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Date: 21th, March 2013
(Answers by Jim Sherwood-  Vocals/Guitars )

LIQUIFIED GUTS, not just a pretty strong, brutal and original band, also very nice and supportive guys. I feel myself really good about taking the chance to talk with people as they and to know some bands who are not only good musicians, but also simple and friendly persons. That makes the perfect balance on metal. I have to add this is the very first chance the band have to be interviewed in their whole existence (9 years), so yeah!! I fell fucking honored again!!    

1. Ok Jim, I'd like to start this off talking about the history of LIQUIFIED GUTS. What were the motive and ideas behind the creation of LIQUIFIED GUTS? I have noticed you are the only founder member since 2004. It was difficult to establish a solid and definitve line-up?

Well, it basically started when I began playing music with great friends who share the same joy for this type of music. so keeping a solid line up or finding new members for the band has been easy for us. our past members and current line up consist of musicians from many other local bands. currently Justin Gizzi on bass (of Molasses Barge) and Jared Altamare on drums (of Morgue Mart).

2. The name of the band could give us an idea about a totally "gore" oriented band, muscially speaking, could you give us an idea about what is exactly your musical approach (in their inner complexity)?

Sure, we enjoy horror films and many forms of music including many of the metal sub genres, mo-town, 70's rock. so when writing music we hope to express many different influences, outside the box! lyrically, we tend to write about food or social unawareness, or even just some idea that makes us laugh! Liquified Guts is really just a band that has fun as much as possible. itook the name from the movie Outbreak when they described the infected persons insides had become liquid, i was hooked and when we formed the band with Doug, Mark, and Trish (original line up) we decided to use my email address which in fact is and was Liquified Guts!

3. Please introduce to all of us your latest album “Sour Cream and Phibes“. In what ways does it differ from your previous EP released in 2010?

The Ep was right after we reformed the band with Justin and Austin Bowen on drums. it features a song "resurrection by injection" from the era of the original line up, and a some newer material. as we were writing for "Sour Cream and Phibes" we were growing into these different ideas that took us away from the traditional death metal value we once had. and found a home with songs like "976 Beef" or "Chicken Coop Hijinks" (featured on your site, thanks!) or "heavy, Dudey", even "The 3rd Quaid", etc. trivial movie knowledge, sandwich vs. soup and salad, trying to fit in or not fit in with different types of people, are all subject matter for Liquified Guts. i think it keeps even us guessing when we describe our music within the context of metal sub genres, i like to think we are "food-grind, or even medio-core" if i had to choose.

4. Could you expand on any lyrical themes explored on the album? I would mainly prefer focuse on "Dr. Good Phibrations".

Sure thing, haha. I mentioned we love to laugh, and watch movies. somehow we mashed a Vincent Price movie title with a Beach Boys song title, Dr. Pibes + Good Vibrations = Dr. Good Phibrations! lyrically, i twisted things completely into an observation that people generally can not dance well. so the Dr. goes around and teaches them how to do the twist again. like, rappers that pose awkwardly or strippers that incorporate useless classic dance moves when in reality clothes are just coming off, and of course the "chicken dance" which can be seen at many wedding receptions. so, instead of being sliced and diced by some vicious doctor, he gives you pointers on doing the twist! i might add that i utilize this dance at every show Liquified Guts plays!

5- As you are involved into this scene since more than a decade, I wanted to know your thoughts about the evolution of the genre called death metal.

Well, it is a great thing to see so many bands focusing on what they enjoy and having people pick up on that. with all the sub genres growing and expressing what they love, it can only keep getting better and better. all over the world. here in Pittsburgh there are many fantastic bands doing this currently like Grisly Amputation, Wrought Iron, Lycosa, Abysme, Derketa, Victims Of Contagion, Embludgeoned, Lythem, Dendritic Arbor, and so many other local bands are creating and growing and churning out, grind, death metal, doom, black metal, even thrash, hard-core, punk and everything else in between as influences. all within the broad scope of what i think death metal is. There is an incredible amount of metal in Pittsburgh, as i imagine is the same in every town! we are stoked to be a small part of the whole thing! i personally enjoy every form and just tend to lump all of it into "Metal"...

6. Tell us please a few words about your rehearsals, about your rehearse room? How often did you rehearse? Did you take the rehearses serious or was it a fun for you? Drunken jammings, girls, beer and metal ha-ha!

