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Fecha/Date: 29.04.2010
 (During a Chat Session in the Messenger)

1. Tell us about your evolution as a “musician” and getting involved in the scene. What is your opinion on the underground nowadays than it was before? 

Hmm I was born in 1985, till 2000 our country had many (civil)wars, bombings and problems with terrorists. Since 1990 we had constant sanctions and shit happening to us, and in 1999 we were bombed by 17 countres inNATO pact. When you know these facts its easy to imagine mine(and our) growing up, before wars scene here was pretty great! and in war times, there wasn´t any big metal band who wanted to play here (Accept Napalm Death, Pro Pain etc).

As my Musical interest evolution.. hmm I had luck to be child of parents who were in rock and roll music since 60` and their music taste evolved parallel with evolition of rock. Since I was a kid I listened music that my parents used to listen, bands like Scott Walker, Rolling stones, Led zeppelin, Deep purple, Kings, Byrds, etc

In my elementery school I met some friend in my hood who was in rock and hard rock/metal, he had a lot of CDs, LPs and casettes of his own. I didnt had money for mine own so I borowed a lot stuff from him  but same bands I already listened.  Later I descovered Exploited, Motorhead, Sex Pistols, Slayer, HammerFall, Cannibal Corpse, Death, White Skull, Anal Cunt etc

As my "musical carrier", I was in bands since 2002 when I was a drummer in thrash/speed band WITCHUNT, we sucked but I still wouldn´t like to admit that(especialy because I was worse musician there hehe). In 2004 I started to sing in Grind core band NECRORECTUMONOMICON, that was.. interesting experience hehe. At the end of 2004 I started singing in Brutal death metal band DAGGERSPAWN and I was in that band till end of 2009. With that band I signed my first contracts, released first album in USA, dvd, split cds etc, and had a lot gigs(we also supported Vital remains, Obscura etc). in 2008 I started to sing in NADIMAC since I was GREAT friend with whole Nadimac crew now ex singer of Nadimac(Dule) recomended me to be new singer, and others accepted . With Nadimac I acomplished I think, some great things too, Album, Live album, Ep, DVD, a lot of split cds, a lot of gigs, concerts and festivals. A lot new citys,and this year its ganna be even more intense. 

2. You have recently released your debut full lenght, however you have a large list of EP´s and splits with other bands, what´s the reason for that, it was intentional or it´s because a lack of oportunity from any major label? 

Hehehe we are very, VERY satisfied with our label. Wang(owner of AREA DEATH PRODUCTIONS) is one of best dudes in metal. We dont need new bigger label. BUT I like to do split CDs because its great way of supporting underground spirit, other talented bands mostly from Asia, South America, and some parts of Europe, and this way I dont have to burn our cds and send it to metalheads all over the world.

We like to support Thrash/speed/hc/d-beat/crust(not anarcho)/punk etc bands and one day I would like to release split cd with bands of all these genres. 

3. Talking about your "DRZAVNI NEPRIJATELJ BROJ KEC" CD, one remarkable point is the illustrations on the frontcover and layout, can you tell us about the drawings and the entire concept on this scenary and personages?? 

Well, I did cover art, and all booklet drawings(every song - new mini cover). Clown on cover is bands mascot and he represents each one of us. Also whole album is dedicated to making fun of society, and our shitty luck in life hehe pretty sarcastic/dark humor and politicaly incorrect lyrics in combination with ultra fast music. I think that anyone that bought(or steal or something..) our album CD liked it. Anyway we are bands who supports DIY ideology so we do almost everything about our releases and stuff by ourself. 

4. It seems that exists a current old school fashioned wave of bands trying to reviving the 80´s thrash style (MUNICIPAL WASTE..etc), what is your status on this complex amount of newcomers and what is your opinion about these glorious days leadred by bands such ASSASSIN, DEATH ANGEL, S.O.D., EXODUS, NUCLEAR ASSAULT..etc? 

Well ..I love one thing.. in NEW WAVE of thrash metal, a lot of bands are refered as "crossover" or "crossover thrash" bands. To me origin of thrash is in PUNK and oldschool HARD CORE and combination these two with heavy metal. So I am really glad to see bands not trying to play METALLICA or SLAYER thrash, but  NEW - Oldschool(metal/punk/hc) influenced thrash. I pretty much hmm.. not hate, but dislike, new thrash metal bands wich in 2010 try to be slayer or megadeath or slayer from 80`.... its   like bad cover band  Weplayed with Municipal waste and it was pretty great to see that they are fanatics for Oldschol metal AND oldschool minor threat. Anyone who listens to Oldschool metal or hc and take a listen to Municipal Waste will recognize influences, and he will know that their music is not NEW but combination is great and a real refreshind on todays scene. With us is the same, we dont want to be Municipal Waste clon in our region, but i think that our next album will be evenmore faster and proudly influenced with metal/grind core/hc punk/and punk and still be fucking THRASH metal and not just crossover. My opinion about 80` scene, well I never saw it, I had 5 year old when 80`s ended, but from what I heard and seen ... I love a lot of bands from that period, many many punk, grind core and metal bands. And every day I discover some new underground release from that period.  

