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Fecha/Date: 06.11.2011

1. Despite you have a very short time in existence, since your inception in 2010, you`ve gone on to become one of Finnish`s more active black metal outfits. Tell us a bit about the early days of Nox Ultima and any difficulties you found in establishing yourselves in the Finnish scene.

Nox Ultima had very little difficulties in forming. We are extremely like-minded when it comes to our music. We agreed on what we wish to do, and soon the material started forming. You could call it inspiration drawn from the black fire of inspiration or perhaps you could call it providence. It doesn't really matter. 

We were fortunate enough to know people from other great bands from the local scene from prior experience, which really did help when we started looking for gigs. It still does, since playing with assholes is about as much fun as sticking your dick into a jar filled with razors. 

Perhaps the biggest problems that we have faced have been from the Finnish black metal elite. Our views can conflict on occasions, and slight disputes on ideological matters were sparked. We however don't give a flying fuck about this. No-one will dictate how we will do our music!

2. What stands behind the Nox Ultima name? Does this name in a way or another express the music that the band is delivering?

Nox Ultima - the final damning darkness, the absolute lack of contrast which in itself cannot exist without its polar opposite as a concept is indeed tied to our music and to the lyrical themes. Mankind has always been fascinated with the occult - with the hidden, and darkness has always been the place where to hide (symbolically and actually) the things one does not wish others to find. These are major themes that we draw inspiration from, to explore what life, power, inspiration, emotion and of course, music means to us, to draw out their hidden meanings and to complete the grand mystical work that is life.

3. Your sound and imagery/appearance are utterly bizarre, sickening, often suprising and original I think too. Are you aiming for specific imagery? What is Nox Ultima all about? What are your inspirations?

The imagery you see is the imagery that we feel we should be aiming for at that time, that complements our music and our aspirations. Like I said, we draw inspiration from the occult, the bizarre and obscure. Nox Ultima is about the ultimate personal freedom of expression, about the celebration of the eternal dance of polar opposites. We are the daemons, the satyrs who's playing leads you to the grand debauched revelry where you will find meaning to your existence or burn out like dying stars in the process.

4. What are some of your interests, occupations and hobbies outside of composing sick

We exist solely for the music, every breath, every step and every ounce of blood and flesh we have is directed to channeling the pulse of the multiverse and deciphering it into notes.

5. Are there any certain religious or philosophical beliefs within the band? What are your attitudes towards fans that like your music but do not have your ideals?''

If you like our music, you like our ideals, for even without the words, the ideas are still there, intertwined in the notes. And what these ideas are? You could say that we seek to praise the complexity of life, the totality of the human experience and the inherent possibility that borders on the infinite that resides in the human spirit. Our next release will have a song dedicated to this topic, called "I am the Gateway". I will not spoil you the lyrics, but basically it's about the grand convocation that is life.

6. What is your opinion about satanism in black metal? Should all black metal bands be at least somehow connected with the devil?

Definately not. I think it would a great disservice to black metal and those devout bands who wish to portray the devil in their music. Having someone who's doing it only to make an impression would be much like profanity to them. You can make black metal without mentioning the devil once, and if you truly don't have the space in your heart for Satan, don't go spouting crap about being a satanist. Simple.

7. You recorded your second demo, “MIR”, a couple of months ago, so I’m guessing you’ve come a bit since. How’s the writing process going, any plans so far for next recording session?

There will be a cassette (perhaps a cd version as well) with two new songs of our own and two cover tracks, pretty much limited to 50-or-so copies. The songs are a bit more on the "experimental" side, probably sounding like Throneum on crack. We're really psyched about them, since the songs haven't been played live, not even once and after getting the tape out, there is a good chance that we'll play at least one of them, perhaps both. They should really work in the live environment as well.

After this, we have three new songs still that we will begin recording pretty much as soon as possible after the tape has been done with. Why release the songs separately and not as a single release? Basically we can't feel that the songs can be done with the same production, and having different sounds on a single album can suck really badly, so it's not really an option. Also the songs form different thematic wholes that do deserve to be on their own, separate of one another. The three songs are perhaps more on the modern side, a logical progression from the previous outing, MIR. 

8. Talking back about your release "MIR", how was the response the band gain so far? If possible share with us some positive and negative feedback towards this Demo? 

I believe that people have liked MIR. We've gotten good impressions from people, and bad impressions. Most folks have liked the songs and the production, and the first time we've been able to perform the songs before a bigger audience was also a very good experience. People seem to get it that the songs aren't only meant for standing around and drinking beer, no matter how much fun that is. 

9. About song writing, how long will it take to complete a song. Is it possible to complete it all in an hour, or in day, or it might even took long periods of refining the lines, etc. How do you know or when can you say that the song is finished? Who wrotes the lyrics? Do each and everyone in the band contribute their ideas?

