-11th century in Scandinavia.

8. Do you know something about South American scene? What musical differences do you find between European and American metal scenes?

I know that South American scene is very good and also very rich for many subgenres of metal. I have many favorite bands from South America. Some of them are legends like Mystifier, Sarcophago or Pentagram. But I also like the new wave of death metal like Krisiun, Abhorrence, Lobotomy, Poisonous, Headhunter D.C. or Incrust.

9. What PERVERSITY needs to become a top death metal band? Do you think this is just a question of time?

We want to go as far as possible, but we wouldn't be here without fans and this is most important for us.

10. OK, please define death metal with your own words, and if death metal was a beer, which one would it be?

I am the fan of death metal from the very childhood. So,it is my life and also some kind of drug that i need. Death metal is eternal!!! And if Death Metal was a beer it surely would be Šariš or Gambrinus.

11. Well, that´s all for now! What would you say to our readers in conclusion?

We are writing new songs for the new material and we hope to record it in the late autumn or winter 2012. They can expect more blasphemous stuff from us and maybe a vinyl edition of our last album Ablaze, that should be released via Lavadome Productions.

Thanx a lot for shownig your interest on our band and music. Take care and good luck. And don't forget that Death Metal Is Eternal!!!!


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