5. You have previously made vocals on Death Metal Band DAGGERSPAWN, how was the reason to leave these band and how so was the change to sing on a crossover band now, how this affected your vocal aspect (to call it some way)? 

Well when I started singing in Nadimac I still could go to rehersals with two bands, Fisicaly, it was fucking hard because I´m using 4 technics of death/grind growls/screams, and in nadimac I combine punkish shouting with screams. And I´m not person who comes and sits and sing, I stand up and shout as loud as I would on concert, sometimes I jump in studio and shit. Reason for my departure from Daggerspawn was, well I guess moment in time when I and rest of Daggerspawn thought that it is time to change something, we didnt argue or something like that. We stayed friends. Im pretty big fanatic for band I sing in so I tried to give all my strenght to bouth bands, but in long term, its always best to focus energy on one thing.  

6. I look at your concept, lyrics and the cover, I think that you maybe got lots of humor and sarcastic inspiration. Not the shitty political/anarchist way. Can you tell us more deeeply about this matter and what´s the reason to sing on your native tongue (what I think it´s great and good sounding) instead English? 

Hmm well we are not politicaly active band, we all have same ideology behind us (I´m not gonna tell what ideology it is) and we lead pretty same kinda of lives. I personally hate anarcho themes in lyrics wich are pretty same for all bands from Dead Kennedys influence to Aus Rotten stuff.. We have our way of looking on politics, society, religion.. etc., but its not expresed in SAME dull way of writing lyrics as it is in 95% cases with other bands.

We like to spread our vision of things in our politicaly incorrect way.

As for Nadimac singing on Serbian,, well, that makes us pretty unique, I think ? In Serbia its not so usual to see some new young, (or old) rock/alt/metal/bla bla band that sings in Serbian, I guess that they think that they will be better accepted by audience in foreign scenes if they sing in English.

And so far I think that we got much better promotion and response even if we sing in Serbian. If poeple from all over the world like to ask us about our message they - send us email or messagge on myspace and ask.. I appreciate that. For instance this night we received 7 mesagges from Perú, Mexico, Usa, Poland etc and I can´t believe that people care for detailed info about abour band. We have music, art, aggression/energy, and style that spreads messagge, we dont need English lyrics to be accepted. 

7. About song writing, how long will it take to complete a song (your song). Is it possible to complete it all in an hour, or in day, or it might even took long periods of refining the lines, etc. How do you know or when can you say that the song is finished?

If you mean lyrics, I have now here about 30 songs lyrics completed, but its same thing as it is with bands music for songs. Its not up to one person to make whole song. We ALL make song, I bring lyrics and describe what rythm I think I could use for some kind of singing , and they experiment and make something like that. And its great because I can suggest to drummer or guitarists to change something, and if idea is good they do and we all make great ego free process of making songs. Sometimes we need 2 months to complete song (Metal je rat for instance) and sometimes one or two rehersals (Headshoot u glavu) and later we do details on song. 

8. I am curious about the way you made the recordings for the latest album, can you tell us some general details about? Does your music evolve while you're in the studio, or is everything 100% done by the time you go and record?

As I said before, we are mostly DIY band, we are part of the scene as band and as individuals. We recorded our album for price that is 5 times cheaper that recording of one song in any studio. because we were recorded by our friend Igor(Kramp, Folower, Awaiting fear). We first do all about songs in studio on rehersals before recording and some in studio and record 2 days and.. that is it. After recordings, comes production , when we sit and bore Igor. And also insert some details in our songs recordings etc.  

9. Are you getting a good distribution for your album now? How many copies did you sell of the  album? Did it live up to your expectations?  

Well it has DEFINITELY LIVED to our expectations!  In serbia and countries around us, we sold(and some copys gave away for promotional purpuses) All Album Cds, all Split cds, t-shirts, die hard packs (t-shirt, cd, patch., etc), all patches etc.. In begining we had about hmmm 300+ cds, but now we have about 14 copys. We ofcourse didnt made any money because we spent all on buying bands flag, and shit like that. But mostly we spent money because we understand that people that organizes gigs sometimes dont have enough money for instruments , that people cant afford our cd, or dont have money for our t-shirt that they ordered so we gave it away. If we were more "proffesional" we would get some pretty good profit from it all. But... Fuck it ! 

