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Realized at: 29th, December 2016

"Without music I'm boring. This is a reason of how I realize that music is my passion. (...)"

1. Hey Axl, being the sole musician behind the band, would it be possible to tell us more about your personal musical background?

Koldkrypt, on the beginning, was a wish to create my own Old School Black Metal stuff, like if I wanted to be a part of the 90's, by creating my music using principally the ancients musical codes (mostly norwegian scene), but without really copying my favorites bands. This is how "Fullmoon" was born.
It's like a tribute, indeed, not for a band, but for a scene.
But, times are changing (like Madball said). I'm actually writing a second album where i'm trying to really create my personal music, using black metal codes, indeed, but this time I don't only use the ancient codes, i'm interesting about the new black metal scene also. I don't hesitate to put some of other Metal styles elements in my music, from the heavy to the death, passing by the thrash, and also a little of deathcore, why not ?
Not because I absolutely want to do a melting pot of style, but I don't want to brake myself on one style, I want to experiment more, create more with my heart. And if a sound, a melody is pleasant to my ears, I use it, however it sound like !

2. How does look like creating process of your music? I imagine such music as a really deep and personal opus of one mind.

Everyday, everywhere I am, when I'm out of my home, at work, a concert, a friends meeting... My mind is always obsessed by atmospheres, themes and also, sometimes, I've got some riffs coming in my minds ! A bit like an autistic...
When I hang out in the nature (there is a lot of beaches and forests in my region !), inspiration is better again !

But, when I'm home, everything that I quoted disappear... To be replaced by lazyness.
So when I feel exceptionally inspired, I take my guitar and I just play... I improvise some riffs, and all that disappeared comes back. When I improvise, i'm in fact a bit like living a journey through my mind, and this is how I compose my songs. I replay theses riffs, again and again to remember them or I record drafts. The others instruments (bass, drums, synths...) comes easily in my mind after created guitars tracks first. Yes, I started music as a simple guitarist.

About my lyrics, generally I try to write them as better as I can because I'm more a musician instead of a poet. I explain what I feel, what I really want to say (including my fictionnals stories) but I also try to not write ridiculous lyrics. My texts are less deep than my music. It's a fact. They just accompanies the music unlike the other artists creating music to accompanies their lyrics (I am not criticizing, just explaining...).

3. Have you been influenced by any non-black metal bands? How did you come to realize music is your passion?

Yes, since I began to listen to Metal (I began 8 years ago), I listen every kind of Metal. I started with the good old Heavy Metal classics, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden (my favorite band when I was young) etc... Then the other styles comes, almost all of them ; Doom, Black (obviously), Groove, Drone, Grindcore, Death (including Technical Death), Hardcore, Deatchcore, etc... AND, a lot of old school Thrash Metal & Crossover from the ancient period when Thrash Metal was underground and almost roughly recorded. I think (and I'm pretty sure) this is the style that mostly influenced me. I love playing fasts and crust riffs. I focused on Black Metal later and it was the revelation : Fast'n'crust as I like it in the Thrash Metal, BUT melodic in addition of that ! Indeed, Thrash Metal helped me to play Black Metal later.

In my incoming second album, I've got some riffs reminding me Rings Of Saturn's atmospheres. Rings Of Saturn is a Technical Deathcore band that I particularly love. Surprising, no ?

I always listen to music. Always. At work, in my car, in the bathroom... and when I was younger and single too, i was listening to music to sleep, and also while playing video game, etc...
Without music I'm boring. This is a reason of how I realize that music is my passion. The second reason is when I started to play guitar (after playing a lot Guitar Hero on PS2). A real love story began between me and my guitar ! It was my new gaming machine ! I played everyday, at school with the music club (every wednesday, this is why it was my favourite school's day), after school, during the week end... I was always improvising, tripping, sometimes learning songs of my favorites bands and play them regularly, always a big pleasure...
Finally I began a Hard Rock band, some other projects (Progeny Of Salem for example) and then, Koldkrypt.
Since the beginning, listening to music and play guitar became my drugs that I always needed to not be boring. Before all of this, I was just a geek, not playing video games as a real passion, but as a simple pastime. I didn't have passion before.

