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Realized at: 11st, April 2016

"More and more bands are experimenting with new sounds which is essential for death metal scene to keep on transforming and putting new dishes on the menu (...)"

1. Considering the band was formed 6 years ago, If you look back at the band from the time you started to where you are at now how would you like to describe that journey?

For 6 years, the band has had many members come in and out, especially considering that the musical style evolved from aggressive thrash to progressive death metal. It all started with a wish to gather up friends who could play different instruments and had an approximately common taste in music. But in time, every member’s taste changed and so their perspective for Metempsychos. Some wanted it to stay the same - some wanted it to keep on evolving.

2.  Talking about your debut "Death Towards Dogma", I must congratulate you for such a great album! Of course I wonder if you are satisfied with it and if you reached the desired goal?

We were quite amazed with “Death Towards Dogma” when it was released as it was an experiment and a low budget album. Nevertheless we are happy about its warm sounding atmosphere and simplicity but it is not at the desired level of creativity, quality and tone itself. We are positive that our search for a more sophisticated sound and innovative melodies will continue.

3. How much time and effort do you spend on composing and recording "Death Towards Dogma"  to get everything to look and sound the right way?

Composing the music didn’t take much time compared to learning to play the compositions flawlessly. We stumbled on structures and once in a while added new modifications, which is the main reason why it took longer to technically learn every part. And riff after riff, 3 years later, recordings begun in 2014, and our drummer was the first to record. First of all, we delivered a three tracked demo as soon as the guitars and vocals were done, which unfortunately desired a much better quality, so we decided to re-record bass, guitars and vocals and finally release a full-length album in 2015.

4. Does it become easier with time to write songs or is it a much more difficult process in that you don´t want to repeat what you´ve already done?

The process of writing a song becomes easier and more satisfying as time goes by, but for us, the techniques used in newer songs require better skills and therefore remain difficult to actually play and memorize the parts. To put it simply, we find it more appealing to compose than record.

5. The one thing that I really like about the band is how you guys manage to sound like it were the 80s once more despite "Death Towards Dogma" being a 2015 release, and influences from bands such as Death, Obliveon, Brutality, Sepultura, Morbid Angel could be noted. What are some of the other influences when writing the album, and how did this old school sound of the band come to be?

Bands like Coroner, Mekong Delta, Pestilence, Atheist, Cynic and Sadus should definitely be mentioned when talking about influence. As for the old school sound, the bass is kind of a mix between Sadus’s “Elements of Anger” and Pestilence’s “Spheres” albums. Even if the electric guitars are washed by a powerful reverb (as well as the drums), they have a heavy character of their own but not too different as they both have been recorded through the same equipment. The vocals however are growling in a raw old-school kind of way but maintaining clarity of words which emphasize the importance of album’s concept.
The equipment used: 
- bass (Ibanez): Head amp - Ashdown (Evo III 500); Cabinet (Mic) – Hartke XL 410; 
- guitars (LTD, Jackson): Randall RM100 (Ultra XL, 1086, Blackface modules);
- drums: various kit.

6. There is a drummer missing on your line-up, does this album features programmed drums instead of a real drummer? Does the band intend to have a drummer in the band in the future?

The album’s tracks were recorded by our past drummer, who intended to help us for the records and then move on to another project, so we were really grateful of his presence and hard work. But in the near future we wish to find a drummer.

7. Lithuania is not well know when it comes to death metal scene, although there is a few bands gaining the attention of the underground. What is the state of the Lithuanian extreme metal scene now?

Compared to other Countries, Lithuanian extreme metal scene always kept a small number of bands. But since 2010 more and more passive bands became active and readied themselves to release new albums. Nowadays, although it is possible to claim that the number of bands hasn’t grown considerably, fortunately, the activity, commitment and skills have been elevated to another level.

8. Do you feel that you are a part of the local extreme scene or are you more related with bands from other countries? Which bands are “like brothers” to Metempsychos?

Although we like where the local extreme scene is headed, our musical perception has more in common with other countries’ bands. At the moment, in Lithuania there are no bands that could be considered as brothers to Metempsychos regarding our sounding, but there were bands that are no longer active like Ghostorm, Conscious Rot and Dissection that we consider brothers and major influences to us.

9. Do you support your death metal scene and where would you like death metal to go in the future? How can you, as a band, help in moving the scene forward?

More and more bands are experimenting with new sounds which is essential for death metal scene to keep on transforming and putting new dishes on the menu – to keep listeners interested. We definitely support our scene and encourage breaking the standards and thinking out of the box – composing freely. By doing so is what we imagine how death metal scene would move forward. But it’s important for bands to keep old school alive in order not to forget the roots. 

10. Oftentimes, death metal has been a struggle between technicality and simplicity. Judging by your sound, your sound, you prefer the latter. Do you think death metal complicates itself too much?

In our opinions, every death metal band reflects their own pace and finds the balance between simplicity and technicality which they believe to be just right. We believe however, that technicality can also be seen in simplicity, for example, setting a slower tempo, but changing rhythmic patterns. Instead of concentrating on how fast or technical one can deliver the sound, we think that there are more ways to compliment the compositions such like finding an unusual tone for instruments to create a desired atmosphere or harmonizing/disharmonizing your melodic parts as well as making use of dissonance to expand possibilities.

11. When you write songs, do you start with a visual concept, or a riff, or something else?

It usually starts out as an impulsive riff with complete detachment off the majority of musical rules followed by ideas to recreate certain memories or moods arranged with structures and tempo/rhythm changes.

12. We live in a globalized world where there are no borders to be crossed thanks to the internet. How do you best utilize this to gain the outmost for you band?

The Internet helps us to communicate with other similar bands or bands that have similar interests in general which lead to performing together or organizing concerts in local areas as well as selling CDs and exchanging ideas. We would like to thank in advance THE PAIN FUCKTORY Magazine for letting us do this interview which is also another good way to utilize the Internet.

13. With the change in people’s ways of consuming music how do you go about maintaining a viable economical level to your music/recording?

Web sites like Bandcamp, Metal-Archives, Youtube and Facebook keep our band alive in a way. People get to listen to our music through Youtube and if they like it buy a CD on Bandcamp or contact us in Facebook. And Metal-Archives helps create a solid biography and provide stable information on songs and members of the band for people interested in us.

14. Many thanks again for your valuable time and your effort! I wish you only the best! The last words to our readers are of course yours!

Stay heavy and brutal! Cheers!

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