As for distribution, well we did distro to people that asked, but I saw that our cd is awiable from USa-Brasil-japan-Korea-(ofcourse)China-Croatia etc . 

10. And how are you guys getting alone in private life? Do you hang out as a band or also as friends? Do you think its important to always be friends first and then a band mates? Talking about the band members. Do you have any side projects or is this the only band you all play in? 

NadimaC is band created by friends from Elementery school(drummer, bassplayed and ex vocal), and friend from high school(first guitarist i think). I met Nadimac crew in some mosh on some metal night when we were moshing drunk on Tankards song-empty tankard. And immediately started to hand out drink etc, I was already in DS so we were coming on each other rehearsals, had gigs together etc. I used to go with Nadimac to other towns they played as support, so we drinked later they go on stage and I mosh and slam drung in audience haha  And yeah we hang out prety much every day.. wich sometimes can be .. existing because its one thing when you drink or play basquettball, and other when you have to go to studio for 4 hours or all night and make noise hahah. Also we hang out with ex members of Nadimac wich are still friends of ours and of band. No one of us in band has any side projects.. basicaly there is no time for any more bands or rehersals. 

11. You've been playing a number of shows recently and you have a reputation for your performances; are live shows a central aspect of NADIMAC? What have been the best and worst live experiences you've had? 

Hmm every gig we play musicaly good and still jump on stage and in mosh is.. succes. We practise a lot, but our crowd jumps on stage, sings and mosh so its not same for as it is for some rock or something band that stands and.. plays heheh One of my favorite gigs was first gig in BanjaLuka(Republika Srpska, Bosnia), Exit festival 09` gig with Municipal waste, and night when we recorded our live DVD.

Worst.. well we had some gigs before when some of us were drunk as retarded rabbit, so we fucked up something heheh but that is all in the past.  Its always great when crowd make concert its own and not just stand and watch "musicians" on stage.  

12. Will NADIMAC ever produce a film clip / video? I'm very sure you could pull this off extremely well.. has any thought ever gone into an idea like this? 

Well NadimaC has video for song from song from its first demo 2005 for song VUKODLAK, im even in that video as second guitarist-and i wasnt in band (or playing guitar-ever!) hahha its pretty low cost(0 $) video but.. pretty rustic and primitive and... efective. After we recorded METAL JE RAT EP in 2008/09 we recorded video for song HRANI BABU DA TE UJEDE, quality is a litle better that first video. There is FANS video for nadimac`s song TRECE OKO on you tube, and its pretty cool. In future we will record profesional(But stil DIY) video for song from next album.

13.  What do you think about the present Serbian scene? What are the new or actual bands you would advise our reader to keep an eye on?? Do you always try to support your local Scene or prefer to focus on international media? 

Always support domestic, I´m part of Serbian much more than international scene!  I love Serbian bands such as : Acroholia(my favorite Serbian band), Saramental blood. Azazel, Kramp, Awaiting Fear, Scaffold, The Stone, Infest, Toxic trace, Pollution, Deadly Mosh. Rafal, Bombarder, Med Goja, Never lost, Hitman, Miki pirs, Birtija hehe etc

14. NADIMAC is an relatively unknown band, and I think you deserve so  much more attention and promotion. So what kinds of future plans do you  have in mind in order to promote your new stuff, some tours? 

hmm this year no, but we WILL play in citys in our area we already didnt, and I think that we will  play in Bosnia, Macedonia and Slovenia but we will see. I dont think that tour is good step, we will do tours in a couple of years when we become better known through underground. I dont want to do tours now and as meny band play in front of .. 20-40 people. We have proposition  from one Polish Menager for tour in Europe, but we willl wait with that until next year.

We will continue promoting bands, throught split cds, new albums, recenty we released DVD (DIY) and put it for free download so it is also kind of promotion I think.  

15. No more questions my friend. Just thanks for your time and good luck for your future plans. Closing is yours…

Well I´m glad that by every day we had more and more friends(not fans) from all over the world. For our metal dudes that were reading this interview... its 5:53 in the morning in Belgrade(Serbia) now, I spent all night answering on this interview  and it was fun. I guess there are many technical and gramatical mistakes, hehehe.!! I can´t see anymore from looking at monitor tonight hahaah.

Stay metal punk etc and be yoursel first, fuck anybody else! METAL IS WAR! Thrash on! NadimaC


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