4. Do your music and lyrics have any comprehensive ideological background, or it rather reflects your immediate moods and ideas when it comes to composing music?

The second answer. For "Fullmoon" at least. For the second album it will be the same, but I'm actually trying to be more honest, clearer in my speech, my ideology and consequently I work my lyrics-writing capacity. 

I have noticed that the dominant Koldkrypt's "ideology" is about the collapse of Humanity, Earth... This isn't my principal theme, my principal background as you said, but indeed it's often the naturally incoming idea. As I said before, I started Koldkrypt as a musician and not a poet. I can easily express myself with an instrument, even if I have nothing to say. So, I started Koldkrypt without a principal lyrical theme. All themes cames naturally.

5. Your full length debut record (“Fullmoon”) was released almost 7 months ago. Are you still satisfied by the outcome? Would you change anything if you had the chance to do so?
I was rather surprised when I published it and today i'm still satisfied, yes. It's hard to create something original today. Everything is already made. So when I saw the relatively little "success" for my album, I was positively surprised, because I consider "Fullmoon" as an achievement but very old school and not so "new". However, today, musicals projects that really succeed are generally the most experimental stuffs. 

In all case, success or not, i'm satisfied of my work, I replay my album sometimes and I like it, i'm proud of what I did. This is the most important for me, even if nobody listen to it and/or don't like it. I won't change anything. I had this occasion multiples times but I prefered finalize this album as it began ; when I was not so experimented into soundworking, when my compositions where a little too much simple, bland, plain in my opinion... My songs, from the olders to the newest (I started "Fullmoon" on 2013 !) are parts of my musical career, parts of my story, parts of myself.

6. Did you handled the whole production of the album? It’s a very good work, if not perfect. Did you get what you wanted?

I did everything from the composition and recording of all intruments to the mastering of the whole album, passing by mixing all the tracks... Everything at home, with my computer and my sound card ! I just ask for help to some friends for the fullmoon pictures and the koldkrypt logo. And, my comrade Thanatos from Alice Insane (his solo project) and Progeny Of Salem (our common project) made a featuring at the end of "Antitheist Pyromania". This is him who you can hear on clear vocals. I'm proud of him and I thank him again !

On the beginning, I tried to produce this album as clean as possible, the most studio-like as I can. Finally, it sound relatively rough, but clear. We can hear all the instruments cause they're rightly balanced, in my opinion. Instead of making a perfect quality sound, I worked at least this well-balancing sound (in my opinion, again. I know everybody don't obviously agree with me. It's not a problem and this is totally normal and understandable.)

7. What were the goals you had in mind when you started to record it, any elements you definitely wanted to have on the album?

On the beginning (yes, I know, again. Don't forget that I started this record on 2013 and published it on 2016!), I wanted to create a rude album ; agressive from the first song until the end, as Darkthrone did on their debuts. But time passes, and my inspiration finally made a record with very various tracks. Some are slower than other, more angry than other that are rather depressive... It explain the acoustic track, that I definitely wanted one year after starting composing this album and that I finally recorded one or two month before publishing it.
During these 3 years composing, my wishes never stopped changing. Because I regularly discovered new bands affecting my tastes.

8. From where did you take the spoken word samples in the second song " Antitheist Pyromania"? Tell us more in detail about this. 

These samples are some random speech found on YouTube ; my goal was to find representatives speeches from the principals monotheists religions of our world, to fit with the following explosions's sounds. This is the reason why I don't have a fucking idea about what the muslim say in the second sample, I just know that he's talking about the Apocalypse, thanks to the YouTube's commentary section. Concerning the first sample, this is a french christian speech during a mass.
And at the very end of the song, i'm pretty sure you recognized Varg Vikernes talking about the christian's influence through the world and its history. I took it from the famous documentary called "Until The Lights Take Us".

9. While listening to the album, I could get the feeling that the whole process was cathartic to you. What feelings do you express through "Fullmoon"?