The lyrics are written by me (A.H), much like most of the material. We do share ideas when it comes to the arrangements and some of the riffs, but most of the material is 99% ready when we start to playing it as a band for the first time. This saves a ton of time and effort. I guess that most of the time the songs spend time on a computer or on musical sheets until I get that feeling that "this is it". There have been times when I've just scrapped the song when it didn't feel "right" for the band, or it didn't speak to me - that there wasn't a way for me to express in words what has been expressed in notes. We try to stay away from instrumental pieces.

10. How you manage to transfer the violence and force of your Black Metal on stage? What is the special thing on a NOX ULTIMA show? What do you think about violence at metal shows (be it outside or inside the venue)?

Nox Ultima on stage is about transcendence. We become a part of the ebb of music, the throbbing bass, the roar of the guitar and crashing drums. We breathe it, we howl it to the audience. It's pretty much seeking a similar mindset to what ancient seers and shamen were trying to do. When I'm on stage, I don't know who I am and what I'm doing, its like there's something completely different inside of me that roars its defiance against the system, against the gods, against everything. So I guess its about attitude then? We consider our gigs transcendental rituals, so there's a high possibility that more ritual elements will find their way to the stage when the settings allow for it.

As for violence, I believe there's a place for it in the metal scene, at least to a certain extent. A gig can be a very intense experience for someone, and to be able to express this, some people will need to use their bodies. I believe that communal forms of bodily action such as mosh pits are excellent ways to forget who you are and become a part of something completely different. A transcendental experience. If this is considered violence - people leaving intense pits broken and bloodied but happy, I heartily approve. However, disturbing someone's experience by using rash violence is definitely not something I can condone. It calls for retribution.

11. What is your opinion about melancholy? What situations usually to depress you? Are you conscious that your music is rather sombre and a sort of “depressive” also?

I would rather say that our music is solemn instead of depressive. I would never wish that anyone would consider Nox Ultima a depressive black metal band, like Xasthur or Shining. We don't share their ideologies, and even though we do use melancholic melodies, the intention is not to evoke feelings of depression or thoughts of suicide, but rather of reverence and perhaps of loss. LIfe is a dynamic whole and the great work that each and everyone has to go through to become complete consists of fluctuation. To understand this and embrace it is to embrace the good and the bad as a whole, the evil, the egotistic, the vicious and the downright hostile and bloodthirsty feelings have a mutual and a justified place alongside their polar opposites. This is what you should revere! This is what calls for those melancholic melodies and feelings in the songs!

12. Talking about black metal, For you, what are the differences between today´s black metal scene and the old school Finnish legions for example ?

Today's black metal scene seems to have grown from an ugly duckling to something quite competent. We have bands that have understood that you can actually have interesting rhythms, complex structures and competent musicianship - and that this does not compromise the intensity of the music in any way. Old school black metal in Finland was extremely brutal in a good way, but sometimes you just want more than pure and undiluted brutality that rivals harsh noise. I believe that the later generations of black metal have found a balance in this, at least to some extent. There are however bands, in Finland as everywhere in the world, who take the name of black metal and spout out something that definitely is not black metal but rather something completely different. I'm not commenting on the quality of the music, as some of the bands are really good and some really just aren't - the only thing that I wish for is that they'd just drop the pretense of being black metal if they don't play it. You don't get any extra kudos for calling your music something what it is not. 

13. Finland's black metal scene is quite big and has a lot of many great bands. Do you think that the fact you are coming from there helps you in a way or is it bad because of the big circle of good bands?

I'd say that it helps us. Places are perhaps more open and welcoming when you try to look for gigs, and it isn' difficult to find bands that share a similar way of performing music to play with. Also, I think it's pretty interesting to meet with people who share similar interests and compare views with them. We all seem to be doing our own thing, and I really like to listen to people talk about their music. In black metal circles, much like in the metal circles in the underground, there doesn't seem to be that much rivalry between the bands. It's like a big, twisted and drunken family of likeminded individuals.

14. What are your goals in the “Touring” side? I was reading you would you like to perform in overseas territories like SouthAmerica and Russia.

In short, we try to play every venue that is logically possible. This means unfortunately that we need to consider finances, which is a total bitch. Russia is extremely probable in the near future, as is Europe. I hear that there are really cool people in South America so we definitely want to head there too to perform - the energy that people who just go apeshit is a drug more powerful than any stuff you can find out on the streets. So yes, we're trying to head outside the borders of Finland, but this takes some planning and screening. Europe and the Baltic countries are most likely to be a target for summer 2012. America will follow suite as soon as possible.

15. Well My Brother. I wish you good luck in the future and say "thank you" for this interview. Now, you can say things, that weren´t said before.

Thank you indeed, and good luck to Pain Fucktory as well! To get your hands on MIR and the future albums and perhaps even some bizarre merchandise, or even gigs, contact us: ah@noxultima.fi or noxultima.fi. And remember - support the underground, buy albums, get drunk, do drugs, fight, fuck and live your life every fucking day like it would be your last. Only then will you do service to yourself! 

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