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Realized at: 04th, December 2016

"There are a lot of Bands doing their own interpretations of black metal next to us, because it is a very subjective thing. It is all about feeling and atmosphere. (...)"

1.Twelve years have passed since band´s foundation. How do you describe the Necrotic Wood’s course? How important is in your lives?

Leech: Music, in general is one of the most important things in life for me. I started playing the drums at the age of 6 and played in several bands.  Regarding Necrotic Woods, I actually feel to have finally "arrived", as the band developed to be a very big part of my life. Although the band can really be dangerous to me, both mentally and physically, I will never stop the madness.

2. Your music is often described as black metal, however you have also included a blend of death, thrash and doom. How your compositional techniques represent these approach?

Spitt: All of us are fans of black metal music, yet everybody's got their own favourites and styles they like - if black metal or not. This is represented in our music and in the way we write songs. Each of us brings in their ideas, their material and we're equally participating in stitching them together they way we think it's best. Like that, a blend of different musical styles is gathered around a core of filthy black metal. We don't really care for genres but write the music the way we would like to hear it.

3. Despite being active for many years, the band has a limited number of releases. Why’s that?

Thorn: When Nachzehrer and I started Necrotic Woods in 2004 it was just to do some old school black metal together. After a while our old drummer Trist, shortly followed by our second guitarist Brew, joined the band. 2008 we decided to record our first official release, „Exaltation of Death“. Prior to that we only had a two track demo. Unfortunatly, Trist left the band in 2009 and, furthermore, we lost our rehearsal room. 2010 we were able to oblige Leech at the drums and, after another half a year or so, we finally found a new room to practice in and Spitt joined us as our first fix bass player. So it was only in mid 2011 that we started to recover from the long, yet, on the other hand, inspirational break. We began to practice the old material and played some shows while we slowly began to write new songs, which eventually resulted in our last release, „The Nameless Dark“. The album was already finished in early 2014 but, due to the search for a fitting record label, it was only released in 2015 by Bret Hard Records.

4. How much time does it take to put a record together? Do you have extra material that’s left out after choosing what fits you most?

Thorn: Oh that’s an easy question! It takes as long as it takes haha! We promise that our next record won’t take so long! In case of „The Nameless Dark“ there was no extra material left. We took our time in composing and recorded exactly what we wanted to be on the album.

5. Your second opus "The Nameless Dark" is pretty well produced, Where did you record it and how did you achieve the sound you did?

Thorn: We recorded it at „Burns Production“ in a town near our hometown. A studio that, in fact, doesn’t do metal productions so often. Mixing and mastering was done by Kostja M. Rohe. We had an idea how the album should sound, which we explained to the sound engineer at the studio. Furthermore, we showed him some other bands whose sound we like. Thus, and by just trying this and that, we achieved the sound we wanted.

6. What are your experiences with promoting "The Nameless Dark" so far in today’s digital environment and the changing nature of the music industry?

Spitt: We haven't been around for 20 years, so I can't really describe a difference to pre-digital distribution. Through the internet and its many channels, it was quite easy for us to distribute our music and get it out to as many people as possible, which is quite comfortable in a way. On the other hand, it's always a financial problem to distribute your music via the internet. Nowadays, everything seems to be available at any times - for free. Producing an album is quite expensive, so we have to rely on selling physical copies anyway. The best way would be to listen to our music online and support us by getting in touch with us afterwards and ordering our cd.

7. You have played a plenty amount of shows and with many well known bands, in the past. What are your impressions?

Leech: The reason I am doing all that is to play live and no matter if we play in front of 5 or 500 people, I am thankful for every single show. This is what keeps me alive!

Thorn: Wherever we play, we meet interesting individuals and bands. For example on our last gig in Luxembourg, where we played in an amphitheatre. It was an underground open air in a natural cave in the woods, very well organized by true supporters of the scene. Our labelmates Hyems and the Belgians of Herfst (who sadly played there farewell show there)  were but two bands of a great line up. In fact we did not play with so many „well known“ bands at all, but we definetly shared the stage with some very, very great bands!!!

8. What are the basic criteria by which you choose the places where you would like to play live? Is it about lineup in the case of festivals, the nature of the action, or even approach of the organizers?

Thorn: Mostly we establish contacts after we played a show, when attending a show ourselves or when some organizer approaches us. Feel free to message us!!!

9. Because the field of black metal is very wide, there is a lot of differences in the styles, sound, approach, etc… So which band(s)do you personally consider to be the treasure of the black metal genre and on the other hand in which ones do you see as the future of black metal?

Leech: I am a huge fan of the norwegian bands and, in my opinion, they created the sound and atmosphere black metal should be about. But of course I am not the type of guy claiming that this is the only true way. There are a lot of Bands doing their own interpretations of black metal next to us, because it is a very subjective thing. It is all about feeling and atmosphere.

Thorn: I became a great fan of Watain in the last years, not only due to their music but to the whole atmosphere they created around them. My latest revelation is Sektemtum, a great band from France, playing a more modern style of black metal.

10. Black metal as a genre has been considered a philosophy by some, while some others consider it an avenue to express their anti-religious sentiments. What are your views on black metal as a whole?

Leech: For me it all started as a way to exactly express this anti-religious and anti-human attitude and still is something representing freedom of mind and individuality, but of course, this is a personal thing and nothing the band inevitably has to represent.

11. Apart from making a living, what do you enjoy most about being a professional musician?

Thorn: Hehe...., we all have a job to make a living. Of course we earn some money with our albums and merchandise, but without everyone of us earning their own money it would not be possible to record an album. By the way, you can support us by getting some of our merch at necroticwoods.bigcartel.com!

12. What about alcohol, does that play a factor at your shows or do you try to keep things as professional and tight as possible?

Thorn: In fact we (mostly...) do not drink too much before a show, just some beers to relax a little bit while some minor details, regarding the gig, are being run-through again.

Despite a tight performance is important for us, we usually have some beers while on stage -  but freaking out on alcohol has to wait until the show is over.

Nachzehrer: Alcohol is involved in nearly everything we do, but we try to stay as sober as possible until we have finished the show. Once we are finished, it all goes down the drain.

13. It’s been more than a year since the release of "The Nameless Dark" . How did the process of writing new material move?

Thorn: We finished almost all songs for the next release! Some of the new songs have already been played on our last shows and they turned out to be real badass tracks. Some still need a little finishing, but we will definitely haunt the studio in early 2017!

14. Thanks for your patience bro, that’s my last question for now. Do you have few more words for our readers?

Leech: Support the underground!

Thorn:  Spread the plague!

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