My love for the nature ; in this album, I particularly express my love for its nocturnal form. And my personal hatreds, including those against religions and human being. 
I mix these feelings through a little bit of fiction, passing by this old but gold satanism and demonism. Except when I express real pagan feelings.
I put some depressive feelings too ; "Disease" is about dying due to a lethal disease (obviously) and meeting the Death. This is a metaphoric song to my real and personal sad emotions.

10. You’ve chosen to self-release your material. Have you considered shopping the material around for additional distribution or are you happy doing everything independently for the moment?
It was fun to self-release the firsts two series of 30 CDs, but I did it awaiting finding a label producing the next series. I'm still searching... I think I don't will self-release a third serie.
This is concerning the CD format. A tape version will perhaps be coming soon, under a label.
And my dream is to produce a vinyl version.

11. Because the field of black metal is very wide, there is a lot of differences in the styles, sound, approach, etc… So which band(s)do you personally consider to be the treasure of the black metal genre and on the other hand in which ones do you see as the future of black metal?

THE treasure is, in my opinion, "Blood Must Be Shed" from Zyklon-B ! No doubt ! A real diamond !
Otherwise, sorry if I disappoint some people, but I consider the elders scandinavian creators of the Black Metal as the real treasures of this style. However, I listen other bands than the olders and I often make some very goods discovers, but, no doubt again, the elders are the best, in my opinion again. After all, this is my personal tastes !

About the future of Black Metal, I bet on the experimental stuff. It seem obvious to me. Black Metal, on its beginning, was an experiment. Diapsiquir, Peste Noire (french bands, I'm proud !), Arcturus... These bands are really originals and are reinventing the style. This is the way to the progress, the evolution !

12. Regarding the black metal scene of today: its latest sub-genres being suicidal/depressive bm, war metal and black/noise, respectively. Do you hold any interest on those? Would you fear that the black metal scene as a whole, has been overtagged,or even overflooded with trends?

DSBM, Black/Noise and War Metal are clearly 3 different styles. We can easily hear their difference and many bands easily fits with these tags.
Sub-genres are important to define precisely the composition, the sound, the atmosphere... Black Metal is very varied and we can't classify all of its bands under the simple banner of "Black Metal". 
And this fact is applicable to other musical styles ; it exist since the Jazz. In grace of that, we can define the various influences of an album, a band, when they mix different styles, like an alchemy. Tagging music is like doing alchemy.

But I agree, certain tags are really useless, when they don't really define the music. For example, I recently heard some (apparently) "Cosmic Black Metal"... I thought it was a joke... It was just atmospheric Black Metal with galactics pictures on YouTube. Ridiculous. These inventions are often made from people tagging their compositions about lyricals themes and personal feelings, in addition of the music being often similar to an already existant style.

So, to conclude, in my opinion, having so many tags in our scene is important only if they exactly classify a specific style. I don't agree with those inventing so much tags for some little details.

13. Have you ever considered enlisting members to handle the various instruments in order to perform live, and if not, why not?

Yes ! We tried with some friends. We tried but we failed due to the geographical distance between us (in my department, good musicians interested in black metal are rare...) and our various financials situations. We were forced to practice once a month and it was apparently not enough. Anyway, I thank them again for the work we did together. Thank you again Polo, Alex and Oliver.

14. What are the near-future plans of KOLDKRYPT? Can fans of the band see a new release anytime soon for the band, and if so, what can fans expect in the new music?
Ahah ! I already answered on the first question ! I'm actually writing a new album. This time I write my lyrics in french AND, the most important, you will hear real drums ! I asked to my friend who played drums when we tried to make a live line-up, to record drums on this new album and he accepted. 
Other featurings will appears ; on synths, vocals and maybe (maybe...) a guitar solo by a great shredder. 
Sound will be better realized in grace of my acquired experience since the debut of my "home studio-sound enginner-career".

15. So, that´s it for now. I have no more questions but if you wanna add something...

Fans can also listen to other Koldkrypt's releases here : http://mndv85.wixsite.com/mndv/bruit
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Sorry for bad english. Thanks for the support and support your local scene !

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