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Date: 2th, April 2013
(Answers by Barnes - Bassist )



This is a conversation I had with Barnes, the bass player from PANKRATION, if you like a mixture of different styles like Metal, punk, Rock´n´Roll or symply "Bare Knuckle Rock’s Roll" as they call themselves, you should definitley experience this band.

1. Hey Barnes, how are you doing?? on the first place I would like to ask you how so you decided to establish PANKRATION as a solid band after of all of you was coming from several different previous acts?

Hello Gorthaur,
It has turned out so. Nobody would have counted on it. At first it was just a joke and we wanted make some noise. We play so long in our main bands that we wanted to do some different. As we played the first time live with another name “Bukkake”- the audience don’t run away and we decided that we wanted more. So we wrote a few songs, we change the name and made the Album. The release party was a great success, we have good reviews and it seems that the people like it. We have ask for from Poland, France; England and of course Peru. We want to use this first. 

2. I really hate the boring introductions, but in a couple of decades into the scene I guess you have a long history and, of course, numerous interesting things to tell about your experience as a metal fan. Can you resume about this and how satisfied you finally feel about PANKRATION as your current way to express your musical approach?

We all make music since over twenty years, there’s a lot to tell. That is one reason why we do this. In a normal live you don’t have such an experience like with the Band. Every concert is different; every studio session is an experience. There are happen so many crazy things in this time. You got to know so many different people that you never ever would meet.
The whole band is very satisfied with Pankration. From the first rehearsal till the album.
All is still new for us to play with other guys. I don’t want to tell that is boring with our main bands, but a little bit fresh air feels good. 

3. What is PANKRATION all about? What do you say are the elements that make you different compared with other bands?

Pankration is Bare Knuckle Rock’n´Roll. We unite many elements to a whole one!
As we met us the first time, we got no idea which kind of music we wanted to make.
We have thrash; we have punk; we have rock’s roll; we have melodies: simple arrangements; short songs and long songs. These lots of elements that’s why: “Bare Knuckle Rock’s Roll".
This is a music which we ourselves would like to hear with pleasure.
Every band tells you that there sound is unique. We just want to kick some asses.

4. As you mentioned you include a variety of styles on your music. Is it hard to make all these different parts work together as a unit?

This happens solely. Every member in the band gives their input. We all love metal, but every member had his favourite genre in this music. Jens and I write the riffs and we arrange the song as a band. And everyone brings his influence with purely. 

5. How many songs do you have at the moment and please tell me a bit about what you´ve been dealing with or what are you talking about within your lyrics?

We have current ten songs and an Intro. I pleased Phil (our singer) that he don’t make political lyrics. I don’t like politics in music. The lyrics are mostly mindless. Except a few songs are about church or critical society or pure manowar metal lyrics. We want to have fun and not telling messages. 

6. What are some of the ideas/concepts you wish people to have flow through their mind while listening to the art of PANKRATION?

I repeat me, but the people should have great forty minutes when they hear our Album.
They should stamp with the feet to the beat and shaking they head to the music; don’t think about sorrow, have fun. 

7. Considering how you mix all kinds of genres I’m curious to know from where you actually draw influences? Have you been compared to bands you don’t feel you have anything in common with?

I can’t talk from the others. I don’t know what my influence is. I have written only songs which I would hear with pleasure. I don’t think about: that sounds like this, or that. Sure, other maybe hear bands like Six feet under and other hear Sodom or Voivod in the songs, but I don’t think about that. Some people telling me, this sound like this, or that and I don’t know these bands.

8. Talking about your release "Beretta`s Kiss", how was the response the band gain so far? If possible share with us some positive and negative feedback towards this recent full lenght?

The response was predominantly positive. And nevertheless, some have to grumble always a little bit. The Song is to long, or I can’t understand your singer, he shouts to loudly etc.
I got good response from guys they have nothing to do with metal. This pleases me very much. 

9. lets talk about your gigs. Have you been playing a number of shows recently? Are live shows a central aspect of PANKRATION?

Yes of course. Till now we played just two shows. They had a very good response. Next month we start a few gigs in our area. We have to present us, nobody knows us, because we are a new band. Our shows are full of energy. Nobody, except our drummer stays on his place. We run through the club, we bang our heads, which is very interesting for the audience. 

10. What would you consider the hardest part about playing in an Underground band?

To become gigs. And when you have a gig, than try to win people to support you.
And it’s difficult to become acquainted outside your area. But it’s our aim to get fun.
We are happy, when we get some gigs and support at fanzines like THE PAIN FUCKTORY for example. When we can make records and win a few fans. It’s just the beginning nobody knows, how far we come with Pankration. 

11. Talking back about your debut CD, Pick a song from it that you feel to be the most interesting lyrically, musically or having a good story about it and tell me about it.

There occurs to me immediately the Song: Rage to Riot. I wrote the song at home. As we had rehearsal I presented my ideas. And Phil said after I played the riffs:” The verse could be the chorus”. And the next says: “There have to be the bridge, not there”. They turned my whole song around and I freaked totally out. And so we did it and my opinion: This has become one of the best songs of the album. I can’t say very much about the lyrics, because Phil wrote all lyrics. What I say and what he means are two different things. In the spring we try to shoot a video from the song. 

12. Do you enjoy the classic sound of extreme metal more than the more modern, experimental sound of newer "metal" bands or viceversa?

Yes, I miss the dirt in the sound today. The albums of the new bands sound like operating rooms. I don’t like it.

13. What are your interests beside the music? Are they connected in any way so that you play precisely this kind of music in the end?

Outside the music I have my family (My wife Astritt and my teckel Yoda). I watch a lot of movies; I collect DVD’s and Blu Ray’s. Than I play with my PS3. This has nothing to do with music. Such boring things that everybody do. I can’t imagine my live without music. 

14. What can you say to us about your local scene? Are there any interesting bands , clubs or events you might mention?

There’s a lot of interesting bands in our local scene for example: Human Paranoid, Slave to Misery or New World Order. The clubs become fewer and fewer. A big club in our hometown make a local underground festival every month. We played there with the name “Bukkake”. In this summer they are a great festival at they club parking area. But mostly we organize our own festivals. The bands know each other. 

15. Top 5 Albums You've Been Listening to lately.

What a question. It’s to difficult so quickly, but I try it:
1. Alice Cooper – From the Inside
2. Slayer – Reign in Blood
3. Sepultura – Beneath the Remains
4. Judas Priest – Painkiller
5. Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard of Ozz

16. Well...well, It has been a very long talking, thanks for your time and interesting words. ANy final words from your side?

I thank you very much for this interview and your support. And I thank everyone who read this and who support us.


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