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Date: 04th, April 2013
(Answers by Sean Spangenberg - Vocalist )


A five piece Death Metal/ Deathcore band from Concord California. They have a demo released in 2012. This is an interview with the vocalist, who immerse us to the world of MOX MORBUS.

1. Hails Sean, how are you doing?? Please introduce yourself to the readers and tell us a bit about your function within the band. As I noticed you are one of the new members in the band.

My name is Sean Spangenberg, I'm the vocalist. I've actually been in the band for 2 and a half years now. I also do all the booking for the band.

2. What can you tell us about the early days of the band`s formation and the biggest problems you had to confront during this 4 years of existence.

Well when the band first started it was just our drummer and original guitar players jamming and writing stuff, their were no shows until I joined the band in 2010 early 2011. Our biggest obstacle in the early days of the band was really growing a fan base and playing good shows. We played to alot of empty rooms at first but once our name got out their people really started watching us.

3. You define your style as a mixture of Death Metal with some Deathcore Nuances. So what can we exactly expect from your music (talking about composition and song structure)?

Well usually who ever is writing the song has a general theme for the the music revolving around a certain riff or chord progression. We all write groovier riffs and that is where the majority of our deathcore sound comes from. All of our music is heavily rooted in death metal but were all fans of bands like Whitechapel, Born of Osiris and other prominent Deathcore bands so we often incorporate breakdowns and tempo changes in our music a lot. We've really started to move more into the deathcore vein because it is a lot more groovy and fun to play on stage, but we never move to far away from classic punishing death metal.

4. So now that we are talking about influences. Let´s talk about the topic on your lyrics and how so they fit very well with the music?

Well we really have two types of lyrics, the ones about things that really matter to us like our song Slaughter of Lambs, or the more prominent ones where we talk about shit we think is cool. I've written songs about the video game Skyrim, Zombies, and crazy schizophrenics. Just stuff thats cool and will complement the song. Generally the music is written first and will give me the idea for what to write about.

5. What stands behind the MOX MORBUS name? Is there any special meaning behind it? Does this name in a way or another express the music that the band is delivering?

Well our original guitarist's girlfriend came up with the name, she was studying latin at the time and learnt that Mox Morbus means, "Death Comes Soon." That's why in our self titled song the breakdowns lyrics are "Mox Morbus death comes soon, unleash impending doom."

6. So as you already mentioned, you seem to be into horror as well, right? What are some of your favorites? If you could compare MOX MORBUS to a movie what would it be?

Well my personal favorite horror movies are The original Halloween movies, Nightmare on Elm street, Insidious was a really good movie, and stuff like that but I'm way more into zombie movies as of lately. Dawn of the Dead, 28 weeks and days later, and of coarse the Walking Dead show. Out lyrics are probably most like Zombie movies only because we have a song about a Zombie outbreak in a trailer park but we also have some songs with the old school horror vibe, like our song Mental Asphyxia which is about a person loosing his mind and struggling to control his killer urges.

7. How would you describe MOX MORBUS live? Where does the band feels the best to you, in rehearsal, studio or live?! How do you figure out your live shows setlists? Are you playing newer tracks in priority than older ones?

I would say we have some really good energy live and it's getting better with every show. We usually get a good response form crowds and a lot of positive feed back. We are definitly best on stage, it's really our natural habitat, rehersal is fun and productive but nothing compared to ripping it out on stage. Plus the studio always sucks, we worked with Ty Kaufman at Colorblind studios and he was a really good producer and made it easy for us to knock out our E.P in two days but still its never fun to record.

8. Speaking of your music releases, you have only unleashed one DVD and one Demo at the moment, I assume you are already preparing any major release maybe?? Tell us some details.

Generally I write the setlists and we always want to incorporate our new songs as well as hit the old song that people know better. When we released our E.P it was really our focus to play the songs from the CD but as we write new stuff we love playing it
At the moment nothing is being put into action because we are just writing new material, we are planning on recording a single for our newest song "The Industrialization of War" at some point soon and we will see where that takes us in regards to a next E.P or full length record

9. What can you say to us about your local scene? Are there any interesting bands , clubs or events you might mention?

The bay area has typically had a pretty prominent metal scene, lately its been struggling some but that's not to say that the bands here aren't killer. Some amazing bands in this area that we've shared the stage with is our friends in Archea,who are awesome trash meal, Hemotoxin, Necrosin, Apothesary, and Symbolik to name a few. One really cool thing about the bay is that their is always new bands and though the scene has lately been somewhat taken over by scencore music and pop punk their is still a close nit community of extreme musicians killing it all over. One of the more frequented venues is probably the Red House in Walnut Creek, but theirs a bunch of awesome places like the Submission in San Fran, The Metro in oakland, The Mutiny in Antioch used to have some really awesome shit, and The Plea for Peace in Stockton usually has some cool shit happening. Were actually playing Plea for peace in June for the Devastedfest, an awesome collaboration of bay area bands put together by Devasteted Records.

10. What do you think that is most important criterion for assessing the value of a band? What makes a band special? What is that vital ingredient that separates a good band from a great one?

Originality. These days theirs more kids that can shred up and down their guitars than ever before. The kids in failing bands today could out play most of the giants of metal from 20 years ago. What sets them apart is bringing something new to the table. When your watching a band you've never heard of before and you can basically guess what their going to do next or you can easily blend all their songs into one it gets boring and forgettable. You have to change things up if you want to make any progress. A perfect example is Dark Sermon from Florida. their getting pretty popular lately, and their not creating a new genre or anything but they do stuff that is original and really cool and people are digging it.

11. And how are you guys getting alone in private life? Do you hang out as a band or also as friends? Do you think its important to always be friends first and then a band mates?

We hang out a good amount, I think it's always crucial to have your friend and band relationship somewhat separate. I'm not saying that you have to treat each other like your at work when your at practice but their needs to be separation. For instance out drummer and i will get in arguments about the music all the time but were cool ten minutes later when were hanging out.

12. And musical school? Did you all learn to play instruments by yourself or did anyone of you go to music school as a child?

Our drummer was classically trained and was in marching band for years, I believe the rest of us taught ourselves although our lead guitarist may have taken lessons at some point, I'm not quite sure.

13. What kind of music do you listen to at home? Is it the same kind of music, that you play yourself or completely different things?

A bit of both, primerily I listen to death metal, a lot of brutal death, deathcore, thrash, you know typical stuff. I'm also a huge fan of punk rock, old school stuff like the Circle Jerks, and Casualties, Hard core like , Cruel Hand, Have Heart, Defeater, and pop punk too like, the Story So Far, Firworks, Wonder years. Out guitarist Brody listens to some techno, I don't know much about is so I cant say more, hes also a fan of a lot of Korean or Japenease metal. Our drummer listens to a lot of metal also but listens to something called electro swing with his friends. I guess it's just swing music but electronica. Out bassist also listens to a lot of metal, thrash, death metal but is also a huge punk fan, Screeching Weasel, Ramones, Casualties stuff liek that.

14. Ok my friend, It has been a very interesting conversation, I wish you good luck in the future and say "thank you" for this... Now, you can say things that weren´t said before.

We covered everything I can think of, but thanks so much for doing this I really apreciate and thanks for keeping metal alive man!


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