We play 1 or 2 live shows every month. so we have practice every week,we run through the set a couple times to make sure we are good at what we do. to ensure that our songs are represented properly! also adding other songs into the mix from the album. plus we take time to pitch song ideas at each other and get those playable a.s.a.p. so i can put my lyric ideas together. ultimately we want new songs often, nothing better than playing a brand new song at a show. we basically keep it "all business" at practice, which is currently in Jared's finished basement. nice and quite until we get goin, that's for sure! practice makes perfect, right?!

7. Can you explain the method of songwriting employed by LIQUIFIED GUTS? Is the writing process generally collective or does one member often craft the song on his own?

Ok, sometimes Justin will bring a song ready or i will bring in a song. Jared has been with us for only a few months and has contributed an entire song. we will try them and discuss how it needs to work or if it simply is a finished product. we also throw small ideas at each other and build from there. anything from some phrase that sounds funny, to a guitar riff or drum beat. for us it is best to keep everybody involved to ensure that our sound envelopes the many influences we each have. lyrically i write most of our material, likely because i am a bit of a silly weirdo and talk a lot, or i'm simply the one doing the vocals. Justin scribed "talking Points". aside from that, i will take possible song names and write a fitting story to it.

8. You've been playing a number of shows recently, do you have a reputation for your performances? are live shows a central aspect of Liquified Guts? What have been the best and worst live experiences you've had?

We absolutely love to play shows! we are very proud and honored to play as often as we do. we have always played a steady amount of shows since the band began. we tend to smile, dance, and joke with the crowd a bit during a performance, as we play our songs (as practiced). if we have a reputation at all i guess it would be for our readiness, and ability to perform with any band at any venue. always having fun! as far as our worst show experience goes, i can not think of a bad show... even with mistakes, we love to play for people! and for best live experience, anytime somebody notices a song is a great feeling! seeing other bands play, and meeting folks along the way. Liquified Guts is fortunate to have played with many bands over the last few years! we just always have fun, and are always ready to play.

9. Yeah, and at this point, I would like to ask you about your coming show with EXHUMED, how did you got the chance to share stage with this sick band and what are your expectations?

Since we are a band that plays a steady amount of shows we have a working relationship with many local promoters, venues, and other local bands. it's always an honor to perform with bands like Exhumed! i am an old fan, so i look forward to playing in front of them, and basically would have been in the crowd regardless of us playing the show. Liquified Guts gets to be exposed to a few more people at these larger shows, which is an added bonus. so, we expect to have a great time! it will be a solid show for sure, Meth Quarry and Abysme are the other local bands performing. both of which are fantastic bands!

10.What are some of your interests, occupations and hobbies outside of composing sick music?

We all have jobs to pay bills.
I like to read books and watch movies. Justin is active in other bands (Molasses Barge and Nomad Queen) he also goes to many shows and watches other bands perform. Jared is a tattoo artist and plays drums for (Morgue Mart). i'm sure those 2 guys have similar hobbies to many folks! we all really enjoy very heavy music! and there is a lot of that everywhere for everybody to enjoy.

11. I would like to know how had been the feedback through your latest album? Albums get leaked online all of the time. There are countless download sites and lots of people seem to be in preference of these blogs rather than purchasing CDs. Have you seen this affect your music?

We have sold a lot of copies at the shows we play. the album cover looks unusual for a metal band, so we get a lot of good vibes and and positive feedback on that level. sometimes a healthy laugh or 2! we like to think we provided a good assortment of songs to showcase what we are all about and hopefully others will enjoy it as much as we do. mainly we are happy to have music available on a cd or even just to be heard somewhere out there. not real sure about the effects of the whole download situation, we will at least say it is helpful when people buy a cd or any other merch. we are still a small local band, so if somebody downloads our stuff, we are still being heard. at this point we are taking what we can get, and hoping to continue. merch sales give funds to record, make cds, make t-shirts, etc... it's a very important part of the process!

12. Maybe you would now at the end reveal some details about the future plans for LG and your personal goals.

Now that Jared has joined us, we intend on recording, and releasing an EP a.s.a.p. the songs have been written, just tightening things up a bit before we get it going. it should have 6 songs on it. some of which are in our current set list. after that we will continue to write music for an upcoming album. we will be playing many shows along the way, having fun as always! hopefully for a long time to come. we feel lucky to have the chance to perform our music for people, any time a song of ours is heard is a blessing. so, many more things are coming soon from Liquified Guts! keep your eyes peeled back. we have achieved a goal in the fact that we are doing exactly what we love to do.

13. OK man, unfortunately we have come to the end of this very interesting conversation. Any last words you would like to add?

Yes. really, we just want to say thanks for this opportunity. and hopefully we will play for you some day! it will be fun, we promise!

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